Donald Trump Exposes The Media For Ignoring These Russiagate Bombshells

(Right Country) – For over three years, the corruption and crookedness of the Deep State plot against President Donald Trump has gone almost entirely unchecked in Washington, D.C., thanks to a complicit media complex.

In fact, some of the key players in the Russiagate scandal are now enjoying cozy positions as commentators on mainstream cable news networks!

The media has always carried water for the Deep State Democrats, often even closely linked to the activities of the subversive elitists who have long sought to undermine the will of the American people in 2016 to elect Trump as president.

Of course, several investigations and series of declassifications have revealed just how well-supported the allegations that the Deep State acted illegally to frame Trump and his associates really was.

Mountains of evidence have been released, most of which making for explosive news stories.

That is, they would have made for explosive news stories if we actually had a media that was interested in getting the facts and reporting the truth.

Instead, we have a political-media complex intent on smearing Trump however they can, and it’s base in large part on the false, fabricated allegations of the Russiagate scandal.

President Donald Trump has set himself apart from every other president by calling out the media repeatedly for their biased attacks on him.

Now, he’s calling them out for yet again failing to report on explosive new developments in the case against the Obama FBI for their investigation into his 2016 campaign, as Breitbart reports.

“I think you ought to report on the FBI scandal because it is one of the great scandals in the history of our country,” Donald Trump said.

“I think people want to hear about it. If you look at the internet, you’ll see how people want to hear about it.”

He was referring to reporting from CBS News’ reporter Catherine Herridge, who revealed that the primary sub-source to Christopher Steele’s notorious anti-Trump dossier was himself a suspect of an FBI counterintelligence investigation as a suspected illegal agent for Russia.

He also referenced newly released FBI texts which reveal that the bureau was “scrambling” to establish a case against Trump and that some agents were worried they would be “screwed” if Trump won the election.

“It would be a tremendous thing for the mainstream media to really start reporting, I think your ratings would really go through the roof, I really do, because people are really tired of this fake stuff,” Trump said.

He called Russiagate the biggest political scandal in history, “much bigger than Watergate.”

The American people know what’s going on nonetheless, he declared.

“They all know about it, and it just makes the media look so bad,” Trump advised. “It’s getting really hard to avoid.”


  1. That’s the truth I dont watch any news but fox, sick of listen to 10 minutes everyday about President Trump and what he may or probably didnt do, and never what the Fbl and Obama administration did trying to steal a election and everybody knows it but steal nothing from fake news CBS abc nbc cnn msnbc!!! Never show the Riots never talk about the stupid stuff Biden said and to look at the reporters lying to me with a straight face makes me lose all respect for any of them!!!

  2. Well said, I have come to the same conclusion. The media has been completely against anything that President Trump does, I call it the great cabal of liars

  3. There all a bunch of hypocritical,fake news,propaganda,pushing radical,liberal,lying embiciles, sounding like parrots, lying about our president, don’t matter he will, win in alandslide.


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