“Don’t Make Me Cry” President Trump’s Priceless Reaction When Crowd Chants “We Love You”

(Right Country) – There’s one thing that the left can’t possibly deny about President Trump.

His base absolutely loves him.

Attendees at a Michigan rally on Thursday night nearly moved the tough-as-nails president to tears when they chanted “We love you!”

The rally took place in Freeland, where Trump was taken off guard when the crowd broke into the chant.

He claimed it nearly made him cry!

This is a guy who is hated on, daily and viciously, by his biggest enemies, and barely bats an eye.

But the love of his supporters is clearly what gets to him!

“Don’t say that,” he said, feigning wiping away tears. “I’ll start to cry, and that won’t be good for my image.”

“You don’t want to see me cry, I’ll start to cry.”

He went on to remember a recent claim from those he described as “fake news broadcasters” who claimed it was only the first time they’d ever heard the chant at a political rally.

“You know, one of the fake news broadcasters, because this happened the other day, we had a tremendous crowd like this, we had a tremendous crowd in North Carolina.”

“They started chanting, ‘We love you, we love you, we love you.’”

“And you know, it’s incredible, they said with all the years that they’ve been covering presidential elections they’ve never heard that chant, that we love you. That’s very nice.”

He also quipped that the fake news media would fact-check the statements and say he was wrong.

“You know, now they’ll say ‘He misrepresented… 18 years ago, there was a rally held by somebody, and we heard the words from two people that ‘We love you, sir.’”

Earlier in the week, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the crowd also chanted the same.


  1. We love u 18 years ago. That would be 2002 bush not obummer. Me thinks someone can’t add or subtract. Obummer wouldn’t be pos 4 another 6 years

  2. Don’t be sure he was feigning tears. He has had a stream of hate directed against him like a fire hose for over 4 years.

    Periodically I write the WH to tell him how much my wife and I deeply appreciate him and wish him well.

    You should write too. I know the chances of his seeing our mail is nil. But I am sure he has staff counting these. Besides, we really MEAN it!

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)


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