Dr. Fauci Declares This COVID-Ravaged State Can Now “Competently” Re-Open

(Right Country) – Dr. Anthony Fauci, who for some reason was a darling of the left in the early days of the coronavirus lockdown, continues to advocate for a position on lockdown and restrictions that surely makes them regret their adoration of him.

Now, he has declared that New Jersey has made enough progress to “competently” re-open schools and businesses.

Speaking with Governor Phil Murphy on Thursday, Fauci shared some steps that the state should be taking to do just this.

Patch.com reports:

Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and he has worked with — and often clashed with — the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force.

Fauci said New Jersey’s baseline of cases and community spread — despite getting “hit really very badly” in March and April — is so low that the state’s situation is “positioning you well to do a number of things.”

New Jersey’s daily case number has hovered in the 400-500 range, but Fauci noted that the number is small compared with the rest of the country that, in total, is seeing 35,000 to 40,000 new cases a day (see New Jersey’s daily case numbers since March below).

“Even as we face the challenge of the fall and winter, you’re positioned to do two things: to continue to gradually, carefully and prudently open your economy in a careful way, (and) at the same time, to avoid the challenging difficulty of what happens when a lot of things go indoors versus outdoors,” Fauci said.

Fauci said his office has color designations for areas of the country — with red and orange indicating that states are in rough shape, and dark green meaning they’re good shape. He said New Jersey is dark green because its rate of positive cases, based on testing, is lower than 3 percent.

Interestingly, Fauci also said that, unlike other states, New Jersey should be well-equipped to withstand a second wave of the virus.

This should definitely pour cold water on any leftists who are hoping to leverage the virus for political purposes ahead of the November election.

Fauci noted that the infection rate in the Garden State has sunk to around 1.1 and should be able to cope with potential case increases and hospitalizations.

So, what about the United States as a whole?

We should, Fauci says, be able to “get back to normal” until vaccines are available to everyone in the US, which he doesn’t think will happen until the end of next year.

If even then.

He said he’d be content if the whole of the U.S. had a 75-80% vaccination rate by the end of 2021.

“When we end it, then you can get back to your normal life, but we’ve got to end it first,” Fauci said.


  1. He doesn’t know his ass from his elbow this Fauci guy just like the multimillionaire snaggle toothed so called governor slimeball “were going to make NJ a sanctuary state” Murphy.
    Murphy is lower than fish shit.

  2. You are Idiots Blaming Fauci, He has the knowledge and you. He has the DATA and you have nothing you are brainless people want to controle every person.

    • I’m glad he said that NJ should go back to normalcy, you got the wrong message on my post. Fauci in March like the other morons Pelosi, DiBozio etc said it wasn’t contagious and masks weren’t needed. He flip flops too much.
      I am so sick of this government Communist Control by our slimeball so called governor. Now we can vote in person, stop wearing masks, go to restaurants….yeah right slimeball Murphy won’t allow that to happen. He wants control and a rigged election.

  3. If he had not blackballed Oxychloraquin, it would be over already. He should be in prison for his part in taking away this treatment. 2500 patients were cured in Detroit Henry Ford Hospital. Fauchi, then banned it. Why ????

  4. Dr. Hooey strikes again! I don’t believe any of these numbers- I personally know of three people who walked away before being tested because the wait was was so long and then got a call saying they tested positive! I took a pre-surgery covid test and was told I was positive even though I had no symptoms- I had to reschedule the surgery and quarantine for 14 days. A month later the same location where I was tested called me to inform me that my antibody test came back negative. Hmm that’s interesting as I NEVER TOOK ONE!!! This is what happens when you mix politics with science. Now that the election is getting close they’re saying the numbers are going up-probably to try to scare people away from the polls. What a bunch of BS! Dr. Hooey and the CDC are blowing with the wind on this one and have lost their credibility. Unfortunately there are thousands of people who will believe anything they say because it’s “science .” What a load of crap!


  6. Dr. Fauci originally gave the American People’s hard earned money in a FREE “grant” to China to make the Coronavirus. Then it was unleashed on the American People. This virus came from the dog. It would have not naturally developed and crossed the genome species otherwise for 800/yrs. So Fauci made it happen sooner. This is all his fault.
    We are kept at home, denied our rights, wearing masks, etc… to keep us from knowing the real reason – which is the changing of the global money system from the ‘Dollar’ to ‘Bit-Coin’.
    Also… the Geneva Convention International Treaty has been violated against the American People, by way of using all of the American People in a ‘Human Use’ experiment, wearing masks, social distancing, etc… Because the Geneva Convention International Treaty requires a committee review and validity before experiments can be used against us.
    And… the 6/ft social distance requirement was invented by a 14/yr old girl in a school report over 10 years ago. This is not a scientific statistic that has been proven either.
    The requirement of the masks is all a front! The virus is the size of 1/micron. Any mask, even the N-95, which is so highly recommended to be the perfect mask, only blocks the 3/micron size. So… ya know what this means – the mask does NOTHING!
    It has been a KOO on the American People – Wake Up!!
    Perform some investigation on your own – Don’t believe everything the media tells you. Get to the TRUTH!!

  7. Thank you very much Joanne ! I am a nurse and work with many doctors, Pulmonologists with many years of experience say the mask does nothing !


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