Election Debacle In Pennsylvania Continues As Two-Tier Voting System Is Exposed

(Right Country) – The Pennsylvania Secretary of State has made a debacle of the election in the state. After issuing last-minute rule changes just prior to the election, which a judge has ruled against, many counties followed her instructions while many others did not.

This presents a two-tiered vote counting system and Just the News is reporting that it will likely face legal scrutiny.

Just the News reports that at least 15 counties in the state did not implement the Secretary of State’s last-minute instructions on “curing” faulty ballots on Election Day while there were 14 counties that did.

On Oct. 21, Kathy Boockvar sent guidance to the state’s 67 counties advising polling places to provide provisional ballots to voters whose mail-in ballots had been rejected, allowing them to vote in person as a means to “cure” their ballot.

This guidance resulted in Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, state House Rep. candidate Joseph Hamm, and four other plaintiffs to sue Boockvar claiming that voters should not have been given a provisional ballot on Election Day to vote in person.

According to Just the News, deputy secretary of state for elections and commissions, Jonathan Marks, told county election officials the day before the election that “party and candidate representatives” should be informed about the identity of the voters whose ballots had been rejected so they could communicate with them.

Despite the fact that 15 counties did not implement the guidance, it has been reported by an anonymous elections official that there was a private group chat involving all the directors of the boards of elections in the state and that the guidance was discussed in that group.

Of the 67 counties, the guidance was observed in Bedford, Bucks, Cambria, Carbon, Greene, Huntingdon, Jefferson, Montgomery, Northumberland, Philadelphia, Pike, Potter, Tioga, and Venango counties.

The counties that are known not to have followed the last-minute directive include, Lackawanna, Berks, Blair, Bradford, Armstrong, Clinton, Dauphin, Lawrence, Lancaster, Lehigh, Lycoming, Mifflin, Mercer, Perry, and Wyoming.

County election officials in Adams, Chester, and Columbia told Just the News that they set aside rejected mail-in ballots but did not want to comment any further due to ongoing litigation. The remaining 35 counties have not disclosed whether or not they followed the guidance.

Clearly the last minute directive resulted in inconsistent application across the state on a county-by-county basis. The lawsuit stated in the lawsuit that there is no basis in current law for the Secretary of State’s guidance.

It is not currently known how many voters in the state had been given provisional ballots and allowed to vote on Election Day.

The state of Pennsylvania is a mess. The election results should be thrown out along with Boockvar. The good news is that President Trump’s chances of winning legal challenges in the state are looking better and better each day.

This is only one of the many problems that have emerged since Election Day in the state. There have been a myriad of legal issues, voting irregularities, and procedural abnormalities calling into question the integrity of the process in the state.

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  1. Though this another problem with our election process , a greater one is the voter registration in (ALL ) states and the irregularity numbers be corrected

  2. Strange isn’t it, last minute changes and irregularities that affected the election. Voting machines and systems even Democrats complained about that did use the internet being used; while the cyber security people at the Federal level were only looking at questionable tweets and ads. The cyber security chief was fired for good reason, failure to oversee all potential cyber security issues, since these voting machines weren’t’ flagged as potential problems based on previous complaints and the State of Texas tests of them.

  3. Philly Ward bosses were telling voters to mail vote AND in person and said “by the time they find out, Biden will be in the WH and Obama SCOTUS”

    Also at Temple University (probably others too) students were told to vote by mail using home address and in person using school ID with school address.

    Wonder how they can identify these voters?

  4. It was planned parenthood who told them – they had a get out the BIden-Harris table in the SAC and were stressing how they had to protect their reproductive rights (abortion)!


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