Elites In D.C. Quake In Their Boots After Seeing Truck With ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Plates And Call Cops Terrified It’s An “Insurrection Vehicle”

(Right Country) – Residents who live in a rather elite Washington, D.C. neighborhood started metaphorically peeing in their khakis after they spotted a truck with “Don’t Tread On Me” plates rolling through their area. In fact, they were so scared they actually called the police, stating they were scared it was an “insurrection vehicle.”

For the record, as Infowars makes clear, this was a work truck parked on the side of a public street. Oh, and to add to the richness of this ridiculousness, these individuals posted about the incident on an internet message board. People are seriously this easily scared in modern day America? That’s both disgusting and sad.

A report was recently published in the Washington Post that details how residents of the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington got on the Next Door app, which is a sort of mix between Facebook and Craigslist where a lot of folks do digital neighborhood watch and gossip about junk going on in the area, to accuse the vehicle’s driver of being a domestic terrorist simply because he was white and had those plates on his truck.

“There’s this suspicious white truck that is parked on the corner of Belmont and 19th,” the thread’s original post stated rather dramatically. They went on to describe the driver as being a white male and then made a note of the truck’s “Don’t Tread on Me” tags. It’s worth noting that any resident who lives in Virginia is able to get these tags.

“The Don’t Tread on Me tags say he probably has guns and is probably angry at some minority or politician,” one of the responses read. Doesn’t that just sound super idiotic and ignorant? These uppity people really do believe all the garbage from mainstream media that says anyone who dares to stand up for the values this country was founded upon is a nutjob who hates people of color and wants to commit violence in the name of politics.

Many users who jumped on the thread then started to make comparisons between the driver and the riots that took place at the Capitol building. One of these wackos actually stated that the truck was involved in some sort of weird assassination plot against former President Barack Obama, who lives in Kalorama, a neighborhood that is close by the area.

And conservatives are conspiracy theorists? Really?

When the police showed up on the scene they found the individual who owned the truck was doing nothing wrong and was simply working on a construction project located in the area.

“When things are serious, things need to be taken seriously — instead of just being a sheep. You got to look out for your tribe,” Michael Landry, one of the individuals on the thread told the media. The same man then stated that many of the residents in the Adams Morgan area have been “vigilant” lately, watching for out-of-town license plates, bumper stickers with conservative messages, and folks who aren’t wearing masks.

When Landry was confronted with the fact that the guy he accused of being a domestic terrorist was just a construction worker minding his business and doing his job, he said, “I’m actually kind of ashamed of some of the things I said — but I stand my ground on everything I said.”

Okay, that’s a contradictory statement, right? He can’t be ashamed of what he said but still stand on what he said. The people who live in this area are cowards and complete morons. A very dangerous combination.

Welcome to the America of the Democratic Party, folks.

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  1. not one of these cowards had the guts to ask that person wuzzup or howzit goin’ or do ANYTHING other than hiding behind their doors and laptops. and that SOMEONE called the Police???? thank you, Liberals for making jackasses out of so many Americans


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