Entire California School Board Resigns After Leaked Video Showing Them Mocking Concerned Parents

(Right Country) – An entire school board in Northern California has resigned after being caught red-handed disparaging and mocking concerned parents in their district.

A video began circulating on social media that showed the President and three other members of the Oakley Union Elementary School Board making threatening remarks toward parents, complaining about parents contacting them and asserting that parents only want schools open so they can have their “babysitters” back so they can smoke marijuana.

It was total and complete ignorance and the correct thing to do was for these four Board members to resign. They clearly have no regard for the students or parents they’re supposed to be working for.

The Board members made the inappropriate remarks during a routine meeting held via Zoom and none of them were, apparently, aware that the meeting was actually open to the public.

On Thursday, the district’s superintendent Greg Hetrick issued an apology to the community and called the board members out for their “truly inappropriate comments.”

“The comments made were not in alignment with our vision and are definitely not what any of us stand for as leaders,” Hetrick told Fox News. “I know that we lost trust with the community. I will not make excuses for what happened or why it happened.”

During the board meeting, President of the School Board Lisa Brizendine accused parents of “wanting their babysitters back.” She has also issued an apology in which she brought up that she is raising a 10-year-old with special needs who has been home during the pandemic while she has juggled two jobs, calling it a “huge stress.”

She went on to say in her apology that she “suffers with many of the same things that parents are going through from mental health issues to regression,” adding that her ignorant remark was “callous and uncalled for” and said that she is “truly sorry.”

In a joint-apology, the three other board members, Kim Beedle, Erica Ippolito and Richie Masadas, also expressed that they “deeply regret” their comments from the board meeting earlier in the week and offered their “sincerest apology.”

Now that the entire board has resigned, the president of the Contra Costa Board of Education is expected to appoint interim board members until new ones can be elected or appointed.

Parents, however, are disheartened and remain skeptical. Thomas Will isn’t buying the former board’s apologies and says the video proves that teachers aren’t interested in reopening schools anytime soon.

Will questioned why the public school isn’t going back and said that the video shows they “had a school board that doesn’t have the interest of kids at their heart and they don’t want the feedback from parents.”

He’s right. This school board was clearly not interested at all, even in the slightest, of addressing the concern of parents in the district and meeting the needs of the students.

They were more concerned with making fun of parents and having a good laugh. It’s a good thing all four of them resigned. They are obviously not fit or qualified to serve on any school board.

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  1. These people should be canceled and not be allowed to seek employment for the rest of their lives. Doesn’t feel to good when it happens to you does it!

  2. What an ignorant bunch!!!
    They should not be allowed anywhere near a school or any committee, whether it be in their jobs or for the community!!

  3. just like all stupid arrogant democrats — they are not sorry for their actions- they are just sorry they got caught — if they could lie their way out of it – they would still expect their jobs back –typical POS democraps– all you parents was supposed to be to stupid to catch them —

  4. These people are responsible for ‘kids’ and their education? lol. It’s foolish to send your kids to school. You can homeschool them when they are young, then, they can school themselves when they get old enough.

    Schools at every level are just tools for indoctrination.


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