Epic: This Overseas Trump Rally Proves POTUS’ First Term Has Been Truly Historic

(Right Country) – President Donald Trump’s first term will go down in history as a truly unprecedented presidency.

His administration has broken a number of barriers and brought long-overdue hope to our nation—and to our allies abroad.

For decades, the Jewish state of Israel has been at the receiving end of the hatred and scorn of the surrounding Muslim world.

They are condemned by the United Nations and subject to routines threats of annihilation from nations such as Iran.

Meanwhile, progressive politicians in the United States listen to mainstream media’s Hamas-inspired narratives on the volatile situation between the Palestinian Authority and the Nation of Israel in the Jews’ ancestral homeland.

Vehement antisemitism is widespread in the world today and none in the United States participate more than the progressive left.

Meanwhile, no one has been more of a friend to the Jewish people than President Donald Trump.

And now that he’s up for re-election, the citizens of Israel know what is at stake, perhaps more acutely than many Americans.

The Washington Times reports that Israeli and American Trump supporters held a convoy rally that drove vehicles decorated in American flags and Trump 2020 banners from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Once in the Holy City, they held a rally outside the U.S. Embassy, which was famously moved to the historic capital of Israel under President Donald Trump, a long-awaited move that several of Trump’s predecessors had put off.

The Times notes that the procession consisted of around two dozen vehicles and was organized by Republicans Overseas Israel.

Although Jews stateside are expected to vote overwhelmingly for Democrat challenger Joe Biden, Trump is well-loved in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom Trump enjoys a very close friendship, described him as the “greatest friend” his nation has ever had in the White House.

While the majority of the rally participants reportedly appeared to be American, there were some activists showing their support for Netanyahu’s Likud party.

“More and more people are wakening and seeing who Donald Trump truly is – that he’s for the people and for the Jewish people,” said Jacob Lieberman. He had his face painted with the American flag and sported a Trump 2020 cap.

“What he has done for the Jewish people, there are no words, no words to explain. Exceptional president.”

The Times notes that, “During his time in office, Trump has taken a number of moves welcomed by Israel – beginning with his recognition of contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the subsequent move of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump also recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, has taken a softer line toward Israeli settlement construction on occupied lands and recently brokered diplomatic pacts between Israel and three Arab countries.”

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  1. Why would any Jews vote for Biden after the way they have been treated in New York City? To all of New Yorkers if you vote for Biden you deserve all the miserable times you are going to have with Cuomo De Blasio and Biden ruining your lives! If you think New York City is a dumpster fire now wait to see what happens if Biden gets elected. Forget finding a place to eat because everything will be closed down, enjoy the bus ride to New Jersey to get something to eat!

  2. Why would the Jews vote for Biden ? It’s just mind boggling that after so much anti Semitic hate in New York, and others mayors cities they received they still will vote for a candidate that don’t care about them . It’s either they’re are not real Jews neither real Americans .

  3. President Trump has proven time and again his support for Israel and the Jewish nation. No one president has gone through the humiliation that has been thrown at him during his first term. All of his promises have been kept and he is about to do more in his second term. America could not be in better hands. God Bless our President!


  5. No idea why this article seems to think the participants were Americans…we can’t travel to Israel! There are few Americans living there. The Israeli people are a very diverse population and many of them look very much like Americans. I think they were mostly Israelis. English is one of the national languages of Israel..most speak it. I was formerly a British colony. The Israelis are a joyful, lovely folk!!

  6. I don’t understand why ANY Jewish person would vote Democrat ! The Democrats have treated Jewish people shamefully, going all the way back to Franklin Roosevelt. He would NOT allow a ship to dock in America, that had Jewish people on it trying to escape DEATH ! He sent the ship back, and I would imagine that all those poor people were killed. Roosevelt was not a friend of the Jewish people, and the Democrat Party of TODAY, is even LESS of a friend ! They are Racist, Anti Semitic, Socialist liars, and NOT worthy of a vote !


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