Europe Goes Full Fascist For Halloween To “Stop The Spread”

(Right Country) – Coronavirus madness is not exclusive to the United States. All around the world citizens of the free world have lost their right to make decisions for themselves and their families. Now, Big Brother Government makes those decisions for us.

The coronavirus is, apparently, the biggest threat to hit the world in all of history. At least that’s what the virus propagators want us to believe. Look, no one is saying the virus itself isn’t real. No one is questioning the actual existence of the virus. What is questionable, however, is the massive overreaction to said virus. What people are against is the infringement of our rights and liberties in evaluating risks for ourselves and our families.

If the coronavirus was killing children and healthy young adults, there would absolutely be a reason to panic and lock down. I don’t think reasonable people would dispute that but the reality is, this virus targets the usual suspects that all viruses target. If this is the first time you’re hearing this, I apologize for being the bearer of bad news but anybody with a compromised immune system and/or has underlying health concerns is at higher risk for any viral infection and yes, any virus can kill someone under these circumstances.

Speaking of viruses, has anybody seen any influenza trackers yet? No? Didn’t think so.

The point is, in the free world it should be up to free people to decide how to respond to the threat of a virus. We’ve been living life just fine for decades as the flu has come and gone annually, taking with it hundreds of thousands of lives. Now, President Donald Trump is up for re-election and we’re going to get serious about viruses, apparently.

In Europe, absurd lockdown orders, rules, mandates, and restrictions continue to rule and it looks like Halloween is getting the curtain call in coronavirus hot spots around England. Trick-or-treating has been banned in these areas, as was confirmed by the government’s junior business minister Tuesday.

According to Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon, Nadhim Zahawi, children in Tier 1 and Tier 2 lockdown areas will be permitted to celebrate and tick-or-treat in small groups while children in Tier 3 areas will be instructed to stay home.

Those in Tiers 1 and 2 had better not get too excited though. Their permission to trick-or-treat comes with caveats, of course. In both Tiers children are permitted to trick-or-treat but Tier 1 kids aren’t allowed to enter someone else’s home if there are more than 6 people there while Tier 2 youngsters aren’t allowed to enter another’s house at all, as explained by Zahawi on LBC Radio.

“Sadly, in Tier 3, you can’t, because it is the areas where we have the highest level of infections,” Zahawi admitted.

Local police in areas where the virus is not as present and where lockdown restrictions are lighter have been passing out “no trick or treat” posters for people who are considered to be “high-risk.”

“If you are going trick or treating, please follow the safety advice and remember that some people, especially the elderly, might be frightened by groups of people knocking at their doors so please respect any homes displaying a ‘no trick or treat’ sign,” Jo Grimshaw, the Surrey Police anti-social behaviour manager told Sky News.

The bans on Halloween fun are affecting other areas of the UK also. In Scotland people have been told to stay at home and the Deputy First Minister John Swinney said people should not leave bowls of candy outside their homes to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Quite conceivably, without anyone knowing that they were doing any harm to anybody else, somebody could give a child an assembled bag of sweeties – my son went out guising [a regional term for trick o’treating] last year and from our very kind neighbours he got little bags of sweeties – those bags could be the purveyors of coronavirus,” Swinney said.

Yet, ordering food and having it delivered to one’s home is conceivably acceptable.

Wales has gone off the deep-end and cancelled everything until November 9th as they are now under a two week “fire-break lockdown.” Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night celebrations have been cancelled outright.

“To be completely clear with people, the law, as it will apply in Wales, will not allow for bonfire gatherings or for gatherings for Halloween,” Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford said.

“In this extraordinary period, we all have to do everything we can because every little action that we take to work together will make a difference,” he went on, adding: “It will be self-policing because it will be very obvious if people try to break the law.”

All of these laws and rules are only necessary because government officials are allowing the virus to consume all aspects of life. If we just stopped with all this absurdity the virus would likely have ran its course and we would be having the annual flu conversation. Interestingly, nobody seems too concerned about the flu anymore which claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide each year.

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  1. Fear is the enemy of the people. The governments have gotten to the core of almost everybody’s minds in thinking that the virus is worse than it is really is. The flu seems to have been tossed aside and Covid has replaced it. People die from the flu in droves every year. If a person has a weak immune system, yes, it’s going to affect that person differently than a healthier person. We have to stop being afraid and live our lives in the way we were before Covid entered our lives. Stop the madness!

  2. Stupid deplorables. The coronavirus is not the flu. Trump botched the pandemic response and we’re paying the price for his incompetence. He’ll be gone soon. Thank f’ing god.


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