Europeans Are Fighting Back Against COVID Tyranny. When Will Americans Wake Up?

(Right Country) – Over the past weekend tens of thousands of Germans marched through Berlin in protest of the Draconian lockdowns that are ruling their lives and robbing them of their freedoms. German protestors declared it the “Day of Freedom” and demanded the government end the face mask mandates and “social distancing” rules. The Germans weren’t alone. Major protests went on in the UK and Netherlands also in which citizens demanded an end to the tyrannical rule of their government officials under the guise of health safety.

According to reports, Berlin protestors held signs that said things like “We are being forced to wear a muzzle,” “Natural defense instead of vaccination,” and “We are making noise because you are stealing our freedom!” The New York Times had the audacity to tweet that these protestors are all “Nazis” and “conspiracy theorists.”

Are Americans just too busy enjoying summer to be concerned about our freedoms that are quickly and easily being squashed? Did Americans lose the desire to protest the power-hungry mini-monarchs that are ruling over the states after BLM and Antifa have taken over so many liberal cities?

Despite being criticized and attacked by leftist media outlets everywhere these European protestors have the right idea. It’s time for the government mandated lockdowns to come to an end. They haven’t helped anything. In fact, they’ve only caused economic depression and human suffering.

Former Republican Congressman Ron Paul gave some compelling commentary on the complacency of Americans published by Newsmax. Here’s what he had to say:

They [the German protestors] likely looked around and noticed that Sweden, which never locked down its economy, rejected face masks, and kept its restaurants and other places of business open, did not fare any worse than the countries that have been turned into open air prisons for much of the year.

In fact, Sweden had a lower death rate from the virus than strict lockdown states like the UK and France.

No wonder people are starting to get angry.

Unfortunately, while the Europeans are waking up, Americans are still asleep as our freedoms continue to be trampled. While Europeans demand an end to government tyranny, here we see states with minuscule new deaths returning to lockdown.

It’s as if all the wannabe tyrants from mayors to governors are finally realizing their secret dreams of ruling by decree.

Their dreams are our nightmares.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy put citizens “on notice” that he will lock the state back down if people dare to go outside without a face mask or even to have guests inside their own homes!

What kind of politician puts his own constituents “on notice”?

It is not as if the “experts” are even looking into treatments for the viral infection.

Doctors who report their own successful experience treating Covid patients with hydroxychloroquine, for example, are ridiculed, censored, and even fired from their jobs.

The rush to silence “America’s Frontline Doctors” last week and to disappear their video down the memory hole should terrify anybody who still believes in free speech.

No, they say, we must keep locked down and masked until we have a vaccine. The U.S. government is dumping billions into a vaccine that may be less than 60 percent effective to prevent a virus that has something like a 99.8 percent survival rate.

What kind of math is that?

How many may be harmed more by the vaccine than helped?

The numbers have been so wildly off that it’s hard to trust any reporting. People are getting angry. They are confused. They are facing an economic depression of historic proportions. But worst of all, they are watching as Leviathan government snatches every last bit of freedom.

Three cheers for the Europeans. Let’s hope America wakes up soon.

We can do more than hope. Now is the time to take action. Find ways to get involved in the fight for our freedoms and together we can bring an end to the leftist tyranny over us.


  1. It’s all about politics! Force people to stay home, fine them for not wearing masks and dictating which businesses can remain open is all part of the liberal Democrats to slow down the economy which will affect the election.
    Rioters without masks, looters, antifa are all taking the emphasis away from Joe Biden, a man who is definitely in a state of dementia. He is mentally unable to complete a sentence or answer a difficult question.
    So keep the economy weak, have mobs protesting, defund the police and end up with Joe Biden as president? That will be the end of our beautiful AMERICA, the country of freedoms. DON’T LET it happen. Make your vote count for DONALD TRUMP, he loves America.

  2. Our constitutional rights are being trampled daily in the guise of safety, inclusion and whatever else the marxist politicians come up with, The New York Times and other printed press are not freedom loving but communist voices spewing theirs ideals to brainwash Americans who read their filth. Just when you thought you would never see such things in free America, we are faced with two distinct sides on the political spectrum. Control and tyranny or freedom loving Constitutional Law.

  3. If these mini dictators are not voted out of office then we have a much bigger problem than we have imagined. I pray the freedom loving, responsible, risk takers who made this country the greatest nation will be up to taking this country back from these mini dictators and their strong armed party.

  4. American ‘sheeple’ are too busy believing all of this pandemic propaganda! Once they realize they have been played for fools, they MIGHT come out of hiding and realize what is steadily being taken away from them.

  5. It is time to open up the economy and our schools. It is not right to quarantine people who are not sick. The liberals hate Donald Trump so much that they are willing to destroy our country. I for one do not want to live in a socialist/communist country. America wake up

  6. My neighbor is a school teacher who is hysterical over the fact that our FL school district is preparing its staff to return to classroom teaching. She is scared witless that she might get sick. Teachers have always loudly stated that they are essential workers in any society. They’ve complained that they are underpaid, overworked and expected to not only teach but to function as social worker, safety officer, and nurse to their students. Either they are as essential as retail workers in supermarkets and Target to their communities, or they are not. Too many teachers and their unions want to remain distanced from their students and continue with on line learning. If that’s true, then they have proved their true worth and they are not essential workers. Teachers are either vital to any community or they are not, but they can’t have it both ways. God bless America.

  7. The news media is succeeding in turning people against each other and printing and reporting lies upon lies. My prayers are that they are taken down, I dont care at this point if the electric grid goes out and everyone has to sick in the dark, pray and reflect! It is past time to help President Trump and stand up to all the evil people who are lying and trying to take this country down!


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