Fake News: The Hill Whines About Trump Supporters Not Wearing Masks At NC Rally. There’s Only One Problem.

(Right Country) – It’s always pretty embarrassing when the media gets caught in a lie.

Usually, they have some round-about way of lying, or they print unverified, salacious gossip and it takes careful debunking to refute the lie.

This time around, however, they’ve really outdone themselves.

The Hill, a publication which can usually be relied upon to give President Donald Trump a somewhat fair shake, has disgraced themselves.

On Wednesday, the outlet came out complaining about how neither President Donald Trump nor his many enthused supporters wore masks while attending a campaign rally in North Carolina on Tuesday.

“JUST IN: Trump, supporters gathered without masks in North Carolina despite request from local GOP official,” they breathlessly tweeted.

There was only one problem.

No one seems to have been able to find a single Trump supporter that was actually not wearing a mask.

Look at this and tell me what you see:


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