Far Left Not Thrilled With Idea Of Voting For Biden. Former Sanders’ Adviser Compared It To “Eating” This

(Right Country) – The left hates President Trump so very much. It’s no secret. They hate him because he’s not of the establishment and because he opposes their anti-America, radical agenda. President Trump has taken up the cause of rural America. He defends personal liberties and freedoms unlike the faux liberties and freedoms the left purports to be the bastions of. To the left, freedom means conformity and being socially “woke” and “tolerant” are the epitome of 21st century enlightenment.

The left is determined to rig the coming election and are doing everything in their power to ensure President Trump does not win. They’ve pulled out all the stops. In the course of a few months our economy has toppled, we’ve literally lost our freedom to do what we want and go where we please, digital currency is on the way, mail-in voting is being forced on us, and violence and riots plague major cities from shore to shore. This is the left’s America and President Trump is still in the White House.

Luckily, Bernie Sanders is no longer in the running for President. He truly would have turned America into a communist dystopia in record speed. However, we’re still left with the disturbing possibility of a Joe Biden presidency and one former Sanders’ adviser did not mince words when describing how she felt about having to cast a vote for the former VP.

Breitbart has the entertaining story:

A former top adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) compared voting for former Vice President Joe Biden this November to eating a “bowl of sh*t.”

Nina Turner, a onetime Ohio state senator who co-chaired Sanders’ failed 2020 campaign, made the comparison while discussing with The Atlantic the choice facing progressives this election cycle.

“It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of sh*t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still sh*t,” she told the magazine.

Turner’s comments come only weeks after she lambasted the Biden campaign’s vice-presidential search process for ignoring credible progressive candidates. At the time, Turner said the presumptive Democrat nominee was signaling that progressives “need not apply” to be his running mate.

The former Sanders campaign chair’s sentiment is shared by many on the left, who worry that Biden, a self-described moderate, will fail to deliver on progressive priorities.

Most notably, this has been seen on the issue of healthcare. Biden, who has refused to endorse to Medicare for All, is facing stiff resistance from Sanders supporters on the topic. More than 360 Sanders delegates have signed a pledge to vote against the party platform at the Democratic National Convention next month if it does not include a provision expressing support for the universal healthcare proposal.

As you can see, the far left is not happy about the prospect of a Biden presidency. Biden, however, is just a puppet being controlled by those who have a much more radical agenda than what Biden would ever personally sign on to. Sanders fans are worried Biden won’t be “progressive” (radical) enough but the truth is, they’ll likely be pleasantly surprised with the “progress” a Biden administration would bring to America.

The point is, conservatives have to show up in November. Period. A Biden presidency would be like being forced to eat the entire bowl of sh*t. Every day. For four years.

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  1. Roger that!

    I’m a disabled, two-tour Vietnam veteran and long-time volunteer drive for the Disabled Veteran National Transportation Network. MAGA!

  2. Liberalism, socialism, Marxism, Black Lives Matter, and all of the above they’re all a heaping pile of shit and will not win . Law and order will prevail, and if for some crazy reason it doesn’t, LOOK OUT ! Law abiding American citizens will take up arms, and in the span of one week will obliterate every lowlife Scum Sucking Do Nothing piss ant crybaby rioter thief, thug, drug pushing, rapist, dirt bag . A Civil War will erupt ! The likes never seen before in the history of MAN ! America is the land of the free, the Home of the Brave, We the people will not tolerate anarchy. Democratic thuggery and lies will be met head on by 10s of millions of Americans demanding prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, completely removing them from all positions in government, for they have all broken the oath of office and no longer are considered to be Americans.


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