First Photos: Suspect — Grafton Thomas — In Synagogue Stabbings Captured After Two-Hour Police Chase — Far Left Writer Blames “White Supremacy”

(Gateway Pundit) – The first photos were released of the suspect in the Monsey synagogue attack.

The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Thomas Grafton of Greenwood Lake.

On Saturday the suspect stabbed at least five individuals inside a rabbi’s house in Monsey.

The anti-Semitic attack occurred during Hanukkah celebrations.

According to some sites gave the suspect’s name as Thomas Grafton or Thomas E. Grafton, but public records give it as Grafton Thomas.

The man used a machete in his attack and then sped off before he was captured by New York City Police in Harlem.

The suspect’s vehicle was stopped by police on the George Washington Bridge.

Science Writer Blames “White Supremacy” After Grafton Thomas Enters Synagogue and Slashes 5 Jews During Hanukkah

Erin Biba is a far left science writer who has contributed to National Geographic, BBC, Scientific American, NBC News, PopSci, The Daily Beast, Gizmodo, Earther, Dame and WIRED magazine.

Last night after Grafton Thomas entered a synagogue in Monsey and slashed and injured at least 5 Jews during Hanukkah Erin Biba blamed white supremacy.

Grafton Thomas is black.

Erin is obviously nuts.

Video: At Least 5 People Stabbed By Machete Wielding Suspect At Monsey Synagogue, Suspect Arrested In NYC


  1. The Jews Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and Sanders have led the despicable attacks and insane hatred for President Trump and the 63 million white people who voted for him. Could this be a reason for the rise of anti-semitism?

    • NO I am latina and voted for Trump. President Trump enjoyed the support of minorities and why he won.

      The gang of 4 have as much blame as the Media and DNC. Most Democrats are now Anti Israel and Anti America

      There is never been an American President who has done more for Jews & Israel as well as religious liberties

  2. On one hand I want to roll my eyes and ignore people like her but on the other hand I think they need to be exposed in every possible way to show how loony the leftist are. Their godless immoral hypocrisy, their obsessive hate toward those of a different mindset.

  3. The real problem is the idiots that like to make up fake news to stir up crap the blame white people on everything. If these idiots would obtain facts before running their mouth or writing crap like this, I see in the photo that you are color blind and don’t know the difference between black, white or any other color. If you know what white supremacy is please let me know where I can get some as I sure could use some.

  4. Please note that religious (orthodox) Jews tend to support President Trump, while the non-religious maintain liberalism/leftism as their belief system.. and are rabidly against the president (as in the aforementiond Sandes, Schiff, etc.)

  5. Done by a white supremacy group??? The left is very fast at finer pointing. What can you say now guys??? Do you still insist the guy in the photo is a white dude? 😬😜😝

  6. As usual you have some complete idiot from the looney left giving their opinion (as that is all the news is today) when she knows absolutely nothing as facts. Surely people in this country are realizing what the propanganda machine is all about by now. Wait, Preident Trump will be named as responsible for this radical nut job stabbing folks. Guess now, the sale of all types of blades will be on the chopping block as guns are. Guess those of us that still prepare meals at home will have to chew our products in two that require a knife.

  7. Why not, the leftist sh-tts have already outlawed pencils in schools (too sharp) & can’t draw a hand in gun shape without being expelled. So they want to take guns, knives & next they will go after kanes so the people that need them can’t fight off their beloved criminals.

  8. You know they have no brain cells-it’s always white supremacists or white nationalists even when the photo shows it’s a black. There was also a black female who attacked Jews and then the Black Israelites. But no, it’s white nationalists or supremists. Guess who the real racists and bigots are- the liberals/socialists!

  9. Erin Biba is almost a complete idiot. One or two more idiotic statements like her “white supremacy” remark will put her in rarified air of being completely stupid and a complete fool.


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