Flash Bangs And BLM Leaders: What The MSM Won’t Tell You About What Happened Before Capitol Riot

(Right Country) – The idea that the storming of the Capitol was done by Trump supporters was far-fetched from the beginning but then with mountains of video footage coming from the event, it looks more and more untrue by the day.

Several known members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa were identified by law enforcement agencies and one known BLM leader, John Sullivan (pictured at top), was even interviewed on CNN after the riot at the Capitol.

Sullivan, a known BLM goon from Utah, was among those who stormed the Capitol last Wednesday and was reportedly near Ashli Babbit when she was fatally shot inside by Capitol Hill police.

This is the same BLM activist who was recorded in August saying that it was time to “rip President Trump from the White House” during violent riots in Washington DC.

Amy Mek at RAIR Foundation reported on Sullivan being interviewed by CNN over his video of Babbit being shot and lying in a pool of blood. Mek noted that CNN didn’t bother to ask Sullivan any important questions like “why he was there?”

Others have taken note of Sullivan’s presence among the supposedly “pro-Trump” rioters:

Despite the left rabidly calling for anyone who was involved with the riots to be arrested and held responsible, reporter Millie Weaver ran into a very free Sullivan and claims to have overheard him on a phone call saying he wasn’t being charged.

Interestingly, Weaver also reported that Sullivan had planned a BLM-Antifa event at the Washington Memorial on the very same Wednesday as President Trump’s rally and the Electoral College certification joint session of Congress.

How convenient he was then seen storming the Capitol. How many other Antifa and BLM thugs were with him?

Then there are the reports of flash bangs going off at the Capitol before President Trump was even done speaking at his rally at the Ellipse.

If pro-Trump supporters were responsible for the storming of the Capitol building how come everything seemed to start before Trump supporters had even headed down to the Capitol building from the Ellipse?

CNN even reported that flashbangs were going off at 1 PM while Trump was still speaking. Trump supporters didn’t go all the way to Washington DC to listen to part of his speech and then head over and cause a violent disturbance at the Capitol.

It seems fairly obvious at this point that Antifa and BLM were behind the riot at the Capitol but don’t hold your breath waiting for the lying mainstream media to admit it.

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  1. All of what has transpired from November 3 until now it’s nothing but a well orchestrated coup and the stealing of the elections and the infiltration of the Trump rally to continue the charade of putting an illegitimate president in the White House.

  2. Ok so are charges going to be brought against this thug ?!! Why am I not hearing about this from that little gargoyle George Stephanopolos and his other MSM cronies?!! Just more proof that the protest was infiltrated by BLM/Antifa hoodlums to make Trump and his supporters look like terrorists. There is no low level that these dirtbags won’t sink to in order to promote their agenda. Real AMERICANS need to be prepared for what is coming from this falsely elected “president” and his government


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