Flashback: Israel Wanted To Kill Al-Quds Leader Soleimani But Obama Tipped Off Iran

Trump vs. Obama — The differences will astound you!

(Gateway Pundit) – Back in 2015 Israel was reportedly on the verge of killing Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian Quds Force but the Obama administration warned Iran of the imminent attack.

Israel’s Haaretz News reported:

The report says Israel was “on the verge” of assassinating Soleimani three years ago, near Damascus, but the United States warned the Iranian leadership of the plan, revealing that Israel was closely tracking the Iranian general.

The incident, the report said, “sparked a sharp disagreement between the Israeli and American security and intelligence apparatuses regarding the issue.”

Fast forward to 2020 –

On Thursday the United States killed General Qassim Soleimani, a top commander of Iran’s al-Quds Force, in an airstrike at Baghdad’s International Airport.

The strike also killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilization Forces. Seven people were reportedly killed in the airstrike.



  1. I knew he was a radical muslim as he took the office and became a multi millionaire. He is everything he campaigned and professed against.
    The perfect hypocritical american politician. He is very smart and learned how to work the system for himself very quickly.

  2. Obama should never have been President. He is the worst thing to happen to this country. It’s going to take years to straight up the mess he made. Plus we will never get the money back that he gave away.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Mr Corbin. A complete waste of eight years and our respect in the eyes of the world. As a Vietnam veteran we must all know that freedom is fleeting and is not free.
    Thank you President Trump! America first! It is time the elitists understand it is “we the people” of this great nation that have made it what it is and the blood it has cost to do so.

  4. During the 2008 campaign, I was listening to an interview on television about the election and the person being interviewed made this statement “If Barack Obama wins this election it will take a generation for this country to recover”. That statement has stuck in my head ever since and it didn’t take long till I realized that it was true. This man had no business in the White House and no clue what to do when he got there except tear down everything our country stands for and he did a masterful job. After all, it was his FIRST JOB. GOD HELP THE USA.

    • Agree. When I heard Obama speak while campaigning, it reminded me of Fidel Castro, and my comments were “if elected this man will destroy our country. Imagine my despair when he was re-elected, which by the way, I strongly believe that he won by fraud–just like his administration. Terrible waste of eight years for our country. Thank God for sending our President Donald Trump to restore our country. But, he cannot do it by himself, WE THE PEOPLE must help and support our President if we want to keep our country free. 2020 GOP/PRESIDENT TRUMP! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  5. Trump wants the people of Iran and Iraq to take over their own countries. We kill a few leaders and let the people know we have their back, maybe it will happen. Obama supported ISIS and Kohmanie.

    • Considering Obama was the one who had killed Osma Bin Laden-a feat elusive to the previous administration don’t quite get the idiocy of supporting ISIS! By the time Obama left office ISIS was practically demolished. Trump not only came at a perfect time to capitalize on it-he had absolutely nothing to do with its demise. If anything, allowing Turkey to overrun the Kurds territory, who were working with US troops but doing the fighting AGAINST ISIS-Trimp allowed 100’s of ISIS prisoners to escape and regroup!!
      The Kurds were abandoned by US to become victims of Turkish attacks ( does anyone see the news or just interested in false narratives?) by Trump, much to the embarrassment of US soldiers who became close to them in fighting ISIS.
      Turkey ( with an evil despot Muslim leader, Erdagon-good friend of Trump, who has Twin tower hotels in Istanbul!!) now has Kurds territory and killed many of them in overrunning them.
      We have abandoned allies and endangered, once again this region and ourselves.
      I’ve never seen such a lack of knowledge on world affairs nor such Un American bigoted venom.
      Obama AND BUSH before him (!!) were advised NOT to kill Soleimani, by the US State Dept and CIA because he would become a martyr and endanger the region even more, especially Israel m, who ALSO decided against killing him-for same reasons as well as repercussions of more bombings since they’re close. Both countries have ample Intel to have done it many times but didn’t want to stir up a hornets nest. Now, that’s happened due to Trumps ill thought out self maneuvers. 3500 Troops now being sent to region-we have troops in many other parts of Middle East, and retaliation will be guaranteed against them by this idiot’s lack of conferring with State Dept and Pentagon. Also our other allies, UK, France-Germany who are also working in the region and had no cause for this abrupt assassination. The 3 years of tearing up nuclear agreement signed by ALL these countries was cause of rise in hard right of Iran. Two years careful negotiations, with oversight gone by this narcissistic menace to the world, who wouldn’t know diplomacy if it hit him in his made up face.
      It’s another lie about imminent danger. No proof! Wag the dog. He’s distracting from impeachment. Causing a WAR will be a good one. Thank you Trump. This instability, US troops in danger. will be on your fake orange head.

      • Susan please do better research not from fake news. You have no idea what all Obama has done to hurt this country. He had several occasions to kill him but waited until all the taxpayers money was there and the sleeper cells were in the states. You can’t have it both ways first we are supposed to listen to Intel and now you want us to believe it was wrong. After Obama and Hillary watched on screen from a drone these animals killing our people that went to bed. And tried to blame it on a video. Guess you still believe that story. Until you put on the uniform don’t tell us what to do. Or what you think you know.

      • It’s hard to believe anyone could be so stupid! Trump should be evaluated. He’s nuts. No strategy for the aftermath, while our service men are now in harms way. Pompeo said it was immediate danger. Given the record of the trump administration, he’d better be right. And I truly believe trumps got his Benghazi, only thousands of times worse!

      • You believe that you idiot. Obama lover. Treasonous animal. You are not American. Shut the HE!! Up.

      • Susan, get educated before opening your mouth. You obviously have TDS and wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in your brainless head. ISIS was created under Obummer. You say it was practically destroyed under him? It grew vastly under him. Trump has defeated the Calaphate and ISIS is now a shadow of what they were under Obummer. Wake up and stop drinking the Kool Aid the fake news feeds you.

  6. Why would this MULATO, Oh-bum, NOT BE TRIED FOR TREASON? Can’t any Patriotic NGO take him to COURT?…..If not!…. What kind of a country, are we?…..

    • Mulato is referred to as being a high yellow. The dominant black gene is very append in Obama. In no way is he consider Oh- bum. You really sound like a knuckle, with speech patterns mimicking trump. It’s not Tunney. Just sick!

  7. I believe Fixing the Middle East problem is easier than pundits make it seem. Simply pull all our troops and equipment out of the Middle East, save for Israel, and inform all Muslim governments that the first time any American or our allies are killed, the weight of American military might will descend on Arabia, the likes of which have never before been seen. Then make it happen. Mecca leveled and the centers of Islamic radicalism reduced to ashes. Muslim countries will be tasked with keeping each other from violent acts against America and our allies to ensure nothing happens to them. They can then be free to trade with the world, and begin to join the civilized world, or Islam can continue their dream of a Caliphate and continue their descent into global irrelevancy.

    • The British just threatened to do that a while back. Since then they have had no problems at their embassies. Then Americans were stupid enough to step into the vacuum. And, Muslims will always be after Jewes and Israeli people!🤔

    • Drew, sounds like a plan…. but doesn’t resolve the real issue, the successful islamic movement right here at home. No matter what happens in the Middle East, the rapid growth of islam here will continue, whole city after city, and accelerate with the help of the Left through open borders and the elimination of anything Christian from sight. Sitting on your hands and threatening won’t help. A right turn by half the population would.

    • Drew, I agree with you 100%. Bomb the heck out of the Middle East with the exception of Israel. That would definitely end all the turmoil in that part of the world. Since the lunatic Liberals love globalism so much, they’ll love that plan including America taking over all that territory! Real globalization – right up theiralley. Then we ship every Liberal there and they can all live in their socialistic world. Besides, the Libs were all going to leave the US anyway when Trump was elected and hopefully re-elected! I think that’s a win-win for American citizens – Left and Right!!

  8. Shouldn’t Obama be arrested for treason? How many Americans died at the hands of Soleimani since 2015? The President’s primary role is to protect American lives. Obama’s actions are just the opposite and not just in this instance.
    And to Dave’s point above, how did Obama become a multi millionaire? Why isn’t Polosie screaming about that?

    • Then you’d have to arrest Bush. Unlike trump, they were surrounded by men of great minds.
      Giving the life you have left, I urge you to find out where Obama’s money came from! It will let you be pro-active.

      • I never got that. Why are they so fixated on Israel? Israel is over here and Iran and Iraq are over there, why can’t they let those people just live their lives the way they want. What do they have to gain by picking on Israel? I may sound stupid for asking but I just don’t get it. Live and let live

      • Yes he did. He admitted to being Muslim on live tv. I heard it with my own ears. Explain that! Are you really a true American? Sure don’t sound like one

    • That’s stupid they don’t have nukes or the capability to carry them. Yes they may a few ICBM missles but just like N Korea they know their world would end before the first one landed on U.S. soil. All Trump has to do is take out their 3 oil refineries and they are finished because that is the axis of their already weak economy

  9. Finally we have a leader that will mot tolerate these Muslim killers of women and children and kill Americans around the world.

  10. Obama was lazy he wanted to be entertainer in chief and leave the hard work to a bunch of 30 yr old liberal college kids that helped him push his Muslim anti American agenda. He was too busy entertaining the late night tv shows to show how charming and cool he was. He thought that turning the Middle East over to Iran would solve all their problems and once they got their nukes which he made a pathway for them to do so they would be in charge and take it off his hands. Then the world would be a better place to live and he could continue to make himself a millionaire by selling out America along with his partners in crime the Clintons and they could all retire in Martha’s Vineyard and be happy. That folks is exactly what happened

  11. Please solve this for me. I think I am correct in that the United States is a member
    of the United Nations. Am I correct ? So, if that be true, where are the United Nations troops? Oh, I see, take our money but don’t get your men hurt by working with the American troops to take out the vicious leaders of Iran and other enemy countries.
    Just spend our money for your lavish life style and use beautiful phrases to make
    people think that you are ” on board.” It is disgusting that those who criticize President Trump for many reasons. Mostly however, their criticism is not based on
    any facts. The U.S. intelligence is based on facts. Our president acted on those facts.

    So, to those who go on television and ” spout off” like they have all the answers,
    just shut the hell up and support out President and our Military.

  12. This is why you never tell the democrats anything about a military action against one of their friends! The democrat party and Obama are not working for America!

  13. They would have blown Israel off the map. Starting a war is easier than ending one. Are you slightly aware of the size difference of the two countries. Bush and Obama figured the wise course was leave Suleimani alone. The game whack a mole started last night. Iran has a new Deneral in place. It was about the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. Somebody at mar a logo, got to trump. As he had never heard of the guy.

    • C’mon Marine I hope you realize Trump is talking to his cabinet members and the Pentagon. Or do you live in some LaLaLand that believes he gets up in the morning and says I think I’ll have Soleimani killed today? We’ve been tracking Soleimani for years, and no Prez had the guts to have him killed, yet they let him continue getting away with murdering hundreds. Do you really think Iran has a military that could hurt us? LOL We’d annihilate them.

    • President Trump works, not like Obummer, he was too busy playing golf and taking trips on the tax payers. I have no idea where you get your information but you aren’t too bright, he supports terrorists. And he is still doing it. What is wrong with you. Do you have children? God I hope not. I would never want you raising children to have your Anti American views. The country we know and love would be doomed if people like you breed

  14. Well, of course Israel’s self preservation instincts were to kill Soleimani. And its equally obvious that the foreign born, Manchurian President Obama rushed to curry favor with his fellow Muslims! OBAMA is the symbol of EVIL!

  15. Before one can stand under the mantle of the US Flag and call themselves an American, they must first revere, honor and salute that Flag in respect for those who fought bled and died for her. They must also commit to and believe in the Constitution as our foundation of success for the laws, liberties and freedoms that we enjoy and which has made us a Blessed and profitable Nation.
    If you haven’t done those two things your comments about America mean nothing. They’re like a wind blowing a rusty, screeching, turning windmill that’s not connected to any source. Most liberals are like this. Mainstream media as well. Liberals are devoted to follow the MSM foolsgold.

    Liberalism is defined as meaning anyone who prefers illusion over reality, legalism over common sense, and the word over the deed.
    Truth and facts in their proper context means nothing to a liberal.

    “Truth” doesn’t need to be believed, to be Truth. While it educates the teachable, is ignored by the unreachable, and fools dismiss it……..Truth will always stand Firm and Be self evident”


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