Former Clinton Advisor Claims Trump Is “Sucking Up” To His “White Nationalist Base.” Here’s Why This Narrative Will Fail In 2020

(Right Country) – The Democrats have been trying for far too long to keep every American into a neat little caste system.

White Republicans are racist, black voters are honor-bound to be Democrats, and anyone who defies this clean, neat segregation of ideals is ignored or maligned.

They’ve been overplaying their hand, as evidence by Biden’s recent comments that the black community wasn’t diverse like the Latino community, which comes just a few months after he claimed that if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.”

This is the problem with the Democrats. They don’t understand that they can’t just keep repeating slanderous stereotypes about any one group of people and continue to get away with it.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Friday, former Clinton adviser and CNN political commentator Paul Begala declared President Donald Trump was “sucking up” to his “white nationalist base.”

When he was asked if members of the military and their families support Trump, Begala replied that “He has lost the generals. At least the retired ones. Active ones don’t take a political stance, nor should they. I could add to that General James Clapper, with whom you served, he served in the Bush administration has been targeted by Trump for vicious attacks. It is unprecedented. Trump seems to be drilling down on the white nationalist base. I don’t think that’s a winning strategy. It’s certainly not worthy of a great country. But that is his strategy.”

He continued, “At the same time, he’s sucking up to the white nationalists, he’s trying to call Joe Biden a racist. He doesn’t seem to have much coherent strategy.”

He added, “It seems to be based on grievance. He really appeals to grievance. I think Democrats need to listen to that pain. There’s a lot of really good people who voted for Donald Trump. A lot of them and they have a lot of pain, they still do. Democrats need to go to them, farm foreclosures are at a record high. Farm bankruptcies are at a record high. Folks who supported Trump thinking he would change things, he would get them this perfect health care plan he promised. Now he’s in court trying to take away their health care. Democrats need to make the case to parts of the Trump coalition. Biden is well suited to do it. He is peeling off some of Trump’s supporters, which I think is great.”

There it is–that mythical “white nationalist” base that supposedly got Trump elected.

In reality, voters of all colors voted for Trump, and will vote for him again in 2020, because he puts our nation first. He recognizes that values and patriotism have nothing to do with the color of your skin, and everything to do with your love for your country and the people within it.

Voters are sick and tired of the slander.

How much longer will the Dems keep up their lies?

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  1. Now since Trump was elected he has in many ways taken the side of the White Nationalist and their actions saying they were good people. Now anything to do with BLM Trump has put down in every way he can always bringing up Antifa and BLM and never once mentioning the BOOGALOO BOYS the only group mentioned by law enforcement both state and Federal who have been charged with Murder, attempted murder, transporting guns ammunition and explosives over state line to start riots which would end up in a Civil Race War.
    Now the amount of blacks and Latino’s voting for trump is so small it is almost immaterial over the entire population, now when about 17% of the population is black and only 6% of that 17% meaning about 2% of blacks vote for Trump in 2016.

  2. Black lives matter and BLM are two very different entities. People need to stop and just listen to the utter deprivation of what BLM is really about! These rioters want segregation, intimidation, and violence to be the (government) of them. We should give them what they want but not here. They want to rule::::::::: then give them an island and nothing else! SEE how they run their (government), now wouldn’t that be a righteous event for all to see? These sniveling snots think they are so brilliant let’s see what they are made of! We have a lot of unoccupied islands, I’m sure we could find one suitable for the entire group!

    • I was thinking same, send to a island. But what I think is if taken over a city/ state they could be the first state ever to be run and called BLM state.

  3. It still boils down to the fact that Hillary still can not accept that she lost the election. The left comes up with such idiotic tales and they do not make sense. Why in the world would anyone believe that only white people voted for Trump? There is more to our country then just black and white, we have many different races, religions and cultures that vote. Cut out the nonsense Democrats and take a real look at the whole picture and realize that your only plan is to destroy anything that gets in your way of an agenda that does nothing for the American citizens and everything to change us to a socialist country. You do not give a darn for the average person living in the USA, from the low income to the very rich. It is all about power and control!!!

  4. 1867 economic zones of growth for the black Community, prison reform, police reform, increased funding for black colleges, an executive order to change hiring for qualified not college educated reducing racial inequality.
    This is why I’m voting for a Trump. Because he cares. He’s not always right but he’s not a blatant racist like Zjoe Biden

  5. The ol’ “Send ‘em back to Africa” movement has become a plank in the Republican platform. The Dixiecrats have been wholly absorbed.

  6. People have been indoctrinated eith revisionist history not to mention that demoncrats lie. They were angry with Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves and started the kkk because they didn’t want them to vote. Then Lyndon Johnson told the other democrats that “if I sign the Civil Rights Act we’ll get the black vote for the next 100 years.” Only he didn’t say black but a racial slur that blacks call each other!


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