Former Met Police Chief Cut Off On Live TV For Saying This About Black Lives Matter

(Right Country) – Former London Metropolitan Police Chief Kevin Hurley found himself cut off in the middle of a live TV interview simply for his blunt take on the organization Black Lives Matter.

Specifically, for denouncing single-parent black homes for contributing to the riots and saying the agenda of Black Lives Matter wants to “destabilize society”.

Hurley was appearing on Sky News with host Adam Boulton, who is known for speech policing guests who present views that challenge the mainstream narrative.

Boulton asked about Wednesday night’s riot in Brixton, where at least 22 police officers were injured in the course of breaking up an illegal street party where violent mobs chased them, pelting objects at them.

The culprits, very inconveniently, were mostly black.

“Well the only way you’re going to deal with this is to have a social intervention that gets upstream and helps manage the problems that come from single parenting, particularly amongst young African-Caribbean women,” Hurley explained.

He noted that intervention was necessary starting at a young age if children could be expected to grow up without becoming violent.

“In the end, police only react to what goes on in front of their faces,” said Hurley, declaring that “young black people” view police with animosity and that “police very quickly start to learn that dealing with young black people is quite frankly aggravation and puts their mortgages and careers at risk.”

“That’s the reason, actually, why so many black youths are killing each other in London – because a lot of police officers have given up on trying to stop them carrying knives and guns to kill each other.”

Boulton, apparently highly offended by Hurley’s comments on black-on-black crime, asked, “Do you think it’s really helpful at this time of heightened concern over Black Lives Matter to see this so clearly in racial terms?”

Oh, so you can only see things in clearly racial terms if you’re denouncing so-called systemic racism. Not refuting it.

Hurley went on to denounce “misinformation about police officers killing black people in custody,” noting that most of the 16 deaths in police custody last year (presumably in the UK) were due to drug overdoses and only one of these victims were black.

“Last year, police shot three people dead, only one of those were black,” added Hurley.

He also then blamed Black Lives matter for their anti-police narrative in order to “disrupt and destabilize society,” but he was swiftly cut off.


  1. BLM is a sham to push a socialist take over. What BLM conveniently forgets are how many blacks are killed in Chicago every year that range close to 50,000. If BLM was really concerned and not a socialist organization they would be protesting the lives lost in Chicago!! What a fake bunch of commie BS!!

    • Deb – you are mostly correct but they don’t ‘conveniently forget’ – they INTENTIONALLY ignore those numbers, even when it is a 3 year old caught in a cross fire.
      BTW you are significantly off on your numbers – there have ‘only’ been around 600 murders in shykago so far this year, that is about ‘average’ for the last few decades. And not all of them were black on black, just most of them. Not all were from “gun violence” either, just most of them. Yet another stellar example of how well “gun control” works (not very well).

  2. The problem is that they DON’T want to hear the Truth ! They are worried, that it “Might Offend” the SOCIALISTS ! When did we stoop SO low in the World, that we have to worry about speaking the truth, but being AFRAID of offending a group of people ?

  3. “mostly peaceful” eh – I sure wouldn’t want to be around when they were INTENTIONALLY not being peaceful.
    Hmm, I just had a thought – it seems that the only folks who are ‘profiting’ from the demonstrations are the guys selling police cars (anyone have a count on how many of those have been destroyed in the past month or so?), skateboards and of course glaziers.


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