French Citizens Living In Muslim-Majority Country Given This Chilling Warning In The Wake Of Teacher’s Islamist Beheading

(Right Country) – French citizens are being warned by the French government to take precautions when traveling overseas, particularly in majority-Muslim countries.

The reason?

France has been the recipient of growing Islamic anger following the government’s recent display of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad.

This may seem like a somewhat reasonable cause for anger from any given religious community, as images of the Prophet Mohammad are forbidden in Islam.

Cartoons of the founder of the Muslim faith have long been employed by vehement anti-Muslims but also by those simply wishing to take a stand for free speech, as the impact Islam has managed to have on Western European culture as of late has posed serious threats to such civil liberties.

The thing is, the French government recently displayed this cartoon in solidarity with a teacher who had shared the image during a class on free speech…and was ultimately beheaded by one of his students.

That’s right—beheaded. ISIS style.

This should be a sobering warning to the Western world that free speech is facing very serious cultural threats if we continue to practice favoritism towards some belief systems while suppressing others, and it’s heartening to see so many French citizens and officials finally deciding to take a stand.

The teacher’s name was Samuel Baty and he used images of Mohammad during a lesson with his class which enraged one of the students’ fathers.

The man launched an internet campaign against Baty in response and uploaded videos to YouTube and Facebook that claimed the teacher had given the lesson with his genitals exposed.

The campaign spread like wildfire in the Muslim world and international calls began to flood in for Baty to be punished and subsequently blasting the French government for not taking action against Baty.

That’s right—this is a Western European nation, and the Muslim world was demanding that the teacher be punished for teaching a lesson about free speech that was offensive to Muslims.

On October 16, Baty was murdered by 18-year-old Abdoullakh Abouyedovich Anzorov, a Chechen Muslim refugee.

Anzorov was killed by police as he attempted to flee the scene.

The heinous murder was condemned as an act of Islamic terrorism by President Emmanuel Macron of France, as well it should have been.

French citizens, also outraged by the act, began displaying cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in response in solidarity with Baty’s defense of free expression.

And so the outrage of the Muslim world was galvanized against the French.

Macron, meanwhile, has condemned the “separatism” of France’s large Muslim community, which he sees as posing a threat to national security.

And clearly, you can see why.

The Blaze notes that, “The anti-France anger has become so acute in some countries that France’s foreign ministry warned its citizens traveling there on Tuesday to avoid all public gatherings and to specifically avoid dangerous protests occurring in those countries. Those countries include Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Mauritania.”

Reuters reported that a statement from the foreign ministry stated, “It is recommended to exercise the greatest vigilance, especially while travelling, and in places that are frequented by tourists or expatriate communities.”

The French government has also recalled its ambassador from Turkey following statements from dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioning Macron’s health for his refusal to crack down on displays of the cartoon.

In the ultimate battle of Western-style, universal liberty vs. Islamist cultural dominance, at least France has decided to finally pick the right side.

Featured image credit: Jamie Kennedy/Flickr

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  1. I like a good cartoon. I wish they had included it in this article so we could laugh too. Don’t be scared Right Country.

  2. Anyone with a functioning brain ALREADY knows that given the least opportunity moslems WILL kill ‘infidels’ and that includes those from the other sect.
    Oh wait, there a bunch of folks who are willing to vote for candidates that they know will destroy the Republic, never mind, maybe there aren’t as many with functioning brains as I think.

  3. Remember the crusades? Yes, Obama, you remember the crusades. They were waged to protect Christians from the attacks from the Muslims. It’s beginning to appear that they may be revived if this barbarism does not stop.

    • You actually think that the Crusades are over?
      On the contrary , it has been ongoing for centuries , up to , and including today and the future.

  4. Islam dictates it must be worlds dominate religion and world government. Those aren’t just words, it’s their mission. Western Europe has been aiding in that mission. The USA is no electing them to Congress and Obama was Muslim. Soon I expect ANTIFA, BLM, and the DemonCrat Party to align with Muslims to bring down USA. They all share the goals of gaining power and destroying the country that could pose biggest threat to all of them

    • You are correct. The muslims are “quietly” playing a waiting game, all the while , LAUGHING at Soros, the Clintons, Sanders ,Pelosi ,THE DEMONCRATS ,”blm”. , “antifa” , communists , socialists, “Hollywood” , and other groups. WHEN the time is right, they will “SAVE THE WORLD”! Then what will happen to the aforementioned “groups/people”??? Beheadings galore.

    • soupy – just like the ‘experts’ say to do in a riot or mass shooting incident – hide or runaway or simply give up. Why ‘everybody knows’ that defending your self or family is racist or something………………………….(do I really need to add a sarc tag?)

  5. Agree with all your comments, France should send them all back to wherever they came from, maybe then they will appreciate France allowing them into their country in the first place. What is it they say about gratitude, “It’s the shortest lived human emotion.”


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