General Flynn’s Family Is Fighting Back — Mike’s Brother Files Defamation Suit Against CNN

(Right Country) – General Mike Flynn has taken a beating from the establishment media for his vehement defense of President Trump and his insistence that the 2020 election was stolen (because it was).

Now, Flynn’s family is fighting back.

On Thursday, Flynn’s brother Jack and Jack’s wife Leslie filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN. Just the News reports that Flynn’s brother filed a lawsuit against CNN in federal court for $75 million claiming they were defamed by a report ran by the crooked news network alleging they were members of the far-right QAnon conspiracy group.

Jack and Leslie Flynn, who are residents of Rhode Island, have alleged in US District Court in New York City that a Feb 4. CNN report “falsely portrayed them as members of QAnon by selectively airing video footage from a family outing last Fourth of July where they joined Michael Flynn in reciting the oath to the Constitution that members of Congress take.”

Considering the rabid mainstream media went full-throttle on the smear campaigns against Mike Flynn and other members of his family, this lawsuit is likely only the first of many to come.

The Dallas Morning News, for example, ran a story alleging that a political convention being held at the city’s Omni Dallas Hotel was going to feature “QAnon backers Flynn, Powell” referring to Sidney Powell.

In the story, the Dallas Morning News contended that Powell and Flynn have brought “widespread attention” to the QAnon group and their many conspiracies.

The mainstream media has made anyone who has questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election into a far-right conspiracy theorist and QAnon follower.

The New York Times and MSNBC have also run stories pushing this outlandish and absurd idea that Flynn is a QAnon conspiracy theorist in attempts to discredit his very legitimate concerns regarding the election.

Despite the media’s insistence that Flynn is a full-fledged, card-carrying member of QAnon, the reality is that he has made it very clear he does not subscribe to the group’s wild conspiracies.

During a podcast interview with Doug Billings, Flynn very clearly debunked a QAnon conspiracy that President Trump was going to attempt to invoke the Insurrection Act in order to stop the stolen election and the fraudulent inauguration of Joe Biden.

When asked by Billings if President Trump ever signed the Insurrection Act into action, Flynn responded, “No,” and said, “Nonsense.”

Billings further asked if the US military was “running the country” and Flynn responded that that was “More nonsense.”

Flynn also slammed the common QAnon saying, “Trust the plan,” saying, “there is no plan.”

“There’s no ‘plan,” Flynn continued, presumably referring to the common QAnon refrain, “Trust the plan.”

The media has dragged the Flynn family through the mud and it’s time they be held accountable for it. Mike Flynn is an American patriot and he deserves to be respected like one.

The media can continue to lie about the stolen election all they want but it’s high time they stop disparaging good, honorable Americans along the way.

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