Germany Closes Border To Other Europeans…But Guess Who They Are Still Letting In?

(Right Country) – Germany has restricted travel into its nation to other European visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Which is sensible.

Securing a nation’s border is one of the best, if not the best, method to prevent the spread of a foreign illness.

There’s only one problem…they’re still letting in asylum seekers.

While closing the borders to other Europeans, Germany is still allowing migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

Last week, German authorities closed the border to all foreign travel other than people from France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, who are providing essential services to their neighbors.

According to the Germany Ministry of the Interior, however, those so-called “asylum seekers” will still be allowed into the nation.

Infowars describes this term, “asylum seekers” as “a catch-all term that basically describes economic migrants fleeing from the Middle East and Africa, are still welcome.”

“At Germany’s EU external borders [airports and seaports], there has been no change in the [asylum] procedure,” a representative of the Ministry of the Interior told Junge Freiheit.

So, those Europeans who just a short time ago had a perfect right to travel into German are being deemed as less important than third world migrants, who will certainly pose a much greater burden and public health risk amid this devastating pandemic.

“In practice, this means that if a migrant were to illegally enter the European Union’s Schengen Zone via Italy or Greece and make it to France or Switzerland, he can still demand asylum in Germany, and thus must be allowed to traverse these countries so that he can formally request it on German territory,” reports Voice of Europe.

In Sweden, meanwhile, asylum seekers will still be processed and allowed to remain in the country during this time of great emergency across the globe.

While citizens of countries across the Western world are being forced to remain in their homes, these migrants are still allowed to freely travel into European countries?

This is insanity.

As Infowars notes, considering migrants in a German refugee camp have already rioted, displaying ISIS flags, it’s hard to imagine how receptive to quarantine laws these newly arrived asylum seekers will be.

And as Breitbart has reported, attempts to enforce quarantine in the majority-migrant sections of Paris are proving “impossible” as the migrants ignore laws, congregating in large crowds when confronted by law enforcement. Authorities refuse to fine migrants as they fear a violent “backlash.”

A majority of people in 12 different nations support closing borders until the coronavirus pandemic dies down, according to an Ipsos survey released last week.


  1. Germany has been contracepting itself out of existence for decades and now the German population is too low to supply workers to maintain its economy – so the need for “Gastarbeiter” (guestworkers). This has been a policy since I first studied in Germany in the late 80s. And, the Germans admit they are “kinderunfreundlich” (child unfriendly). Thus………. As for Italy, it went from a family oriented culture to a narcisistic, self-centered culture. Why should they put on their big boy pants/big girl pants and deal with authentic adult relationships and develop real adult attitudes. Send mamma you dirty clothes in a suitcase by bus, and she’ll pick them up, wash, iron them and return them. You can’t make this up. Like Germany, the population is critically low and aged. Thus the corona virus deaths. We have our problems here with our youth defying the requests for caution and spreading it to their parents and grandparents. “Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8:7).

  2. Do you expect a country ruled by a frustrated East German ex-Stasi worker to work for the benefit of her country?

    Frau Merkel is the obama of the EU. She runs the country that’s the economic engine for the EU, much as obama was for eight years the president of the country that is the world’s economic engine. How’d that work out??

    The difference is, obama was term limited to eight years…a period of time in which he was unable to “fundamentally transform” the US into a Marxist oligarchy. Luckily, the US awoke and denied his successor, the Clinton woman, the chance to finish his mission!

    Germany has not awakened from its stupor and is doing everything to enable Merkel to finish HER mission.

  3. Now it seems some have no compassion for an yone let alone those drove from their homeland by warsand Autocratic rulers. The same is happening all over the World, the whole World is in transformation. Some seem to forget about when this USA was being formed and the hate among groups coming to this USA from other countries, which had to have their own enclave for their own protection, now it is almost 150 years later and we have thwe same type of persons doing the same thing, HATE ios a terible burden on any person or society. The main thing is these are persons who say they are CHRISTIAN, now looik at it another way if youa re Christian then you shouled be Christ like, not haters or persons wishing harm on other less fortunate. One should remeber the Irish so calaled invasion, which happened in the 1850s where the4 same remarks were made about them as is made about Muslims. Look it up in History, “WHEN AMERICA HATED THE IRISH.”

    • Robert, I hate it when people try to use Christianity for insanity. Nowhere in the bible does Jesus or his disciples go to Rome and demand that the govt show compassion. Jesus teaches it is up to Christians to show compassion. That means from your wallet not the governments. Allowing people to come here to this any country that does not share your countries basic values, refuse to “melt” into your society, and bring little in the way of education or money to the table isn’t compassion it is insanity. If your a reach country it is great to help some out but each country cannot go into debt and hurt their own future generations to do so. If your a democratic country you should not allow people to enter that believe that women are basically property and other views that do not share your values. Also, there is not any doubt that it is morally flawed to tell your citizens they cannot do something, the people that are paying for the government to exist, that they cannot do something but that people that have done nothing for the country can.

      • Amen, Scott!!! This country has laws for a reason, and crossing the borders ILLEGALLY violates these laws. I tire of politicians who put ILLEGALS before our own, even our veterans who actually made sacrifices live on the streets and there is something inherently despicable about that!!! If these people want to come here, they should do it LEGALLY…file the paperwork with the embassy, wait your turn and bring something to this society better than their ability to leech off of hard-working US TAXPAYERS!! Our borders should have been secured DECADES ago, and I despise politicians and others who believe our borders should be open no matter what happens!! Our country first…that’s the way it’s supposed to be!!

      • AMEN!!! Even Joseph and Mary returned to their birth town for the census. People who misuse the Bible are sickening or uninformed.

    • Well, the people who fought to build this country sacrificed everything for freedom. Many more have died to preserve what they did and honor them. Let others in other countries do the same. Instead of running away, fight for your country. Americans defeated the most powerful country in the world at the time. Most foreign people seem to be cowards. Where lives are more important than liberty. Just imagine where we would be if our forefathers had thought that way. Americans are exceptional.

  4. Why you worry they not in your back yard camping out…if you not gone help them on their journey leave them alone…

    forget politics and please don’t throw the bible at them because god only loved god…

    White Supremacy…God, Genova Bible, King James Bible, Christianity, Catholicity…it still curses many today


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