Get Ready For Your Eyes To Roll After You Read What NASCAR Is Forcing All Members To Do In Wake Of Bubba Wallace “Incident”

(Right Country) – In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus scamdemic and the left’s attempt at a cultural revolution, major industries, companies, and leagues that are currently financially hurting have been forced to play the game or risk being left behind.

The NFL, for example, once opposed players kneeling during the National Anthem but have now done a complete 180 complete with praise for Colin Kaepernick and even encouraging players to kneel if they feel inspired to do so.

Now, it looks like NASCAR is going the way of pandering sports league. NASCAR’s only black driver, Bubba Wallace, just so happened to find an alleged noose in his garage at Talladega (what timing). If you’ve been following along, you know by now that the noose was no noose at all but rather the pull for a garage door and the entire episode was actually a whole lot of nothing.

Despite the hate crime being yet another hoax (or a misunderstanding at best), NASCAR has nonetheless decided to stay course with the leftist pandering and force all members of the industry to complete “sensitivity training and unconscious bias” training. You know, since white people just have such a difficult time admitting how racist they really are.

Are your eyes rolling yet?

Fox Business reports:

NASCAR employees will receive sensitivity training in the coming weeks after the discovery of a garage door pull tied into a noose was found in driver Bubba Wallace’s garage and triggered a national controversy, president Steve Phelps said on Thursday.

“We’ll make any changes necessary to our sanctions and our code of conduct and we will mandate that all members of our industry complete sensitivity and unconscious bias training,” Phelps said during a press conference.

The NASCAR president said the exact timing and further details on the substance of the sensitivity training would be announced at a later date. The mandate was announced after the conclusion of NASCAR’s internal investigation into the circumstances behind the incident.

On Thursday, NASCAR released the first official photos of the noose found in Wallace’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama last weekend. FBI investigators announced earlier this week that the noose was a garage door pull that had been in place for months and that Wallace, the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, was not the target of a hate crime.

Phelps acknowledged that he “should have used the word ‘alleged’” in NASCAR’s initial statement, which referred to the noose as a “heinous act.” NASCAR said that its internal investigation uncovered just one rope resembling a noose across 1,684 garage stalls at 29 tracks in use on the circuit.

“As you can see from the photo, the noose was real, as was our concern for Bubba,” Phelps said. “With similar emotion, others across our industry and our media stood up to defend the NASCAR family. Our NASCAR family. Because they are part of the NASCAR family, too. We are proud to see so many stand up for what’s right.”

For what’s right? It wasn’t a noose. There was never a threat to Bubba Wallace. What are people standing up for, exactly?

Phelps said he was “not sure” why no one else at NASCAR had noticed the “noose” before now and expressed concern over it since it has been in place since last October. The answer is probably because we don’t string people up with nooses anymore and no one thought twice about it. Naturally, Phelps would rather pander to the outrage mob and fan the flames of the media-instigated race war and insinuate that it actually must be because all the white people around are just OK with nooses and the idea of lynching black people.

You know, that pesky deep-down, subconscious racism all white people have.

“I will go back to the idea that our industry, all of our employees in our industry broadly need to go through sensitivity and bias conscious training,” Phelps said. “It’s an important thing to do because I’m sure some ‑‑ I’m not sure; odds are that someone saw it and didn’t react negatively to it.  So we need to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future.”

It’s sure hard to watch this absurd groveling but when you have industries losing millions of dollars outside of their control can you blame them for wanting to do as much damage control as possible? The left is successfully taking over American culture and we should be worried.


  1. Not a noose, no hate crime, no victim, the offending door pull down has been slain, Bubba has had his 5 minutes of fame on MSM, no harm, no foul, drop it and go race oops, go drive around in circles.

  2. Good bye NASCAR, NFL, NBA and any other sports organization that buys into the commie line. Since you will not celebrate and support being an American you can just do without my dollars.

  3. So does that include being sensitive to black crime , which happens at a very high rate, oh that’s right that crime rate is due to that slavery thing that happened hundreds of years ago and no one now has anything to do with, except countries such as the Sudan are still engaged in! Clowns like Bubba make some people began to lump all black citizens into one basket unfortunately! NASCAR become a loser sport years ago and is still circling the drain!

  4. NASCAR is boring to watch, whether on TV or live. Endless circling the track with little to no action. The people that start out in front of the pack when the green flag is waved are the same ones that finish in front. The only action is if there’s an accident, which there are few of. If a person wants to watch racing with action then watch the local dirt track racers. Pole position changes a lot because of the frequent accidents which makes the race exciting. Any fool can race on pavement.

  5. This is insane.
    I am Not ashamed
    of what my WHITE forefathers did.
    The world Still has slaves.
    In Africa.
    In slavery to other blacks lol
    Ignorance is a choice
    I will Not comply
    I will Not be quite
    I will Not kneel or embarrass my self bending a knee to Anyone except Jesus.
    I will Not go quietly into the night
    Looks like today, just as in the revolutionary war, the 3% will have to do All the fighting.
    Anti gunners will hide behind folks With guns.

  6. This is left wing democratic crap. If Bubba wants to drive race cars he needs to put on his big boy driving suit and drive. The fans like the Dixie Confederate Flag theme and have for many years. If Bubba doesn’t like it let him find another place to drive. The fans are the customers and the customers are always right even when they are wrong.

  7. Looks like Nascar is determined to ruin unreal fun as the NFL, MLB and MBA.
    Not watching any of these crybaby millionaires. Wah Wah Wah
    Done !!!!

  8. So what’s next? Do they let Bubba win every NASCAR race for this season? This is really bordering on insanity (doing something over and over again thinking you will get a different result!)

    • No but whatever place he finishes in they will have stand side by side with the winner as they present him with a participant trophy.

  9. There was a video at one point that showed every garage had the pull ropes. I think they have taken it down now of course because it show the truth which is what the socialist do not want you to know. i.e. censoring the conservatives.

  10. I stopped watching NASCAR when races started being run in ” stages “. It’s like watching grown men play t-ball. Can’t let someone win by too much. Makes races look non competative, can’t have that.

  11. France’s been shooting NASCAR in the foot for many years. Hope they go plum under and someone sane does STOCK car racing again.

  12. Re the Black Lives matter shirt. It reminds me of someone who could not breath. I would suggest that you avoid the virus, don’t take methamphetamine, and have a heart check up. All this does not mix well with traumatic events.

  13. Nike took a massive financial “ hit” last year after the Betsy Ross / Kaepernick fiasco.
    True Patriots- Hard working Americans- pay attention to where you spend your hard earned money.
    Company executives who think we need to wash the feet of …. other people based solely on the color of their skin….??
    I won’t buy my chicken sandwiches there-
    It’s not difficult to learn which companies are funding this insanity.


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