Ghislaine Maxwell Bombshell… Notorious Sex Trafficker Was Hiding In Plain Sight

(Right Country) – Ghislaine Maxwell, the notorious ex-girlfriend and alleged Madame to even more notorious Jeffrey Epstein, appears to have attended a fundraiser to prevent sex trafficking in 2013.

Imagine the gall it takes to show up at a glitzy, New York fundraiser to raise awareness about sex trafficking when you yourself have accused of being involved in sex trafficking yourself!

Maxwell currently faces up to 35 years in prison for the role she played in Epstein’s ring, which has long been said to have been run by someone even more powerful than the notorious pedophile, who allegedly took his own life in his Manhattan prison cell while awaiting charges last year.

Newswars explains:

The event, hosted by French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino in her Manhattan store, was attended by then French Ambassador to the US François Delattre and the founder of humanitarian organization Stop the Trafficking of People (Stop) Celhia de Lavarene.

During the fundraiser, then ambassador Delattre made a speech about the importance of helping young girls avoid rape and other abuses by opening rescue centres in a number of countries, recalls Celhia.

Commenting on Maxwell’s participation in the event, as the publishing heiress was pictured all in white while smiling next to Delattre, Celhia said that the she is not particularly astonished that the accused sex trafficker was there.

“She’s got some nerve. But I am not surprised,” the anti-sexual abuse campaigner said.

“I’ve come to realize that these people need to appear to be doing good and make people believe it,” Celhia added.

The Sun shared the photos taken of Maxwell at the 2013 event:

Maxwell is currently in a prison in Brooklyn awaiting trial. Four of the six criminal charges include enticing and transporting underage girls that Epstein would go on to abuse in the 1990s.

The other two charges relate to perjury from when she gave depositions to a New York court in 2016 about her actions.

Newswars also notes that “Each allegation carries a sentence of five years, apart from the sex trafficking of minors with the intent of criminal sexual activity charge, which carries a charge of up to 10 years.”

While Maxwell is denying all the accusations, she faces up to 35 years in prison if found guilty.

Maxwell not only stands charged with recruiting young girls for Epstein’s sake, but several Epstein accusers have also accused her of being “the real monster,” even the “mastermind” behind Epstein’s sex trafficking ring who also abused the girls herself.

It is sick to think of her laughing and rubbing elbows with people earnestly dedicated to preventing the very sick, disturbing crime she herself partook in.


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  2. As said they hide in plain sight, continue to ply their trade. They have to know where the investigating in going what better way!

  3. She is pure evil as is Epstein! No punishment on earth will be remotely equivalent to the fiery hell Epstein is in now. She will join him there. Only problem for them, it’s for all of eternity!! Hope they brought sunscreen!! 🔥🔥🔥

  4. It seems that a lot of “henchmen” involved with the Clinton’s end up dead when a “threat” pops up. Better watch your backs, Nancy, and Obama.
    Because these 2 have even less morals than you!


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