Great News: Results From Study Of Effects Of Chloroquine On Patients With Coronavirus Should Give Us All A Much Needed Boost In Morale

(Right Country) – Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease told the news media that the first trial vaccine for the coronavirus is now being tested in places across Washington state, including Seattle, which has been hit extremely hard by COVID-19.

The test features 45 people, ranging in age between 18-55 and they are getting two injections. One at zero days, another one at 28 days. Those who have been tested will be followed closely for 12 months. So, while it’s good news the vaccine is being tested, the results to determine whether or not it’s even going to work are still awhile away.

However, on Monday evening, Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported that a brand new study was released that showed a medication known as chloroquine has been used to successfully fight the coronavirus.

And so far, it’s had a 100 percent effectiveness rate.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

Laura invited Dr. Gregory Rigano, the co-author of the study to discuss the latest findings.

Dr. Rigano said their study found that those COVID-19 patients who took hydroxy-chloroquine were found free of the disease in 6 days. The patients were testing negative for the coronavirus in six days!

Dr. Rigano also said taking choroquine could act as a preventative.

Last night on Tucker Carlson’s show on FOX News, Dr. Rigano, discussed the latest findings where the test patients had 100% cure.

On @TuckerCarlson Tonight, Gregory Rigano, @RiganoESQ, a Stanford Univ. School of Medicine advisor announced a 100% cure rate in a controlled study done in France of 40 people with the #ChinaCoronaVirus with a malaria drug called #hydroxychloroquine.


Full peer reviewed study has been released by Didier Raoult MD, PhD


After 6 days 100% of patients treated with HCQ + Azithromycin were virologically cured p-value <.0001

This is most excellent news, especially for those who are just now contracting the virus and might be scared that nothing can be done to help them. Medication like this is truly a blessing from God, one that we should absolutely be thankful for.

At this point, the only concern that folks should have is keeping this medication from experiencing shortages. Production needs to be ramped up on this particular treatment in order to ensure everyone has it available if it is required by those who come down with COVID-19.

Thankfully, Trump has noted that this medicine is available to be treated for coronavirus, thus doctors are free to prescribe it if necessary. Again, this is great news that should give us all a boost in the morale department.

We can beat this. We will beat this. And we’ll be all the stronger for it.



  1. “Thus doctors are free to prescribe if necessary “??? If a patient has the Coronavirus.. wouldn’t it be necessary?!!!


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