Hear What Frank Gaffney Has To Say About China’s Coronavirus Transparency Problem

(Right Country) – There has been suspicion from very early on in the coronavirus saga that China has been lying and downplaying the severity of the outbreak there. Now that the virus has spread across the globe it’s becoming clearer that we don’t know what we thought we knew thanks to China’s failure to be transparent.

On Tuesday, Executive chairman and founder of the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney, spoke with Breitbart News Daily’s host, Alex Marlow, about this particularly concerning international cover-up.

“We’re not being told the truth by the Chinese Communist Party,” he said, referring to China’s claims regarding the status of the coronavirus outbreak within its borders.

“What we’re witnessing, I think, is evidence that the Chinese are not telling the truth about the actual state of the disease in their country,” he continued, “This has been suspected for some time. The evidence is accumulating.”

Gaffney went on to say, “For example, the Chinese government maintains that not a single member of the People’s Liberation Army — not one — has been infected with the coronavirus, the Chinese virus, and that’s completely preposterous, of course, especially since large numbers of Chinese military personnel have been deployed to Wuhan and places like it.”

When Marlow asked about a recent report of the disappearance of about 21 million cellphone accounts in China over the past three months, Gaffney replied, “This is deeply suspicious, whether it’s 21 million people who have ceased to be able to use their cellphones or perhaps no longer exist is very much an open question, but one of the things that ought to be instructive here is the Chinese are now beginning to use cellphones as part of their larger security police state apparatus to establish whether people have the virus.”

Gaffney went on, “If those 21 million people don’t turn up, it will be a strong indication that something has befallen them that is precluding them from using their phones. We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s an interesting and frightening indication that again, we’re not being told the truth by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“It seems like the United States media are praising China for having a quick and robust response to [the coronavirus outbreak],” said Marlow, pointing out how American media outlets’ have been pushing Chinese state claims as truthful and accurate.

The liberal media propaganda machine in America definitely does seem to be working for or with China. This sentiment is shared by many, including the President himself. Last week, President Trump said, “The press is very dishonest,” adding, “They are siding with China. They are doing things they should not be doing. They’re siding with many others.”

“The mainstream press in this country is rooting for the other side [and] endlessly amplifying and giving credence to and otherwise legitimating Chinese propaganda,” concurred Gaffney, saying that the left-wing media’s pushing of Chinese propaganda is “injurious.”

China and it’s American media lap dogs are seeking to “persuade people that the United States is doing terribly with this,” Gaffney said in conclusion, “and that communism is a cure for coronavirus, because of the effective way it controls people, and thereby the disease, or at the very least, that China is riding to the rescue at a time when the United States is domestically preoccupied by bringing medicine and experts and masks.”

It’s no wonder that socialism-obsessed leftist news outlets would align with China as they relentlessly try to convince the American people capitalism, nationalism, and Trump are bad.


  1. We are supposed to believe anything the Chinese say about their “Kung Flu’???? Right. Our goofy MSM are eating up their BS with a big spoon. What a bunch of morons.

  2. “Where is and why are the media NOT speaking about Charles Leiber and his arrest at Logan International with 2 Chinese Nationals with a number of vials from his Harvard Laboratory and the payments made by China for his work which was NOT known by the Administration?! Check the DOJ website and be Enlightened because the FAKE NEWS MEDIA will NOT inform Family America!


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