Here’s How Much NFL Ratings Just Tanked After “Woke” Season Kickoff

(Right Country) – Well, football is back, and it’s gone full-woke.

The NFL has been grappling with the social justice warriors within the league for some times, as fan express their understandable frustration that America’s game has been turned into one of the most divisive cultural issues of our time.

It’s not that football fans don’t abhor racism, it’s that they abhor racism and respect our flag.

The league’s more radical members, on the other hand, have made a woke display of kneeling during the anthem.

While previously, the league went as far as to ban kneeling during the anthem, now, they’ve not only allowed it, they seem to be fully endorsing the unpatriotic display.

So how are viewers reacting?

On Thursday night, the league made it’s long-awaited return to television complete with new woke SJW institutions.

Players went all-out…viewers weren’t so keen.

According to Deadline Hollywood, “…the Kansas City Chiefs pummeled the Houston Texans 34-20, and the ratings were down — a lot. In early numbers, the primetime NBC game scored a 5.2 among adults 18-49 and 16.4 million viewers between 8-11 p.m. ET.

“Now, those numbers for the 8:25-11:30 p.m. ET game will certainly be adjusted upward later, but right now they mark a 16.1% drop over the spectacle of the September 5, 2019 season opener in the advertiser-rich demographic. In an America and a NFL still adjusting to the new normal of live sports in the era of COVID-19, last night’s game also fell 16.1% in total sets of eyeballs from last year’s fast affiliate results.”

Breitbart notes that this dive amounts to a 10-year low for the NFL and NBC.

“On a field bordered with the words “End Racism” and fans booing as players from both teams linked arms before kickoff in a sign of solidarity with those fighting social injustice, the ratings and viewership decline could be an ominous sign for a league and the networks,” Deadline reports.

“The stellar numbers of last year’s opener, the Green Bay Packers’ grinding 10-3 victory over the Chicago Bears, kicked off a tightly run season that seemingly had reversed years of weakening numbers. Now it could be a case of déjà vu all over again.”


  1. I am not going to watch another major league professional sports event…..EVER!!! Not only that, I am not going to spend one dime on any product advertised by a professional sports figure or team. NOT ONE MORE DIME!!!!! The fact that they do not even bother to find out the truth about BLM or any other anti-American group! Hey, LeBron and all the rest of you kneelers; I didn’t realize that you are a bunch of stinkin’ communist supporters. And that after all this country has given to you???

    • You Kicked a 99 yard field goal 👍🏼… Whoever they allowed to sanction this course of action, mixing sports with political agendas… IS An IDIOT… and the same goes for the IDIOTS who are making the same call for these corporate sponsors… Hit them All where it HURTS 💰

    • We’ve all known most of the professional athletes with a college education really can’t even spell their names. We looked the other way while they wrongly graduated college. Now, when integrity is important we can see how truly ignorant the players really are. It is important for us viewers to entirely stop watching or in any way support these ignorant useful idiots being manipulated by the communist deep state.

  2. They need to leave all there protesting off the field people pay to see football, and get a few hours away from the chaos of the world. They are being self centered and selfish.. Everyone I know is fed up with the disrespect they are showing our country

  3. Boycott them! They were given millions of dollar salaries because they thought they were so special! NO! You’re a bunch of freeloaders who need to leave the USA or be afraid to walk down the streets ever again. You didn’t learn when Kopernick was banned from playing football again. Now you’ve all joined the communists and the Antifa anarchists and showed how despicable you really are. Get the hell out of our country. WE love the USA!

  4. Made my commitment bunch of high paid nothings doing what I can’t, voicing myself on national media. Go play by yourselves. I can live with auto racing.
    A fan of Pro Sports for 80 years but no more.

  5. All done with professional sports athletes and the owners that can’t respect the flag and the National Anthem. Won’t support the advertisers, their products, watch any televised NFL game and sure as hell won’t buy a ticket to attend a game. Not interested in watching them protest. Tired of all the BS!

  6. If all you high-priced Social justice pukes want to make a statement….throw some of those over-paid dollars of yours to the hard working people who have had their businesses and lives devastated by the ignorant, ungrateful and totally criminal scumbags out there screaming about racial injustice while burning and destroying American homes, businesses and lives throughout this country? Give it a try…. you might find a true sense of self-worth.

  7. I agree Boycott all sports except golf. Kick these pro sport players and the owners in the behind. Don’t watch or go to any games.

    • I agree…but even golf is testing the waters now and then with their tournament sponsors going semi- to full woke in some cases…just hate to see it, because it’s always been the notable sport where dignity and class have taken a backseat to no one or nothing…hope they stay the course (pun intended) and continue to present themselves as true sportsmen and sportswomen…

  8. Like watching sports for the highly skilled abilities players demonstrate regardless of their race, color of skin, religious or political beliefs. Using your employer’s platform to promote your personal agenda and disrespect for the USA Flag is not appropriate or part of the deal. Let the League (for whatever sport) make a public contribution to your cause, if they choose. Otherwise recognize the public pays to see your unique skills demonstrated, not your personal positions. You likewise can share some of your salary toward your respective causes and garner attention that way. Ed H

  9. In Hong Kong, they burned NBA jersies in protest of the heavily vested NBA’s not supporting the democratic ground swell of human rights complaints of Hong Kong inhabitants against one of the world’s most oppressive regimes, Communist China.
    Yet, in contrast, in this country, you see this behavior, including violent demonstrations, rioting, burning, physical assault, racial hatred, and destruction of neighborhoods, and businesses, activities supported by the likes of these privileged “sports figures”.
    Truly disgusting. It’s about the money.

  10. You are spot on, sir! I have been saying the same thing for a while now. You have hit the nail on the head. Saying that black lives have value and supporting the BLM organization is NOT the same thing. All these athletes and celebrities have to do is simply look it up. I also will not support these mindless idiots who support the BLM organization and their Marxist ideas and agendas. I will support my fellow Capitalistic Americans and all who love our country and I don’t care what color they are. To me they are people, they are Americans, they are my brothers and sisters. If you want to actually help people who you feel are disadvantaged; then DO something to help them. Your kneeling does nothing but further divide and anger the general populous. Use your status to actually make a difference on YOUR time instead of cowering to a cancel society and kneeling to a leftists narrative that you obviously don’t even know what they represent. It just comes off as disingenuous and forced; because it is.

  11. A bunch of over paid morons that would be living under a bridge if it wasn’t for pro sports. The players may have gone to college but someone else did their school work, I bet that most of these morons can’t spell their own names or add 2+2.
    Screw pro sports and their sponsors.

  12. The sport for me is the tennis US Open. Too bad that ends today.
    My love of football and basketball has waned since they added politics.
    Sports are and should be played as a game, no politics from the overpaid morally defunct players.

  13. I can’t watch less, because I am already watching zero minutes per season. I also trashed my New Orleans Saints clothing. I did not donate, because some unknowledgeable decent person might wear the clothing without being aware of what it stands for.

  14. No more pro sports for this family. Stick to college sports, unless they cave in too. Rodeo is only real American sport left. I promise you the American cowboy wont ever cave in.

  15. I agree with all the comment and I include NASCAR. They too sold out to the lie. I will never watch any spots event until sanity is restored and these whinny bastards go broke.

  16. When I was a kid, I would rather throw a football with friends. Could not imagine why you would watch others play. What a way to go through life.

  17. Ah you whiny overgrown crybabies. Too bad you can’t reognise the young men and women of our armed forces, and all the first responders, and all the law enforcement men and women, for what they do FOR our country instead of disrespecting them by dishonoring our National Anthem and our Flag. No more sports for me! you folks aren’t sports anyways. SHAME ON YOU ALL !!!

  18. This is the very reason that politics should have been left off the playing field. I’ll be damn if I ever watch my beloved Boston Red Sox after seeing them with their Black Lives Matter shirts and a HUGE billboard with the same. No thank you. I was brought up to respect the flag and the President, love this country, and always stand when the National Anthem is played. How disrespectful…and the v ery problem is this…most of these athletes are crying about injustice, when they leave the field, the go home to multi million dollar homes. They have no idea how it is to live paycheck to paycheck…so since you find it in your heart to diss our military who fight for your freedoms, all of them and some die for you…you can all go to Hell. I’m done

  19. Myself and husband will not EVER watch another pro NFL,NBA,MLB or NASCAR again. Or spend another dime on their memoriblia. Those stupid idiots dont realize how lucky they were to even be playing the sport of their dreams considering many of them were allowed to graduate when they didn’t earn it. JYST WHO’S PRIVILEGED??

  20. It would be much more impactful and meaningful if each of these multi millionaires, corporations, and the wealthy in general, would sponsor one or more of the poor families in their communities. Nothing is more effective than the close, personal involvement of an actual PERSON, to help one rise above his current circumstances. Personal relationships, not government programs change lives and hearts. Talk and virtue signaling are cheap.

  21. These overgrown pinheads are so ignorant they allow a Marxist BLM to convince them the country is institutionally racist when systemic racism had disappeared and most institutions are afflicted with black privilege.
    Sure, there are still isolated pockets of racism among both whites and blacks, but such racism is no longer tolerated by American institutions and unacceptable among the vast majority of people of all races. But the left want us to focus on the divisions, not the unity. BLM is the epitome of evil in today’s society and is doing great harm to the blacks it claims to support. And if it had its way, the defunding of police will result in sharply increased numbers of black deaths by other blacks across the country, as police pull back from pro-active policing in inner city neighborhoods.

    This whole fraud was caused by building a false case of institutional racism on the few isolated cases of police shootings of unarmed blacks by a cynical Marxist cabal that seeks to foment revolution and doesn’t care if black neighborhoods burn. And the facts are that a police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by an unarmed black assailant than an unarmed black is likely to be killed by a police officer. Black criminality is a direct result of fatherless young men who, though just 6% of the population, commit 53% of the murders nationally, 65% in NYC and 80% in Chicago. Whites commit just 2% of the murders in both NYC and Chicago. To know the facts is to expose the total lie of the BLM narrative.

  22. Maybe white lives matter rioters should go loot, riot and burn some stadiums… Oh thats right only black lives matter…fukn clowns kill eachother everyday by the dozens and nothing is mentioned…


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