Here’s What Happened When A South Carolina School Hung The Confederate Flag (Go Figure)

(Right Country) – A school in South Carolina is on the groveling defensive after a teacher brought a Confederate Flag to class as part of a history lesson.

You know…a history class about the Confederacy, a short-lived group of states of which South Carolina was apart and which fought in the bloodiest conflict our nation has yet to be involved in?

Sort of a big part of local history when you take into account that this happened just a few generations ago and many of the children in the class could have likely been connected to this history, not to mention the immense benefit it has for all Americans to learn of this dark period of our past and be inspired by our forefather’s ability to come to an agreement and settle in peace and keep the Union together.

American Mirror reports:

Joanna Zeigler, a parent of a student at Lexington School District Four in Swansea, took to Facebook to blast the school for not caving to her daughter’s repeated demands.

IT IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH**So Joy complains to her teacher that they always teaching about slavery but never black…

Posted by Joanna Zeigler on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Zeigler wrote:

So Joy complains to her teacher that they always teaching about slavery but never black history. Guess what she walks in class and see on the wall. ….. A f***ing Confederate flag….🤦🏾‍♀️ Lawd have mercy they must love hearing from me!! The teachers response to her complaints was that its apart of history and they are learning about it so it’s ok for him to hang it on the wall and he sorry she feel that way!

“I can’t believe in this day and age that a teacher would do that,” Zeigler told WLXT. “My first and main concern is that my daughter went to the teacher and she expressed how she felt and how it was making her feel, three consecutive days. My concern was his response, telling her he’s sorry she feels that way, but this is a part of history.”

Naturally, the school acquiesced after this one mother complained.

They said in a statement:

On Tuesday, February 4th, as part of a Civil War unit based on 8th Grade Social Studies Standards, a teacher at Sandhills Middle School displayed a Civil War era 34-Star American Flag and the Confederate battle flag on the classroom wall as artifacts of the time period. School administration became aware of a student’s concern through a parent’s post on social media Tuesday night. This understandably generated concern from members of our community. Administration is taking the appropriate steps to learn more about this matter, and the flags are no longer being displayed in the classroom.

The statement continued, “Including the use of historical artifacts within units of study is a common practice in the classroom and can enrich students’ learning experiences; however, it is imperative that we as educators are always mindful of the diverse views of our students, parents, and community members.”

Zeigler, to her credit, said she understood the point of the Confederate flag, but failed to see why it would be included in a historical display.

“It’s Black History Month and you’re not teaching about the Civil Rights Movement,” Zeigler told the station. “Of course they have to learn these historical facts, but what about what the flag means today?”


  1. What she is not aware of is that a lot of black men actually joint the Confederate army to fight for the South. That would make it part of black history.

  2. First and foremost, these so called parents and adults should go back to school themselves and learn how to read, write and speak!! Yes, Americans of all races fought in this bloody battle! If you don’t know, go back and get an eddumacation, fyi; education lol GED SOUNDS APPROPRIATE FOR THEM!!

    • Well I’m sorry that people let a flag! Get them 😡 but “I can understand ! Me personally I couldn’t give a dam about a piece of cloth” people do these things ‘ some not all because of the evil that lives inside of them! People please don’t let this get to you’ it’s what they want’ you didn’t live in that horrible time’ even though there is a lot of racist out there, pray for them and move on’ and as for GED! You have to work harder to get it then in a class setting’ schools passed a lot of students who weren’t very smart are was down right lazy! And what about the parents that pay for their kids to pass? Don’t speak unless you know what you’re saying!

  3. In the early days of the Louisiana Territory slaves often earned their freedom by fighting with the French settlers against Native American incursions into the colony. Native Americans enslaved people that they captured in battle, including women and children.There were several battalions of free people of color who fought alongside white battalions at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. And, yes, there were free people of color who joined the Confederate Army to fight for what they perceived was their way of life. Former slaves also joined the Union army. Many African-Americans who were either born free or who had been former slaves themselves owned their own slaves until freedom came after the Civil War. These are historical facts that are always overlooked because it is politically correct to believe that only white people kept slaves. Moreover there were whites that were also enslaved. Many whites who wound up in the 13 colonies came over as indentured servants, who had to work for a period, of years (usually seven) , to pay for their passage and their own upkeep. Showing children artifacts of the past broadens their horizons and makes history alive for them. I am sure that teachers and children have brought many of those artifacts to the classroom over the years: battle flags, uniforms, swords, Confederate and otherwise, daguerreotypes of their ancestors in battle dress, canteens powder horns. It is all part of life, of our past which cannot and never should be erased.

    • Carol Mills, you are correct. As a matter of fact, the very first person to own a slave in this country was a man of color. But, sadly, when trying to get this point across to people the blinders go up quickly and the earplugs go in quickly. They are both blind and deaf to the truth. So sad.

    • Yes, to paraphrase our president there were many fine people on both sides of the Civil War. Moreover, the Southern Baptist Convention was organized to recognize the theological basis for slavery in the “Curse of Ham“ mythology. Today, it remains America’s largest protestant denomination.

  4. Squeaky wheel all ways gets the grease. What has happened to the majority in this country why are they always so quiet and timid ?????

  5. Get over it lady. It’s Americans History. You can’t change it by hiding it. Teach the truth so it won’t happen again. Snowflakes are a danger to our country.

    • I have always felt that if this younger generation had to go through what my parents went through in Nazi Germany as young adults during World War II, they would all be in mental hospitals. Snowflakes: You need to toughen yourselves up. Otherwise you are not going to last too long in the real world.

  6. it’s amazing that so many with so little brain thinking power have enough of a thought process to claim to be so deeply offended.I CALL B,S. Don’t waste our time and BRING BACK THE CONFEDERATE MILITARY HERO’S STATUES AND MONUMENTS YOU COMMUNIST SOB’s!!

  7. Butthurt morons always find something to freakout on.

    If you live your life looking for anything to be offended by – especially taking something completely out of the context in which it was presented – you will find it. You’re daughter’s already poisoned. Good job, moron

  8. What 99% of Americans do not know or comprehend is that the first slaves in the US were Irish. Cromwell the English Dictator and ” Protector of the faith, hated Catholics and in particular the?Irish. Over 3/4 of the population were sold into slavery and sent to either America or Australia. James the 2nd followed up on enslaving the Irish. In the late 1600′ s you could purchase a young Irish girl for 70% less than a young black girl. You could do anything you wanted and treat them anyway you wanted without worrying about losing any real money on your ” property”. A healthy black male sold for an average of 1,000 £bs. Which was considered a good investment.

  9. Don’t you get tired of these p.c. crappers trying to rewrite our history? She and her daughter should pound salt for the next few years and stop thinking themselves as liberated rebels (OMG, confederates)?

  10. I am SO SICK of these crybabies and all of their whining and complaining!! If they spent even half the mount of energy actually LEARNING ANYTHING about their own country, it’s struggles, failures and victories, that would be considered constructive. Instead, they maintain their entitlement attitudes and their inability to look at the truth AND themselves to see that they are a major contributor to all of the discontent in this country today. It wouldn’t matter what concessions were given to these whiners, it would NEVER be enough!! There was no group more maligned and treated with such cruelty in this country than our Native Americans….stop condemning, complaining and LYING about this country and try to wrap your tiny brains around the fact that rewriting our TRUE history does nothing to further your liberal aims. The only thing you succeed in doing is showing the rest of us that you care absolutely nothing about this country, its history or its future and you only reveal how truly ignorant you are.

  11. Just more Progressive garbage and catering to those who are offended by our history. Our society continues to complain about anything that refers to some of Americas checkered past. But that’s what it is – the PAST! You can attempt
    to remove all references to those times you find offensive but you or anyone else of your elk cannot change history! Deal with it!!!!


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