Here’s Why The London Times Is Comparing #TradLife Proponents To ISIS. Yes, Really.

(Right Country) – The London Times is the most recent media outlet to compare the growing popularity of embracing traditional gender roles to ISIS.

This is exactly why the progressive left and their supporters in legacy media are losing the interest of regular, everyday people who understand that men and women are different and tend to be happier as the family unit functions more harmoniously when traditional gender roles are embraced.

The outlet even went as far as to compare “trad wives” to “ISIS brides.”

“A growing online community of women are rejecting feminism in favour of submission to men. The techniques used to radicalise them are similar to those used to groom Isis brides,” laments Julia Ebner.

Ebner works with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) a UK think tank that works with national governments, Google, and other entities “to counter hate and extremism in the UK.”

Summit News notes:

Apparently, women who choose to be subservient to men in the framework of a traditional marriage now represent an extremist movement.

This is not the first instance of the ‘trad wife’ narrative being linked with extremism.

Self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” researcher Becca Lewis reacted to a BBC piece about ‘trad wives’ by labeling it “literal white supremacist propaganda.”

The New York Times also published an article asserting that “mommy-vlogging is a virulent strain of white nationalism.”

And while young people are being encouraged to chase a lifetime of vacuous promiscuous sex, mothers are being publicly shamed on national television for wanting to take care of their husbands.

First of all, you don’t have to be a staunch traditionalist to embrace loosely traditional gender roles, as countless men and women throughout history have done without preaching strict biblical complementarianism.

The inconvenient truth for these leftists is that even the most educated and “empowered” women tend to prefer careers that better accommodate having children and being at home.

Grad-school women overwhelmingly choose careers like pediatrics, psychotherapy, and education because women are just more likely to be interested in caring and nurturing for others, especially children, and because lower-pressure white-collar careers like these better accommodate family leave and hours that can center around picking children up from school.

There are still a great many women who also simply prefer to stay at home and be with their kids, and modern psychological research tends to support the idea that children simply do better when they are in the care of their own mothers in the early years of their life.


  1. I don’t believe these lefties. A woman who chooses to be a “tradwife” is choosing a path that is infantly tough. She truly chooses to put others before self. These lefties ridicule a woman who chooses to have children and RAISE THEM IN A TRUE FAMILY SETTING!!! They wonder why so many of our youth are being lost in this gender dysphoria crap but refuse to acknowledge that most all of this crap is their fault. Being the anchor of a family isn’t taking the easy route as some of these leftie feminists would have you believe. Having a cup of coffee and a pleasant word with your wife in the morning before you strap on you duty belt and gun to go to work in the morning or what ever shift you are working sustains you. It allows you a reason to return home safely at the end of watch!!! These lefties would never understand or…maybe they are just really jealous of the stability and happiness that the “tradwife” has and provides!

  2. This is why the hypocrisy, of the left, must be continually outed for their failed agenda of dismantling the family and the fabric of social civility. The left will never stop pushing this narrative and we must never stop resisting them.

  3. I suspect they have a guilty conscience and are secretly envious of anyone in a traditional happy marriage. Of course they won’t admit it but instead they disguise that envy in a cloak of moralistic outrage and nonsensical hyperbole.


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