Herschel Walker Delivers Powerful Message On Biblical Morality, Punishing People For “What Their Ancestors Did”

(Right Country) – NFL legend and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker just delivered a death blow to the central arguments made by far-left radicals trying to leverage our history of slavery and racism for their anti-American agenda.

“Why are we penalizing people for what their ancestors did?” he asks.

“I was reading the greatest book ever written, the Bible, and I read ‘But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your offenses.’ – Matthew 6:15,” Walker wrote.

“Why are we penalizing people for what their ancestors did?” he asked. “Forgiveness doesn’t mean you get something in return.”

On Friday, the former football player said that he doesn’t want to see the police defunded.

He also does not want to see our nation’s history destroyed and torn down.

Rather, he hopes to see Americans “united.”

Breitbart notes:

Walker’s plea comes as protesters call for the removal of historic monuments, companies rebrand iconic items, and in some cases, activists demand individuals to admit their supposed “privilege” — all in the name of racial and social justice.

Officials in Columbus, Ohio, for example, recently removed the statue of famed explorer Christopher Columbus, which stood outside of the City Hall. Mayor Andrew J. Ginther (D) stated that the statue represented “patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness” for “many” people in the community.

“That does not represent our great city, and we will no longer live in the shadow of our ugly past,” Ginther added.

Several activists nationwide have taken matters into their own hands, vandalizing monuments and demanding reparations from individuals who played no part in slavery.

“Now is the time to go big,” Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), told CNBC’s Squawk Box during a June appearance, demanding over $14 trillion in reparations and urging Americans to view it as an “investment.”

“It is an atonement for 200-plus years of slavery, desegregation — I mean, segregation, Jim Crowism, and a denial of equal opportunity rights,” Johnson said during a June appearance on Fox News Channel’s Special Report.

“But the result of that payment would be to bring African-Americans equal to white Americans in terms of opportunity, wealth, and income,” he added.

The proposal has gained traction among far-left politicians and celebrities, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently urging Congress to enact Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) legislation, which would form a commission to study proposals for issuing reparations.

Actress Lena Dunham has also demonstrated support for such measures, essentially apologizing for her white “privilege” and urging people to “shut up, unless it’s to advocate for change for Black people,” “give reparations widely,” and “defund the police.”


  1. herschel walker is a wise man… the democrats should listen to him… as for reparations, no way… THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN… PERIOD.

    • If one were to read the Emancipation Proclamation, supposing that any of them can read, one would find that the freed slaves were paid reparations in the amount of 40 acres of land and a mule to work that land.
      Many of the freed slaves took the offer, worked the land and became prosperous farmers and landowners. Others took the land and used it for other purposes such as raising livestock, which also gave them a good living. Still others refused the offer and took jobs in the city or in a factory while a large percentage returned to work on the same plantations where they had worked as slaves, but now as freemen.

  2. it’s funny that the 3 foolish women spouting for reparations all have 3 names… alexandria ocasio-cortez, sheila jackson lee and lena dunham pig…

  3. Thank you Mr. Walker for your comments! You’re an incredible man and role model for today’s youth, and adults too! God Bless you!

  4. great message love you brother we need to love one another get this truth out people in the media let the out.

  5. To quote Chris Rock “I loves me some black people, but, I hates me some nigga’s”
    Hershel Walker is a Black person….the rest????

  6. Robert Johnson of BET television is laughing at all the white folks who have joined the BLM groups. They are hated and are being used as pawns for the destruction of statues and violent protesting.
    Wake up AMERICA, and defend this beautiful country with privileges for all who earn it.. destruction and hate never wins.

  7. Blacks have MORE opportunities than whites. If a job is open and you are a white male and a black female applies, the black female always gets the job, how is that fair? It should be the person that is better qualified. BLM just want hand outs and freebies and don’t want to go to WORK or SCHOOL, they just want to complain and raise all kinds of Heck and play the VICTIM all of their lives. BLM just likes attention and likes to destroy things because that’s all they know how to do……live off the government and participate in violence.

  8. When blm goes into the inner cities and rages against black on black murders – then I will think they’ve got a legitimate purpose. Until then- they’re nothing more than spoiled , bored children who have never done a single thing to build this country up.

  9. REPARATIONS??? HA!!! Every black person in the USA with a connection to slavery should go down on their knees and than God they were born in this country instead of the sh-thole where their ancestors were captured and sold into slavery, probably by other blacks or muslims. And how about the more than 3000 black slave owners at the beginning of the Civil War? Should their progeny pay reparations?

    • Actually, throughout history, if one chooses to look, there is no race on Earth that has NOT been enslaved by someone at one time or another.
      If I am wrong, please tell me of ONE race that has NEVER been enslaved by somebody.

  10. Just think, that the world has turned upside down, no way we should put with doing away all history for a few people of all colors that have a glue of what they supposedly protest in a supposedly pie evil way that turns out to be an excuse for burning and stealing and then want to blame the police that’s their to help protect them and people’s property, they just want something for nothing and blame someone else.

  11. I agree with Herschel Walker! I love my country and I love all the freedoms we have. I do not believe that the BLM is there for the sole purpose of racism. I think there are too many radicals associated with them and too many of our politicians are so far off base as to history and they are afraid to stand up for us as Americans. We need to cherish our history and learn from our past, destroying all that is being destroyed only destroys America. All this defunding the police is stupid, do we see all of the politicians wanting to defund and take away their security as they go about their duties?? No you do not but it is okay for us as normal citizens to have no protection!!! We need to salute our flag, protect our citizens, sing our National Anthem, pray and sing in church and love our fellow man no matter what color, race or religion. There are so many lives to protect in our country and saying that all Lives Matter should not label us as racist or get us reprimanded by any company or any society. We have military that are fighting for our rights and freedoms every day and sad to say dying in that effort and they are not all white nor all black nor any one religion or culture.I do not want to become a socialist or Marxist country so all Americans need to wake up to the fact that the far left is gearing us toward that. Thank God for the Herschel Walkers of this USA and this world!!!

  12. BLM protestors are so ignorant of history that they conveniently leave out the fact that African Blacks were participants in selling slaves around the world for centuries. Money mattered more than African Negro lives.

  13. Well said Betty. I have not heard BLM say anything good about anything in the United States. They didn’t hesitate to take all our programs that were offered. Everyone who has torn down or destroyed the History of the US needs to be jailed or jailed and fined for their hatred. Who do you see acting like Jackasses and without any brains in their feeble mines? We need to clear this country of traitors and show them the way our of America after they return all the money that hard working Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mexicans, or any other nationality, or green, pink or purple people paid taxes to keep benefits going. Same old story whites get blamed for all the rough lives and hatred they have received; however who do you see spitting hatred. The Democrats who are not Dems anymore. When did we officially become a Socialists country? I must have missed something. If the Democrats and the Hollywood crowd want to help so much let them put their money to where their mouth is. They are the ones who have the money to change this country. I guarantee that some of your upper elite would not be rubbing elbows with most of us. History is important for our children. BLM has not done anything to help the situation by protesting, destroying federal property (which taxpayers have paid for).
    What good does it do to blame everyone for things we have no control over? BLM has destroyed innocent lives and lives of children who will never grow up. Why lot stores and burn them? We are not the ones spouting hatred. I suggest the Democrats and some Republicans take the blame for it it belongs in their backyards. The Democratic party has always loved money and power however; you have gone too far. Every person who has lost a love one because of the Democrats and Hollywood shooting off their mouth should be escorted to prison. Obama kept the hatred thing going for 8 years and he’s still in Washington. We all know his White House time was what started to destroy this country. So go ahead Americans and Christians sit back and let government rule take over and than explain to your children why they have nothing to look forward to. Soros along with the Obamas should be exiled for all the evil they and their crooks have set loose. No one likes war. Who is happy to see their child go off to war. Americans are either brain dead or just plain stupid if you don’t see what is happening. The rich want to run this country giving us no freedoms. If you think Big Brother watches you now just wait. It is time all these old folks get out of office. It is time for the Justice Department and the Supreme Court do something for the American people not just sit back and pick your teeth. Have you turned your back on your own people like the democrats.
    Soros, Obama, and Pelosi are buying Senate and House seats and will play another dirty campaign. Follow the money and Americans get smart.

  14. Mr. Walker is a Class Act AMERICAN!!! He used the MOST VALUABLE BOOK “THE BIBLE” to make a TRUE and RIGHTEOUS STATEMENT of what the WORD OF GOD means!!! He has set an example for “ALL PEOPLE” to follow… Mr. WALKER , you sir were a SUPERSTAR on the football field and now SUPERSTAR for BRINGING OUT THE TRUTH IN THE WORD OF GOD!!! I thank you for your words of INSPIRATION to fellow Americans during these TERRIBLE AND HORRIFYING TIMES in OUR GREAT NATION!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND BRING GOD BACK IN WHERE HE BELONGS!!! A greatful AMERICAN… Thank you!!!

  15. The division the radical element has caused in race relations in our country is disgusting. I have neighbors and friends who are some of the very best, most real people I know. I absolutely HATE the extremism that is promoted by the BLM and the socialist party. They are bent on destruction… of our American ideals and our way of life. It brings me to what they are promoting to replace this system.?NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Every great civilization was eventually torn down by the destruction of the the nuclear family and then the dissolution of the ideals and standards that were promoted. We can not let that happen and have to keep improving our way of doing things and promoting a system which allows all of us to be ourselves and bring our own special abilities and talents to the party!
    Biblically, Noah had three sons…one was white ,one was black and one was Asian.
    God Always gets it right. Thank You Mr. Walker for opening up this discussion.

  16. ThankYOU, Hershel for your wisdom & for referring to the Word if GOD. IF ONLY the players on the field today had you as their mentor they might not be ruining the game taking knees, demanding Team names be changed (If I were Indian, I’d love the teams named after “us”!) and demanding the NFL empty their pockets to suppress their supposed wrongs against humanity. I hate seeing everyone grovel at the feet of these Marxist m terrorists groups “BLM & ANTIFA!

  17. BLM has nothing to do with black lives. Everyone knows it is just a vehicle being used by Marxists to take over the US.

    I have yet to hear anyone from BLM mention anything about black abortion, or back on black crime.

    It is only about power.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • That is untrue. It is not “only about power”. And Martin Luther King was also suspected of being anti-American when he spoke up, in fact, anytime black people speak up, we’re accused of being disloyal, Marxists, and Communists. So that page of the playbook is well known.

      You don’t hear about white on white crime either.

      Abortions and black on black crime are not the issues being addressed. You have neither the right, nor the authority to tell black people what issues to address.
      Murder committed with no accountability is the issue.

  18. BLM – if you really believe that- come to Chicago and walk with others to fix a problem of young black being killed by blacks.

  19. Yet there are evangelicals all over who continue to rail about, “the sons of Ham”. as they choose to ignore grace, and forgiveness as taught in the New Testament. They use that as an excuse to enslave and dominate black people. They don’t believe in forgiveness for those they claim are the sons of Ham.

  20. Thanks Herschel for being the voice of reason. I liked you as a football player, and I like you even more now. The country’s not perfect, but it’s founding documents show what the country strives to be. Keep the faith.


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