Herschel Walker Sets The Record Straight On ‘Black Power’ Before Congress — This Is A Must Read

(Right Country) – Legendary NFL star Herschel Walker gave testimony before Congress this week in which he spoke out against a proposal to provide reparations for descendants of slaves, stating that the teachings of Jesus Christ along with the impracticality of the policy both make this a no go.

“We use black power to create white guilt. My approach is biblical,” he said. “How can I ask my Heavenly Father to forgive me if I can’t forgive my brother?” Walker asked the lawmakers during the testimony he delivered before Congress.

According to WND, Walker went on to point out that slavery ended more than 150 years ago here in the United States and also stated that history is not being properly taught in schools across the country.

“I never want to put any one religion down; my religion teaches togetherness. Reparations teach separation,” he said to the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties.

The reason that Walker is making this appeal before Congress is due to the fact that House Democrats are wanting to put together a commission to study and put together a reparations proposal. A piece of legislation known as H.R. 40 would “examine slavery and discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee convened the virtual hearing and claimed that American citizens have given “overwhelming support” to the bill which she said is “comforting.”

Walker went on to say that America is the “greatest country in the world” a “melting pot of a lot of great races, a lot of great minds that have come together with different ideas to Make America the greatest country on earth.”

“Many have died trying to get into America. No one’s dying trying to get out,” he elegantly stated.

The NFL legend then slammed the idea of reparations as being impractical.

“Does it come from all the other races except the black taxpayers?” Walker then asked. “What percentage of black must you be to receive reparation? Do you go to 23andMe or DNA test to determine the percentage of blackness?”

Walker then made an excellent point about how a lot of ancestors came to this country after slavery ended and that some states in the Union never had slavery to begin with.

“We as black Americans have always wanted what the Constitution stated: All men, black white and today Latino, Asian, Italian, etcetera, should be guaranteed” the rights of “life freedom and the pursuit of happiness,” he went on to say.

Walker then went on to cite his own mom who said, “I do not believe in reparation. Who is the money going to go to? Has anyone thought of paying the families who lost someone in the Civil War who fought for their freedom? Your Dad and I taught you … to provide for you and your family through a good education and hard work. If you give a man a fish, you feed him a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him a lifetime. Reparation is only feeding you for a day.”

“Reparation is a fee or a correction for the terrible sin of slave owners, government, and others, but we punish the nonguilty party,” Walker said, “creating division, separation with different races.”

He then said that “Reparation, atonement, is outside the teaching of Jesus Christ.”

Folks, that’s a powerful, powerful statement in the case against reparations. He’s right and that’s the end of it. Let’s hope people were paying attention to what he said.

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  1. Besides there aren’t any slaves alive to receive it. I’ve always wanted to ask, if slaves had not been brought to America, where would black Americans be now??

  2. This is what I’ve been saying since they started this asinine idea. You can think and believe what you want but it’s all because of the BLM and all the unrest they started. For those of you old enough, think back 20, 25, 30 years ago…there was racism, hatred, so-called White Supremacy but where was all this outrage back then? Where was the constant call for reparations? Don’t remember? Can’t recall ever hearing about it? That’s because there wasn’t any during that time. There are no slaves now, so why should anyone feel guilty about something that happened many, many years ago? Hell, why should many have to pay when many didn’t even own slaves? Just like forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions…what if you’re pro-life, or just don’t agree with having your money pay for such things? It’s not right!! But, as the Representative stated: “Sheila Jackson Lee convened the virtual hearing and claimed that American citizens have given “overwhelming support” to the bill which she said is “comforting.” Bull!! People are scared and brainwashed by the Democrats and by the BLM constantly claiming how it’s White people’s fault. It’s not my fault!! I’m part German, does that mean it’s my fault that millions of Jews are dead also? Bull!! This is all a load of crap to try and make the Democrats look like freakin’ heroes. Wake up, people!!

  3. U are so rt I had enough of this stuff the Democrats and BLM is full of no good and they all need to get locked up I mean it I don’t like this we never had 2 speak about something like this until this I am brown and I don’t like BLM instead of them helping black and brown people they have hated in there heart

  4. Plus I don’t feel safe w BLM at all I feel safe w law and order and u speak a hate and slavery this is rt out slavery they going to people house doing things to them and people stopping people for speaking the truth that js slavery since when in America u can’t speak about the truth all I know is I am a US citizen this js the worst I have ever heard of United States of American never u BLM are putting us in slavery u guys are and the fake news and like I said I am brown not anything else but brown I don’t like what js going on u guys are putting us in slavery not allowing people to speak the truth and u BLM are too young anyway and I bet none of u even finish high school and I am brown I bet u that and I bet none of u know who is your mother nor your father I bet that because people that form gangs like this they never grew up with a mother and father again I am brown ok this is hate pure hate I don’t like hate at all instead of teaching the children love everyone u guys don’t teach that plus black and brown people kill each other so u want 2 speak the truth tell love not hate

  5. He is a great spokesman! Slavery was not popular among the signers of the constitution. The founding fathers knew that they could never get a constitution if they ruled out slavery but they did include the words “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” knowing that it would come eventually. Thank you Hershel God Bless You

  6. That means, what Jesus Christ “SAID: should matter, but w/Congress that means, nothing! TRUTH is: IF this reparations idea were of any validity, then what about Israel/Jews? There were slaves in Egypt for many years, so, why can’t the Jews here in the U.S.A. get reparations? REPARATIONS would be great for those who used to be in Slavery, IF there were any, but Slavery hasn’t been around as it was for 150 years! There is NOT one who KNEW Slavery here in this nation! This is all just a “LOVE of MONEY” and a Desire to get something FREE! My suggestion is to make it possible for those who need jobs to go to work, and earn a living, rather then give, give, give free stuff! YOU Destroy people w/hand outs!

  7. Reparation is a political stunt and an insult to the black folks. They are not for sale. Back in the 40’s i grew up in a town the leader of the KKK lived for that state lived. I grew up a bigot without knowing what one was. I enlisted in 1955 and went to San Antonio ,Texas for boot camp. When I got there one of the first person I met was A tall black kid from Philadelphia. We became instant friends on the spot. I did not sleep well that night. The next morning i had a new head on my shoulders. He got in some kind of security and i have never seen him since. Sure would like to meat up again


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