Hilarious: Hong Kong Bakery Makes Cake Of Creepy Uncle Joe — Legendary

(Right Country) – The left loves to claim that the world hates President Trump and makes fun of him and us, just like they do. The reality is, however, that people around the world love President Trump and have great respect for him.

The same cannot be said for Joe Biden and one cake shop in Hong Kong is reminding us that there are so, so many reasons why Biden shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Back before there were major concerns about his mental status and his involvement with foreign corruption and business schemes, Biden was well-known for his inappropriate behavior around women and young girls.

Though there has never been any evidence to suggest Joe Biden is an actual pedophile, there is, however, plenty of evidence to suggest that he awkwardly and creepily touches and sniffs women of all ages, not to mention the claims of sexual assault against him.

The Villa Villa Cafe and Bar in Hong Kong shared a photo of a custom cake they baked for a customer this week depicting Joe Biden sniffing the hair of a “distressed cartoon girl drawn in the Japanese anime style,” Breitbart reports.

Above image credit: Villa Villa Cafe and Bar

Though the cake appears to have been made for a specific customer, the pro-democracy shop advertises the cake as featuring “a handsy pedophile” and listing the flavors that it can come in. The Chinese text on the cake is translated as “Warmly celebrate Uncle Biden for his election as the 46th US President.”

Clearly the image is in reference to Biden’s creepy and unusual behavior towards women and serves as a good reminder that there are many, many reasons why Joe Biden is not fit for the office of the presidency.

He has had this reputation since his days serving as a US Senator and when he started his campaign for president, reporters began sharing endless photos and videos of him touching women and girls and sniffing their hair or neck. The Washington Post, before they became minions of the left, described Biden as a “creepy uncle” in 2015.

Lucy Flores gave her account of an encounter with Biden in which he sniffed her hair from behind. She claimed that she was mortified by his behavior but Joe Biden has insisted that awkwardly touching and smelling women is his way of making “human connections” which is his “responsibility” as a politician.

More troubling is that he has actually joked about accusations against him regarding inappropriately touching children, according to Breitbart.

Even more disturbing than all of that are the numerous allegations of sexual assault against Biden, the most well-known coming from one of his former Senate staffers Tara Reade. However, Reade was the eighth woman to accuse Biden of sexual assault.

Remember, believe women only when they’re accusing conservative men.

When it seems as though corruption has taken over all over the world, at least we can all still have a good laugh. These are seriously dangerous and uncertain times we are living in but sometimes it’s OK to let loose and have a chuckle. If we don’t we will surely all lose our minds and end up completely unhinged and irrational, you know, like the liberals.

Featured image credit: facebook.com/villavillacafe/

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  1. It is incredulous that his perverted behavior was never given the attention of the press or general public. Even Trump missed the opportunity by crowning him “Sleepy Joe” while “Creepy Joe” would have been more to the point of Biden’s perversions. I’ve noticed even Kamala keeps much more than the requested 6’ separation from Joe Biden.


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