Huge: Attorney Claims That The Federal Government Is Hiding This About Seth Rich

(Right Country) – Attorney Ty Clevenger is accusing the FBI of lying–including having given a false testimony in court–about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, around whom has been centered much conspiracy and controversy.

Clevenger filed a Freedom of Information request to the FBI for all email correspondence between the notorious former FBI Head of Counterterrorism, Peter Strzok, and his paramour, former FBI attorney Lisa Page.

That’s right–in addition to these people being involved in both the Hillary email scandal and the early inception of the Russia hoax, they were also involved with the investigation into the DNC leaks and Wikileaks!

All the dots always seem to connect, don’t they?

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The release has revealed two pages of heavily redacted emails which not only mention Seth Rich, but have “Seth Rich” as their main heading.

However, the FBI has denied having any records even mentioning Seth Rich.

“There has been an ongoing litigation/smear campaign against anybody who who asks inconvenient questions about Seth Rich,” Clevenger told One America News Network Thursday.

“Fox News got sued – Fox News has gone completely silent on Seth Rich. And I think the message has gotten out to most other media outlets: ‘Don’t talk about this or else.’ And I think that was their strategy all along on this, to shut everybody up.”

Clevenger explained that in pursuing FOIA requests on Seth Rich, he noticed a glaring contradiction by the FBI.

“I happened to look – every time there’s a FOIA redaction they put codes next to the redaction, so I went back and looked up the codes, and one of the most common codes in there was to redact things that might reveal matters of investigative or prosecutorial significance. So in my view, they told me all along there’s been no investigation, but yet you’re signing exemptions on the grounds that there’s an investigation or potential prosecution, so which is it?”

From Zero Hedge:

The major point is that the FBI claimed it had no records mentioning Seth Rich, and these have come to light in response to a different FOIA request that was not about him. What other falsely denied documents does the FBI hold about Rich, that were not fortuitously picked up by a search for correspondence between two named individuals?

The opening email, at the bottom, dated 10 August 2016 at 10.32am, precisely just one month after the murder of Seth Rich, is from the media handling department of the Washington Field Office. It references Wikileaks’ offer of a reward for information on the murder of Seth Rich, and that Assange seemed to imply Rich was the source of the DNC leaks. The media handlers are asking the operations side of the FBI field office for any information on the case. The unredacted part of the reply fits with the official narrative. The redacted individual officer is “not aware of any specific involvement” by the FBI in the Seth Rich case. But his next sentence is completely redacted. Why?

Finally, and perhaps this is the most important point, the FBI was at this time supposed to be in the early stages of an investigation into how the DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks. The FBI here believed Wikileaks to be indicating the material had been leaked by Seth Rich who had then been murdered. Surely in any legitimate investigation, the investigators would have been absolutely compelled to check out the truth of this possibility, rather than treat it as a media issue?

We are asked to believe that not one of these emails says “well if the publisher of the emails says Seth Rich was the source, we had better check that out, especially as he was murdered with no sign of a suspect”. If the FBI really did not look at that, why on earth not? If the FBI genuinely, as they claim, did not even look at the murder of Seth Rich, that would surely be the most damning fact of all and reveal their “investigation” was entirely agenda driven from the start.

Seth Rich was murdered in Washington DC in July 2016 shortly after DNC emails were released to the public by WikiLeaks.

It has long been suspected that he was the source of the leaks.

The FBI has always insisted that the DNC emails were hacked by the Russian government, which initiated numerous intelligence investigations into the Trump campaign.


  1. I am afraid the US government (Deep State) is gravely
    out of control … now … even … murder is on the table….!!!!
    Just look at the Clintons … for example …. 42 people about
    to testify ….. Lost their Lives …..!!!!
    Very Scary ….!!!

    • What makes you think that the two cases are unrelated? It was Clinton’s emails that got leaked. If, as the author of this article, Julian Assange and the FBI suspect, it was Seth Rich who leaked them, isn’t it possible that a certain vindictive democrat had him murdered as well? It is the cover-up for her that is creating the problems.

  2. The FBI report on Rich is as phony as the suicide of Epstein. Every government bureaucrat of any agency having even the slightest and most remote dealing with this case should be brought before a Grand Jury and questioned relentlessly.

    Make the deal that the first one that turns states evidence gets off free. The rest get accessory to murder at least.

  3. I believe that the DNC gave their computers to a private company called CROWDSTRIKE. How convenient that the founding members of that company formed a new one that just coincidentally is doing work in Ukraine and by the by just “happened” to find new Russian intrusions into the Ukraine’s systems right down to as certain spec ops people call “packer tracks” that not only show that the intruders are Russian, but exactly what Military unit an personnel are involved. How fortunate that they could find this out. AGAIN,YA RIGHT!!! I don’t believe in coincidences. They are there to cover the Clinton’s and DNC’S COLLECTIVE ASS’ NOW THAT THERE APPEARS TO BE APRESIDENT IN THE UKRAINE WAS IS AS DEDICATED TO ROOTING OUT CORRUPTION AS IS TRUMP. IT’S THE OLD DUCK AND COVER. It is about time that Julian Assange was interviewed without threat of arrest if we ever wish to get to the bottom of this murder and all of the rest of the crap the DEEP STATE/CLINTON MAFIA/DNC IS HIDING!!!

  4. Make sure this name is on the list as well Michael Hastings, Journalist his death was covered up as a Car Accident. Look into what story he was ready to break just prior to his death. June 18th 2013. It’s all about the same group of people. Drain the swamp and find someone that will find the answers.! answers

  5. The FBI is and are the Clinton Liability Assassins. The FBI scheduled a meeting with the Clinton Liability under the guise and false pretense of investigating the Clintons for prosecution. The liability is led to believe that their evidence and testimony or affidavit will help prosecute the Clintons.

    Only fact is that evidence is collected and any testimony collected will be utilized to identify the FBI’s next Clinton liability immediately after murdering the FBI interviewee.

    After all when does anyone not trust or not comply with the requests of the FBI. HRC had 16 years to manipulate and organize a sympathetic or coerced FBI for her own gain.

    It would be best for all Americans to take heed of my advice.
    The FBI has made multiple attempts on my life. The FBI has a campaign of slander and libel to include gang stalking by their home grown domestic economic and political terrorist group called Infrafard. FISA abuse at its Soros financed finest.

    Should the FBI succeed in terminating my life, I want all AMERICANS to know that if my death is ruled a suicide, it is really an FBI murder cover-up

  6. another clinton/fbi/dnc murder coverup.And a BIG I DUNNO from their coconspiritor buddy still in charge,appointed by Waldo Barr.No problem there huh!Musta been those scamp Russians,rite nancy? THE WHOLE COUNTRY KNOWS!!Knock knock THE WHOLE COUNTRY KNOWS!!!Hillory…


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