Huge: Damning New Evidence Of Potential Mueller Team Cover-Up Emerges

(Right Country) – More and more evidence continues to come to light which exposes the depths of corruption behind the greatest political scandal in our lifetime.

Yet, thanks to the cloak of protection given by the unphased mainstream media, most Americans have no idea.

If you’ve been following along the whole time, however, you’ll know that in the years since the 2016 election, a pile of damning evidence has continued to mount which shows what a crooked plot the Russia probe really was.

Yet again, more evidence has surfaced which proves just that.

Several cell phones belonging to members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team were–oops!–”accidentally” woped before the Department of Justice inspector general had a chance to review them.

This has been revealed by the release of 87 pages of DOJ records released on Thursday under a Freedom of Information Act request from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Fox News reported that, according to the records, the phones had been wiped of data before the DOJ IG could review them due to forgotten passwords, irreparable screen damage, intentional deletion, flat-out loss of the device, or other reasons.

These are Justice Department employees we’re talking about here, and rather high-ranking ones at that, considering the job they were doing.

What on earth?

BizPac Review notes that “At least 27 phones were reportedly wiped of data, with some reset to factory settings and others wiped ‘accidentally’ after entering the wrong password too many times.”

The Federalist’s Sean Davis reported that the phones detailing the activity of top members of the investigation had been requested by the inspector general after scrutinizing the documents. Davis, BPR notes, was the first to report on the devices having been wiped.

As it so happens, Andrew Weismann, the notorious “bulldog” of the investigation as its top prosecutor, “accidentally wiped” two cell phones, as Davis put it.

The documents also show that Mueller’s Deputy, James Quarles, had a phone that apparently just “wiped itself.”


  1. Any other group of scum would have been collectively making “Little Ones out of Big Ones” long ago. Personally, I’d prefer to see them all swinging collectively from the end of a bunch of ropes….

  2. Let me interrogate these MFers and I can guarantee you 1000% they will tell the truth. Do they really think people are that stupid.

  3. They could be caught saying that they are trying to set Trump up for removal from office any way they can with any means they can using any bureaus or weapons that they can and still, absolutely nothing will happen to them.
    No one has the courage to stop them.

  4. Yes. Yes they DO! We are all a bunch of “deplorable Walmart shopping idiots” according to Hillary Clinton and YES!… They don’t think ANYTHING “is going to happen to them” and for Hillary, that’s proven TRUE! She (at the VERY LEAST!) obstructed justice “blatantly wiping her ILLEGAL SERVER” and the (supposed) Justice Dept. just let her walk. If any “of US” had committed half the crimes SHE HAS… we’d at minimum, be behind bars for LIFE! She’s “above all that” and in the end (and mark my words on this) they’re ALL going to use (as a defense for their TREASON) “we were just doing anything we could TO WIN AND GET Trump OUT! (and then, to quote Bill Bellichick) “if you ain’t cheatin’ tou ain’t tryin’!” And (just like the NFL did for Bill) they’ll close the books, slap ’em ALL on the wrists (if that!) and say “don’t do it again!” And they’re gonna walk! As Tucker Carlson so quaintly points out (almost DAILY now!) “There’s two systems of EVERYTHING currently in the United States… one for you & I… and one FOR THEM!” AND… They’ve literally SAID IT too!… “if you (deplorables) DON’T give us BACK our power and complete control over YOU… We’ll burn this country to the ground and YOU & TRUMP can try to ‘sift through the ashes’ as it were!” Well… over MY DEAD BODY! (Which IS “their plan!” BTW) AND I’M SURE!… Afew MILLION MORE of my fellow American’s bodies, AS WELL! The time is coming… We NEED TO “Take this country back with the SAME unswerving CRUELTY with which THEY (the demonrats) are trying to destroy it! War is HELL! But if it’s war they want… We should give it to ’em and AT TWICE THE FUROSITY they could EVEN IMAGINE! Then, wash the blood (& BLM BS off of and out of, the streets) and send our kids back out (in safety, with some good ol’ cops watchin’ over everything) & have “America As Usual” every friggin’ day! What do “YOU” SAY! ‘AY!? Sounds good to me!

  5. What is the truth?
    One person says, “I speak the truth!”
    Jesus Christ said, “I am the truth!”
    Joshua said, “Choose ye this day whom you will serve!”
    I say, it is always choices and consequences, regardless
    God gave each person the right to choose in all things, but the consequences always belong to the person who chose.

  6. Arrest each phone holder on charges of hindering a federal investigation. Interrogate each person independently and them immunity for their testimony. Just watch how many of these cowards talk

  7. Believe you me you get a few of them in GTMO and have a question and answer session for a few days and see how big a can of worm you can full.

  8. They learned how to get away with this type of crime from Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators . So much for equal justice for all.


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