Huge: How Nancy Pelosi Might Soon Get Kicked Out As Speaker

(Right Country) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has used her time as top-ranking Democrat in the US to destroy her party and shame the American people and our republic.

She has used her position not to achieve important bipartisan legislative wins, work to make the country a better place, or stand up for the rights, security, and freedom of American citizens.

No, she’s used her position as a club to beat Trump with…but it may end up beating her.

WND reports that there is now a serious push to force the speaker to “vacate the chair” following a meeting of the entire Republican conference.

In a statement on Twitter, the Freedom Caucus explained that Pelosi’s “latest impeachment threat is proof she would rather use her post as Speaker to weaponize the chamber than as a means of accomplishing anything of substance for the country.”

“She must be removed from the speakership immediately.”

Freedom Caucus chairman, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), explained in a podcast interview with the Daily Signal that the effort has been in the works for several months and the most recent meeting was simply a matter of discussing the timing.

What has kick-started the push, he explained, was “this notion that she would even allow the suggestion of impeachment of the president for engaging in his constitutional prerogative, not just prerogative, but his obligation.”

WND explains that “Pelosi has threatened to impeach the president for not allowing the man selected by voters on Nov. 3 to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court resulting from the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

“The American people elected him to be the president of the United States for a full four years, and part of his duty is to fill Supreme Court vacancies,” Biggs explained.

“And so, this notion that you would impeach him for doing a constitutionally required duty, which is just a step too far, and then her rhetoric in the recent couple of weeks has just been absolutely abysmal and demeaning to the institution. So, that was the last straw.”

Last year, Pelosi oversaw the shameful sham impeachment cooked up by House Democrats.

The Republican-majority Senate acquitted Trump.

Biggs explained that his Democrat colleagues are intent on doing “anything” to stop the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I mean, you have a really, really qualified individual, but what [Pelosi’s] wanting to do is even though the House has, virtually, nothing to do with the advice and consent, we just are observers, … she said it, basically, that she wanted to create a distraction, a distraction for this administration,” Biggs said.

“I would tell you that there’s largely consensus in the body that she needs to be removed. And if she actually does try to go through with any of this, the minority leader has said that he will make that motion posthaste, which is a privileged motion. So, it would get immediate attention,” he continued. “It’s despicable that they would attempt to use impeachment. I mean, what they did last time was impeachment because they don’t like the president. This time, they would use it as a distraction, because they don’t like the fact that he got to appoint [Judge] Amy Coney Barrett.”


  1. You have sean what damage she has cause with her corrupted partners in the HOUSE the past four years. if she with this corrupted ballots stunt makes her way into the W.H. are country will be finished, their will be no stopping them, she must be removed from her position before Nov. 3rd……..

  2. I am hoping that while you’re all in there there will also be a talk about “ Term Limitations ” followed by putting such talk into action . We need these crooked individuals out of government and have people who want to serve the people of America and not their own personal agendas and special projects . She ( Nancy Pelosi ) and many others elderly need to be fired and giving no special benefits or privileges since they have become millionaires by being traitors and selling the country and getting paid extreme amount of moneys for their disservice and treasonous conduct .

  3. Piglosi :the ripper,is one,sick,evil,demented,disgraceful,phony, that has scewed over the American people, for the last two yrs they had the house. They have got nothing accomplished,except to waste time impeaching,framing Trump, and wasting tax dollars on russian collusion delusion, and coup to overthrow Trump. This elction all u idiots will be gone, and the house will be back to the Republicans.

  4. Get her out! She’s a disgrace to our Country! Our President has suffered long enough. Why wasn’t this kick started a long time ago??!!

  5. I have said for a long time that she should go home and wash her dishes. She might be better at that than the position she holds. How did anyone ever vote for her in the first place??

  6. Her damage to our Congress and our democracy has been incalculable already. Time to leave. And the Squad runs her, as most people know, as they do much of the liberal party… really a sad scene. We used to have two very worthy political parties, and we never wanted to have just one.

  7. It is time for her to learn what it means to face abuse of power charges. And what is more abuse of the Speaker of the House than to attempt to stall or distract the President from his appointed duties. Duties the House has no rights or authority to advise, review or interfere with. She is therefor in violation of the US Constitution.

  8. Pelosi needs to respect the president of the United States and she needs to insist that her party does the same. She always has something bad to say about him, she doesn’t represent the people of the United States. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you make fun of them and are disrespectful. You are a disgrace to the position you hold.

  9. When poblobski gets her ass kicked by American Patriots please put a large garbage bag over her head and tuck all the wrinkles in the bag with a shoe horn. We as veterans and law bidding citizens have had enough of Obama tactics get her out now.


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