Huge Victory For Second Amendment In The Midst Of Panic Over Coronavirus; Here Are The Details

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(Right Country) – The scariest part of the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t actually been the disease, though that in and of itself is pretty darn scary. No, the real terror has come from the panic from average, every day citizens and from those in government who have decided to use this crisis as an excuse to grab more power for themselves and to trample the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution.

Like the Second Amendment right to bear arms, for example. The left, which is infamous for poiticizing crisis situations for their own gain, wasted no time in using the coronavirus to shut down gun shops across the country, including in Los Angeles, preventing folks from obtaining needed weapons and ammo.

Why would people need weapons and ammo in the middle of a health crisis? Well, if you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you know the answer to that question. People are panic buying everything they can get their hands on, leaving shelves bare of necessities many folks need to live. This means folks might be prone to violence and theft in order to have their needs met.

Thus, having weapons and ammo might be necessary to protect oneself amid the craziness.

Fortunately, not everyone in the country has lost their marbles, even on the left. Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva has opted to reverse the decision to close gun stores.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

Villanueva initially classified gun stores as “non-essential businesses” and warned they would face legal consequences if they didn’t follow the county’s order to shut down for mandatory coronavirus quarantine.

But now after facing intense legal pressure for county lawyers, he has reversed his decision and will allow them to remain open.

The whole purpose of the Second Amendment of the Constitution is to protect us from tyrannical big government and to also enable us to have the means we need to defend our homes, our lives, and our property.

It seems in these insane times we’re living in right now, all three of these types of defense might actually be necessary. One doesn’t buy a gun with the hopes of using it on someone. It’s just the opposite. We prepare for the worst case scenario — having to use the gun on someone — while hoping for the best case scenario. That’s how all preparation should work, including the preparations made for a pandemic.

Our Founding Fathers would no doubt be terrified by how much power we’ve handed over to the government in this crisis, not believing that security was more important than liberty. Granted, these are unprecedented times, and yes, some measures are necessary to stop the spread of the illness. However, we must draw a line somewhere if we want to still be a free country when this whole mess is over with.

Here’s to hoping that other places that have shut down gun shops reach the same conclusions that these resources are very much essential and necessary.



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