Hunter Biden Miraculously Pays Almost Half A Million Tax Lien In Matter Of Days Despite This Little Detail

(Right Country) – The Bidens are, without a doubt, one of the most corrupt families in America. As you may or may not already know, Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee, knocked up a stripper in Arkansas and has been dealing with the legal ramifications of that which include child support, of course. Despite telling a judge he was broke and unemployed, Biden somehow managed to settle up an almost half a million tax lien he was hit with last month within a few days.

The Daily Wire reports:

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was reportedly hit with a $450,000 tax lien last month, and paid it off within just a few days despite having “no discernible income.”

The report from The Washington Free Beacon notes that Hunter Biden told a judge in a paternity case that he was broke and unemployed.

Hunter “Biden owed $238,562.76 in state income taxes from 2017 and $215,328.16 in state income taxes from 2018, according to records from the District of Columbia’s Office of Tax and Revenue. The District of Columbia filed a $453,890 lien against him on July 9,” Free Beacon Investigative Reporter Alana Goodman reported Saturday. “The lien is the latest in a series of substantial tax problems members of the Biden family have faced over the years, from Joe’s brother James’s six-figure tax debt in 2015 to multiple liens filed against Joe’s sister Valerie and her husband.”

Goodman notes that the revelation raises questions about Hunter Biden’s finances, which have been under the microscope throughout this current election cycle as his father is now the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

Harvey Bezozi, a tax expert who specializes in large-scale tax debt negotiations, said the only way to get a lien released is to pay the settlement in full—often through a payment plan, penalty abatement, or other compromise with the government—or to prove the lien was filed in error,” the report added. “He said liens can take months or years to resolve.”

Bezozi said that for the issue to be resolved in just six days indicates that there “had to be some kind of expeditious kind of process for this.” Bezozi also told the Free Beacon that the government rarely files a lien in error.

“The Biden campaign did not respond to questions about how Hunter Biden settled the debt in less than a week and whether he has found gainful employment,” the report added. “The Biden family has been hit with several tax liens over the past few decades.” It’s highly likely that Hunter Biden was able to cover the cost of this most recent tax lien with money he’s made from China or Ukraine.

If this had been one of President Trump’s sons we would never hear the end of it yet because Hunter’s last name is Biden the story will go largely unreported. Apparently, Hunter Biden is the kind of stand-up guy Democrats are thinking of when they lambaste President Trump’s values and morals.

This latest report on Hunter Biden is not likely to bode well for his father’s presidential campaign as Biden’s poll numbers have been rapidly declining in recent weeks as the cognitively-struggling former VP remains holed up in his basement babbling incoherently every time he’s put in front of a camera.


  1. Isn’t this convent Hunter Biden pays nearly a half a million dollars when hit with a tax lien . If this were a Trump family member it would be on every news cycle around the clock. We as Americans need to get vocal and call on these news industry leaders to put real news on there stations and not avoiding the riots and violence happening in nearly every Democraticaly run city . This media coverage that is staying silent on the daily happening of anarcists and there criminal behavior is a coordinated effort to corrupt its viewers and further this progressive communist movement of the the left . Out country and it’s ideals are at stake from these criminals

    • Simple solution, Boycott these liberal newspapers and don’t watch the liberal news media on television! Hurting them in their pocketbook is the way to get their attention!

  2. The Biden’s are corrupt and they should be investigated along with Joe Biden removed from being a candidate for President. He’s crooked too and senile. But the evil plan from the democrats is to rid Biden after he gets in office because. He is not going to be President for lone it’s going to be the vice president who ever that is and is a communist. There never should be any candidate able to run if unable to hold office. Biden never was fit to run but no one stopped it.

  3. Now the real criminal thing that most who are educated seem to think is really wrong to attack any candidate about what their grown children have done which they have no control over. Now ther are few families in this USA that their children have not done something that they thought was totally wrong but they had no control over it, and i know several families who this has happened to, one was a daughter who robbed and murdered a store while looking for money for drugs, now how was the family responsible for any thing she did. Only hypocrites act that way, or blind supporters of a nasty person.

    • How ridiculous. Hunter Biden is obviously involved in a conspiracy in the Ukraine where he was conveniently appointed to the board making multi-millions of dollars doing what? Who knows and why Hunter Biden, a drug addicted son of JOE? Hunter is also somehow involved with the Chinese Government. Why do you think he was in WUHAN, China, in January, 2020, the exact place where the Corona/COVID 19 virus was manufactured? It’s all just too convenient, and millions and millions of money just ends up in Hunter’s bank account and yet he has no legitimate job except the ones his dad, Joe, gets him appointed to and always in the place where there is corruption involving the US during the Obama administration or associated with it. Sounds like you are the hypocrite since I’m sure you’d want Trump and his family investigated under similar irregularities and large sums of money to Joe Biden’s son and not to mention that his brother and sister have fist loads of money that can’t be explained except through nefarious dealings with Joe Biden while he was VP.

    • If it is one member in the family then I can see your point, but if you read the whole article you can see this seems to be running in a lot of family members of Joe Biden so I am not buying your excuse! I have a daughter who turned bad out of four kids and after trying to help her and seeing she was still doing wrong I disowned her and have not seen her in over twenty years and she is still the same! Do I miss her yes, the way she used to be, but no not the way she is now!

  4. The fake news media won’t report it because if the judge and the mother of his child see it, they’ll know matter of factly that he lied. Definitely spot on if it was one if Trump’s kids, they would tar and feather them. Funny how they demand Trump release his tax returns.

  5. Convenient how the money was available when it might affect his father’s run for presidency.
    The entire Biden clan has hidden money taken illegally from the Ukraine.
    It amazes me how anyone could consider Joe Biden a fit and responsible candidate for the presidency, aside from his socialist leanings.
    His family should remove him from running as he has become a laughing stock. How sad….

  6. I firmly believe that Joe Biden and his son Hunter are kneck deep in all kinds of corruption. Hunter Biden had zero purpose to be in Wuhan, China, yet there he was January, 2020. I believe Hunter Biden (as representative of Joe Biden) and the Chinese Government are in bed together on the release of the Corona Covid19 Virus at the behest of Obama & his Billionaire buddy Bill Gates in order to effect the November 2020 election. Call me crazy.
    As of April, 2020, Hunter was still be on the board of a Chinese private equity firm he co-founded based in Shanhai. Why is Hunter Biden, a nobody other than he is the son of Joe Biden, involved in all of these Chinese markets when he is basically a drug addict who has a lot of money for being on foreign boards like in Ukraine of all places? These are all Joe Biden corruption/bribery/underhanded treasonous activities and they should be investigated!!!! They should also become part of the Presidential campaign and if I were Trump I’d have them investigated and spill the beans on the campaign trail. Hunter & Joe Biden and all the Biden family are rich off the US Government and treasonous activities the antiTrump Press won’t look in to and wouldn’t report if they knew the details!!

  7. Money he got from the Ukraine fiasco was Very likely due to his fathers Involvement there. So I’m this case he is fair game.

  8. Senile Joe has been a lair, crook and an idiot his whole life.He was not given the nickname of doofus for no reason. Now with the onset of dementia he cannot tell his sister from his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of this country? Hunter is just like his father , a liar and a crook.

  9. Agree with above.Joe Biden is a loser. He will lose if he’s elected and he will lose if he isn’t elected. Personally I favor a winner, Donald Trump! Dr Bob

  10. If they make Trump release his tax records, they should make every member of congress release theirs at the same time. Congress may not be so pushy if they are subject to the same tactics as they place on the President.


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