Hunter Biden’s Latest Trouble: Could Be Facing Possible Felony For Lying On Background Check

(Right Country) – Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has become rather infamous over his extremely lucrative dealings with Chinese businesses, the wife of the mayor of Moscow, a scandal involving a Ukrainian energy firm, along with other foreign entities, but now he’s got another scandal brewing right here at home.

Is it just me or does it seem like Hunter just can’t keep himself out of trouble? This guy is bad news through and through.

According to a report from WND, Biden might have committed a felony when he said “no” to a question concerning drug use on an application he filled out to buy a gun. The firearm, a .38 revolver, was thrown into a garbage can, in public, by his sister-in-law Hallie. As we’ve now discovered, Hunter was involved in a romantic relationship with her at this time, following shortly after the death of the woman’s husband, his brother Beau.

The question on the form asked, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

Politico revealed that the younger Biden answered the question in the negative back in October 2018.

The publication noted that, “Lying on the form is a felony, though prosecutions for it are exceedingly rare.”

You see, Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2014 for failing a drug test and his habitual drug problem has been well documented. In other words, we all know he’s a junkie. So why did he answer “no” on this application for a gun? It doesn’t make sense unless he figured that daddy’s connections could get him off the hook.

“Hunter Biden told Hallie to retrieve the gun from the trash can when he learned what she had done. She found, however, it was already gone, and police were subsequently alerted, the report said,” WND reported.

The Secret Service tried to help cover up the incident by retrieving the paperwork from the Delaware gun shop that sold the item to Hunter, but he refused to hand it over.

Hunter Biden is the kind of guy who just can’t keep himself on the straight and narrow. This kind of behavior is at least in part inspired by the corruption he’s witnessed from his own father over the years. Of that there is no doubt.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as the old saying goes.

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