Iraqi National Analyst Makes Bizarre Claim About The US, China, And Coronavirus

(Right Country) – While speculation continues to swirl, quite grounded in evidence, that the deadly coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, was some sort of biological weapon gone array, one Iraqi political analyst is claiming something completely different.

He thinks the US is attacking China with the virus.

Because that makes sense.

WND reports:

The stunning claim is from Sabah Al-Akili, who was speaking on Al-Eteiah TV in Iraq.

Al-Akili said the epidemic serves American interests and is part of a biological war being waged against China by the U.S., according to researchers at the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors, interprets and analyzes reports from that region.

“He elaborated with a claim that there have been analyses that say that in 2015, an American delegation to a military conference in China released ‘electronic flies’ that spread the virus. It should be noted that ‘electronic flies’ is the Arabic term for ‘bots,’ but it seems that Al-Akili believes them to be actual flies that were released in China,” MEMRI said.

Al-Akili’s statement was: “There are analyses that say that in 2015, there was an American delegation that came to China to take part in a military industry conference. According to these analyses, this epidemic was spread there, and according to some analyses, electronic flies [sic] were spread in that region.

“Whom does this virus serve? According to this analysis, the virus serves the USA. China’s losses are estimated at $500 billion since the beginning of the crisis. This affects [China’s] situation. The United States has taken some measures with regard to China, like preventing Chinese products from entering the U.S., and preventing Chinese citizens from entering Europe and the United States. So this is a war against China, waged by means of this epidemic,” he said.

“According to Chinese analyses, the United States is behind this attack, which is a part of the biological war against China. The United States has conducted experiments in this field,” he claimed.

The deadly plague, which has been raging since January has spread worldwide as several countries including the US fight to make sure it does not spread within their borders as it has in China after first being discovered in Wuhan.

Earlier his week, 450 passengers were allowed to leave a cruise ship that had been quarantined in Tokyo due to the presence of the virus on board.

According to officials, none of the passengers showed any signs of the virus during the 14-day period and had all tested negative for the virus.

And a report said those passengers on board another cruise ship at dock in Cambodia for nearly a week left the vessel Wednesday after they tested negative for the coronavirus.


      • Iran and Iraq two different Country
        My just needed axdjustment on Education ??
        Iraqi say not Iranian
        so not allways Idiotes who call for

    • I understand what you are saying regarding the “deep state”, but I doubt very much the U. S. would do anything like this. This is just another muslim making a threat to the U. S. because they hate us. Remember what hussein obama said about when standing with muslims “…when the political winds shift in an ugly direction” ???

  1. The Iranians are known to not like America so why not make another inflammatory accusation. The socialist democrats also do the same thing also without any evidence or truth.😡

  2. hey guys say what you will — nothing would surprise me especially from the deep state whose mission has been to dump trump , they are sore they lost the election and vowed one way or another to get rid of him, if you recall the lef’ts hero obama stopped israel from killing the iranian general that trump killed , indeed he needed killing . and if trump had given fore warning to congress on both launching a missle over an unmanned drone strike and killing the general the dems would have done everything they could to warn iran , and iran being like they are if warned of a missle strike would have sacrificed people there to make trump look bad ,so it is not too far fetched to possibly assume that someone in the deep state did instigate this , I hope for the well being and also integrity of the usa they did not do this

    • The left, the elitists, the “deep state” are the epitome of evil. I would not put it past them and of course, they all hate President Trump. Prayers out to President Trump, his family, the United States of America, our families and all people affected now by this terrible virus. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  3. According to this article, this “allegedly” occurred in 2015!?!? Well before Trump even THOUGHT of running for president!!! Just ONE MORE Obullshit debacle!!!


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