Is This A Funeral Or A Rally? Top Democratic Candidate Joe Biden Can’t Fill A Living Room In Iowa

(Gateway Pundit) – Joe Biden is the current leader in the Democratic primaries.

The first vote — the Iowa caucus – is less than one month away.

But Democrats are having a hard time this year. Besides all of their insane, job-killing, America-hating policies, they are also lacking in energy.

Here is a look at Joe Biden’s latest rally in Clinton, Iowa on Satuday.

Is is a funeral or a rally?

Via Olivia Nuzzi:

There were 11 people in that room!

Hat Tip Jason


  1. Well…the American people are not the fools the DemocRATS think they are. They have had the example of what a good POTUS is, and now they realise that a President from the “Other Side” is a waste of time and will only bring the country down to where it was prior to President Trumps arrival on the scene. The people have awoken from a nightmare, and now see the light of day. Go President Trump!!! The people are with you!!

  2. Can’t blame them for not coming to Biden’s rally!
    Who would support a crook like Biden? Hope there
    are no little girls around! What a complete loser!

  3. Biden is so lame, the trolls don’t even show up to defend him. He was nothing but Obama’s “boy” and a coffee-runner As VP. He is dirty and everyone knows it. Obama chose this shyster because he IS a dishonest tool and Obama needed someone to do his dirty work. Obama was not (and still isn’t) connected in the good ol’ boy, inside the beltway network. Notice how everybody except a treasonous criminal like Kerry keeps their distance?

  4. This is neither a funeral or a rally. The eleven people are actually local scientists and teachers who came out to examine a fossil.

  5. Silly democrats! Where’s spartacus? Where is all that diversity and inclusion we keep hearing about? Liawatha Lizzie, Bernie, Crazy Creepy Uncle Joe Joe… very old white folks arguing about giving YOUR money to others! C’mon man! Ya can’t reason with idiots… so laugh at them!

  6. Yesterday you had an item about a message sent in Iranian by the President. And how it was loved. Since Twitter is not allowed in Iran, the message must have gone by carrier pidgin.

  7. Trump has a rally for 10s of thousands with as many or more outside unable to get in because the venue is at capacity while the Dems can’t draw as many people to their events as are in a Trump rally’s restrooms at any one moment.

    Tells you all we need to know about the 2020 election.

    Trump and GOP 2020 — MLCA (Make Liberals Cry Again!)


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