Italian Study Reveals Inconvenient Truth About Deaths From Coronavirus Fear Mongerers Don’t Want You To Hear

(Right Country) – One of the hardest hit countries with coronavirus is without a doubt Italy. The nation has seen a horrendous number of cases of the potentially deadly illness, with a lot of deaths at a higher rate than that of practically any other country.

The leftist mainstream media has been reporting on the condition of Italy religiously, hyping up the situation going on there and instilling a lot of fear in Americans that their fate is going to be our own. Of course, there’s a lot of critical, need-to-know information the media is conveniently leaving out about the people who died from the sickness.

A new Italian study, however, threatens their narrative as it reveals that the vast majority of people who died from coronavirus had pre-existing conditions and other illnesses that led to complications.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

But while these people are dying, the majority of coronavirus patients in hospitals are younger, healthier people — and they’re being prioritized by hospital staff.

The average age of those who have died from the Chinese virus in Italy is 79.5, according to a study by Italian health authorities, who have been examining the medical records involving the nation’s surging coronavirus death toll.

The study adds that more than 99 percent of Italy’s coronavirus deaths have been people who were previously ill or had some type of pre-existing medical condition, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Among those who have died from the Wuhan virus in Italy, more than 76 percent of them had high blood pressure, more than 35 percent had diabetes, 33 percent had heart disease, and more than 24 percent had atrial fibrillation, or “AFib,” according to Italy’s national health authority.

Diabetics are at an especially high risk because the condition compromises the immune system and opens up the door for folks to get other infections like pneumonia. It’s these issues that actually cause the deaths for a lot of folks who contract the virus.

Even then, being a diabetic is not an automatic death sentence. How well you manage your condition, your age, your overall health, all play into whether or not those complications will happen.

So far, 17 people under the age of 50 have died from the disease in Italy, all of whom have had some type of previous illness, the study finds.

While the study could provide some insight into why Italy’s coronavirus death rate appears significantly higher than the death rates in other countries — about eight percent — another factor to take into consideration is that the young, healthier people are overwhelming the Italian hospitals.

While older people — as well as younger people with pre-existing conditions — are dying from the Chinese virus in Italy, the majority of coronavirus patients occupying ICU beds are younger than the average age of those who die from the virus, and they’re being prioritized by hospital staff, doctors say.

One scary thing about this outbreak in Italy is that the healthcare system is so overburdened they are beginning to do rationing, stating that if the patient is in their 80s or 90s and have breathing troubles they probably aren’t going to go forward with certain kinds of treatment.

This is terrifying for many reasons, chief of them all is the lack of value for human life, which we all know is precious. This is to be expected though from a country with socalized, government run healthcare. This is why conservatives and other freedom loving citizens don’t want the same system here.

The study by Italian health authorities had also noted that while the average age of those who succumb to the coronavirus is 79.5, the average age of those who become infected with the disease is 63.

“Even if the data is only preliminary, the fact there are more young people hospitalized and in intensive care compared to the first wave can be interpreted as a natural phenomenon,” said Pisa University professor Pierluigi Lopalco to Corriere della Sera.

“In Italy, the first clusters of the infection started around hospitals, more commonly frequented by older people, and in small towns,” he added. “Now, the virus has spread.”

At the end of the day, the media has an agenda to drive forward and they are going to take advantage of the coronavirus to drive up revenue and views. Period. Not to mention this sort of crisis provides the left with an opportunity to push their agenda and attack Trump, two things that are just too juicy to pass up.

Let’s hope Italy gets the virus contained and that death numbers for the country fall quickly.



  1. Pay attention to your health! Don’t just depend on your doctors and their prescription pad. Work out, go easy on alcohol, don’t smoke, eat right! Let’s use our own brains. When you really need help ask for some help. We don’t need a million ding dong politicians telling us what to do and making new laws everyday !We all need to wake up and take care of our own business!

  2. How many were smokers?
    That is a very significant variable no one has touched upon.
    Smoking significantly raises the chances of fatality in this kind of disease.

  3. We need a way to pay for (1) “combat pay” for health care workers and (2) bail-out / recovery payments for business which go into the red because of anti-Covid-spread laws. The First choice for this funding source should be a tax on “windfall virus profits” made by the main stream media. Call your Senator and Rep to advocate both of these, if you agree. AND laws need temporarily adjusted. While the nation is on “lock down”, tort lawyer fees (30%?) for virus related medical failures should be locked down to “costs” and awards limited to “cash losses” in all but cases of egregious evil.

  4. The other fact ignored applies to the position of all Democrat Candidates. Italy has socialized medicine along with most European nations. Look at the disease and death rates. Italy with socialized medicine has almost 6 times the death rate and considering the population which is about about one fifth the US’s population, multiple Italy’s deaths and disease by 5 to get the same proportion as the US. One of the other things to note, is that the first death’s in the US and Italy were camparible in time, the spread has been much slower here. A last point to note is the areas that have the worst issues, sanctuary cities and states are the most badly hit. Its there a reason, I don’t know, but it is strange. Washington State, California have massive homeless populations that the Governors fear a major outbreak. de Blasio’s New York has been degrading in cleanliness under his rule. Potentially worse than the disease is number of criminals and unwillingness to arrest people for “minor crimes”. When the law breaks down, the people take law into their own hands. Lets see what the cost of “protecting criminals” from this disease is to the law abiding public. We already have some ideas about the affect of not acting against crimes, Kim Foxx in Chicago has stopped prosecuting “minor crimes” and for the year to date murders are up 43%, and stats on burglaries and other property crimes aren’t really available since they are no longer treated as felonies in many cases. Oops, the criminal epidemic may result in worse than the disease.


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