Italian Virologist Calls Out Leftists Saying Their Rhetoric May Have Caused Unnecessary Spread Of Coronavirus

(Right Country) – Political correctness and the left’s insatiable need to experience rage just might be to blame for the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. One Italian virologist seems to think so at any rate. It truly is mind-boggling how even in the midst of a major world health crisis, the left still maintains their singular focus on finding racism and making this made-up problem an actual problem. This has resulted in real actual problems for Italy.

Paul Joseph Watson reports for Summit News:

An Italian virologist says that the country’s attempt not to appear “racist” in the early says of the coronavirus outbreak crippled the ability to properly respond to the pandemic.

Professor of Virology and Microbiology at the University of Padova Dr. Giorgio Palù told CNN that measures imposing travel restrictions and border controls were taken too late due to fears over political correctness.

“There was a proposal to isolate people coming from the epicenter, coming from China,” Palù told CNN. “Then it became seen as racist, but they were people coming from the outbreak.”

Italy is now the hardest hit country in the world in terms of coronavirus deaths, with 3,405 people losing their lives.

The need to minimize potential “racism” and “stigmatization” in response to the coronavirus was a policy endorsed by the World Health Organization itself on numerous occasions and adopted by the left-wing Italian government.

As we previously highlighted, the Mayor of Florence launched a nationwide campaign at the start of February encouraging Italians to hug Chinese people on the street to “stem the hatred.”

Footage of the stunt even shows Italians physically removing a Chinese man’s face mask while closely embracing him.

The Mayor even released a Twitter video of himself hugging an awkward-looking Chinese person to promote the campaign, which was launched to “express solidarity with the Chinese community.”

Now Italian hospitals in some areas are completely overwhelmed and the entire country is on lockdown.

This once again underscores how political correctness, which leftists often define as “just being nice to people,” can often have deadly consequences.

What an absolute joke. Perhaps leftists here in America will take a good hard look at the results of their over-the-top push to be “politically correct” and prioritize people’s feelings over their health.

It’s absolutely absurd, to begin with, that racism has even become a theme throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic. The fact is, the virus originated in China and even the leftist news outlets were confirming this early on. Everything was fine when they were saying it but as soon as “orange man bad” called it a “foreign virus” and the “Chinese coronavirus” everyone on the left lost their ever-loving minds.

How dare President Trump speak factual information! What if people in China are offended by the factual information that the virus originated in Wuhan? Apparently that risk is far greater than the actual spread of the virus.

Leftists do not operate from a place of reason and logic. This has proven deadly in Italy. Let’s hope America fares better even while we also struggle to combat their utter idiocy.


  1. “Leftists here in America take a good hard look”? Sure they will… they can tell us how much smarter they are and how they would do it right here. You know…..the good old ‘democtric socialism’ bait and switch ploy. They fail to understand why the socialist medicine in Italy has failed its people.

  2. The mentality of the left is staggering, they fail to understand that “Socialism” never has worked, show them facts and they deny them. I wonder if any of them have ever grown up at all? When you listen to them, they spew hate, sew dissent and whine like spoiled children in need of a diaper change and a nap, others it seems they need a good paddling. Then again some of them just might enjoy that.

    • Sadly, I am forced to agree with you. Between the so-called “education” system and people just too lazy to use the brains that they were given, we as Americans, are heading for disaster if we can’t find a means to turn the PC movement around. I suggest a moratorium on the use of derogatory terms like racist and ageist and most of the other “ists”. By taking their favorite terms away from them, they might have to hold reasoned discussions.

  3. For 15 years, Italy welcomed the money of Chinese businessmen interested in buying out the fashion production and leather manufacturers in northern Italy so they could attach “Made in Italy” tags to the products sold in exclusive fashion stores in China and around the world.

    Italy also welcomed over 100,000 Chinese workers – many from Wuhan, the COVID19 epicenter- to work in Italian factories for peanuts! These workers flew to and from China, bringing the pathogen right back to Italy.

    Italy reaped the wind, now harvests the whirlwind. Be careful what you wish for!

  4. In US, it’s just the opposite. The far right want to stop social distancing. All they care about is money. Get everybody out as soon as possible to spend money so the market goes up.

    • You are a blithering idiot. Take a look at the statistics and you will see the hardest hit cities are democratic. Because they were arraid of offending people so they refused to take any action until it was too late. So, go pound your head into the wall trying to blame the right for that one, you leftist moron.

  5. I think the blithering idiot is you! The actions were taken before anyone else’s in NY but being a city where the center is finance and basically ground zero ( literally) in congestion it was easily transferred-as Covid-19 is very highly contagious! What has been lacking and lies about at these moronic Trump/Pence shows, is the response in getting promised PPE and ventilators to help alleviate this horrid virus from growing. Every day they stand there and LIE and listening to Gov Cuomo is heart wrenching. 400 ventilators when they need thousands-and you’re talking stupidities about a viruses name-which btw is Covid-19. Both California and NY are 25% of this country’s economy-and Trump has been so horrifically inept and over his head in dealing with this pandemic he should rot in hell. He said it was a hoax for weeks, then it was only 5 people and would just “wash away” like a miracle and disbanded the Pandemic Response Dept 2 yrs ago after being warned this might happen-and each day we’re seeing more and more people dying-20,000-30,000 ventilators needed in NY right now and were sent 400!!!
    Poor health care workers reusing their masks to point of uselessness. I have 2 friends dying now in hospital. No one can go to see them. They hadn’t ventilators til too late. Trump calls this a War-and it is but it’s being run by a lying draft dodger. That’s the trouble.
    NY and CA are the bell weathers of this country-Louisiana will now surpass it in cases and death, and Trumps talking about it being over Easter. He’s only interested in his f-Ing stock market and compensation for his money lost on his hotels. Send people out and if they die they die. In 9/11 he took $$ compensation for building he had downtown that NOTHING happened to. That’s this self serving narcissistic con artist and his “terrific job” he says about himself giving him a “10”-which I think represents his IQ. Only Dr Fauci is telling the truth and Trump hates that the spotlight is shining on a Dr instead of his orange head spouting falsities while people are losing their lives.


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