JMU Professor Deletes This Sick Post… Her Disturbing Thoughts Will Disgust You

(Right Country) – Democrat voters in America suffer from a serious lack of accurate information and they also appear to have a fundamentally flawed understanding of the constitution and our very democracy.

As we are all aware, the Democrats zealously oppose President Trump making a nomination to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat but their reasons are misguided and convoluted at best.

Joe Biden himself ranted while on a tarmac last week, saying that what the President is doing by nominating Barrett before an election is the “first time it’s ever been done, first time in history it’s ever been done.” This, of course, is a downright lie. Twenty-two presidents have made nominations in an election year, 29 times the occasion has arisen and 9 of the nominations have been confirmed before an election.

Joe Biden, however, can say whatever Joe Biden wants with impunity as he has the protection of the lying mainstream propaganda outlets. The scary part is that millions, literally millions, of Americans actually believe what Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party are saying whether it’s true or not. Don’t bother to ask them to fact-check their information, facts don’t go well with unchecked emotions.

Don’t even try to present them with any factual information, either. They will either run and hide or repeat the tired attacks on President Trump that he’s a racist and that he’s evil until eventually you have no choice but to give up. You know, orange man bad.

The Democrats lockstep liberal support base then takes the lies and misinformation spewed by their political leaders onto social media platforms where they then regurgitate it and infect the minds of other liberals within their echo chambers, and the cycle goes on and on. The left is engaged in a perpetual social media tantrum and the outbursts just seem to be getting more extreme and more violent.

A history professor at James Madison University, Mary Gayne, says she had a “spontaneous social media reaction to the morning news” on Monday when she tweeted a death wish for the entire Republican Party.

In a tweet, she explained how the news she encountered solidified her decision to vote straight Democratic ticket in the coming election, though we doubt she was ever on the fence about it. The tweet went on to say, “The Republican Party can die for all I care. They’ve demonstrated lack of loyalty to democracy & the US Constitution. F*** ‘em all.” What a peach.

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Take a look at this tweet below from a professor at my alma mater, James Madison University. This is completely inappropriate and should be condemned by the University. No one should talk about anyone like this, and especially not just because someone holds different political opinions. This kind of language is meant to do one thing: intimidate, shame, and silence conservatives. And it has no place on our college campuses or anywhere else in a representative democracy. A college professor at a public university can and should have their own political beliefs. They should be allowed to discuss politics in the classroom, particularly in political and social science courses where it plays such a large role. Frankly, students expect political debate. But when our professors—the ones whom many students look up to—decide that those who think differently than they do are not worthy of even voicing their own opinion or in this case even drawing breath, then a line is crossed Public statements like the one made by Dr. Gayne do not encourage the free flow of ideas and diminish JMU’s standing among her sister institutions in the Commonwealth. Our colleges and universities need to eliminate biases like this in all aspects of university life and encourage an open and honest debate.

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Though the sentiment is disturbing it most certainly isn’t shocking from a liberal in 2020. What is perhaps more troubling is the reason she cites for wishing death upon an entire political party. Gayne claims that the Republicans have not been loyal “to democracy & the US Constitution” but it would appear it is the Democrats who are guilty of such.

As mentioned previously, it has been a rather common occurrence for a US President to be faced with a vacant Supreme Court seat in an election year. Out of 45 presidents almost half of them have found themselves in that position, some of them more than once. Every single President that has found themselves facing a SCOTUS vacancy in an election year has made a nomination. Every single one of them. But, the Democrats expect, no demand, President Trump to be the exception.

The reason that not all of the past election year SCOTUS nominations were confirmed is really quite simple: they lacked support in the Senate which was most likely controlled by the opposing party.

The most recent example of this, of course, is in 2016 when then President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the SCOTUS. The nomination was dead in the water because the Republicans had the Senate majority. Democrats are incensed that President Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate are moving forward with filling the vacant seat but there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that had the Democrats controlled the Senate in 2016, Merrick Garland would be a sitting Supreme Court Justice right now.

The Democrats claim that the American people should “have a voice” but they completely disregard the fact that the American people spoke in the 2018 mid-term elections and elected a Senate majority. If the American people didn’t want President Trump to have the ability to fill SCOTUS seats, they could have voted for Democratic Senate candidates.

The kind of vitriol that is being spewed by leftists like Mary Gayne is not only disgusting and un-American but it’s completely off-base and misinformed which is what makes it so frustrating. If these leftists actually cared about democracy and the constitution they would take the time to understand a little thing called precedence, which has been used to determine government action for over 150 years.

Democrats think that throwing a tantrum is the way to get what they want but as President Trump has shown it only turns people off and drives them to him in droves. Nobody likes a sore loser and the Dems take the cake in that department.

Mary Gayne’s tweet has since been deleted as she cited it not being “a hill to die on” after she was criticized on social media for her deplorable remark. She continued her assault on conservatives, “It became clear that the sensibilities of twitterites & robots, that publicly identify themselves as MAGA adherents, were upset by my dropping of the ‘F-bomb’ in a political tweet on my personal twitter feed,” Gayne wrote. It was not “a hill to die on.”

Gayne literally doesn’t even understand that people were upset that she said the entire GOP could “die.” The JMU administration said “in no way” do they condone the tweet but essentially have no control over what their faculty members say online because of the First Amendment and therefore there will be no action taken on their behalf.

You can believe if this would have been a conservative faculty member who said the same thing about Democrats, they would have been fired, blacklisted, and ostracized. The double standards are never-ending but more disturbingly so is the misinformation and downright lies that the left bases all of their political decisions on.

On November 3rd, be sure to get out and vote in person. America cannot afford a Democrat in the White House.

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  1. Another example of a crybaby dumb-as-crap who can’t handle the fact that TRUMP is gonna b her president for 4 MORE YEARS… with it crybaby….TRUMP 2020….YEAH!!!!!

  2. Mary, what a cosummate a..hole you are. You are not “linked” to anything worthwhile.
    To the Trustees of JMU, whatever that is, take a good look in the mirror, find the blithering idiot that hired Mary, Mary, fire that person and whoever else was involved in the “crime” and do the decent thing and give all the students their money back and close your doors.

  3. This was bad enough but what is worse is the bias that these clowns enforce on their captive students who risk failing grades and made up charges of cheating, plagarism and other made up charges to enforce their will on young voters and students.

  4. I would not care what she thought or said, if it were not for the fact that she is lecturing students. God only know how she earned a Ph.D. in history, but knowledge, common sense, and control of the facts are no longer requirements for being a university professor. She works for a University named after James Madison. That is an insult to Virginia and the USA.

  5. This woman is a IDIOT clearly , and an EVIL one as well ! What bothers me as much as her stupidity, is the fact that she TEACHES, and HER evilness, is transferred to the minds of the students !

  6. More than at any time in my life has 2020 pointed out to me how unhappy and miserable the radical left is…amazing, simply f’ing amazing at their discordance with their lives. And if you, no matter your political standing right or left are happy, they will attempt to drag you down into their sewage of what they call a life…

  7. Who are Democrats? 90% are Teachers and Trial Attorneys. Why? The answer is MONEY . NOT ideology. MONEY. Just look at the incredible increase in salaries but also in retirement baskets PROMISED to teachers. They do not even work one full year.
    Trial Attorneys because of huge amounts of money (they tell you it is for you but in reality they keep 80% of the money) they obtain through SETTLEMENTS in law suit cases. Because of the Democratic permission they can sue someone for no reason and then tell the person or company it will be significantly CHEAPER to SETTLE the case than to defend the case in court. The case should NEVER have been allowed to proceed but Democrats allow it to proceed.
    It ALL boils down to YOUR money.

  8. Geez … what a brainwashed, desperate, vitrolic woman she is ( as her picture verifies ). Sure girl, go ahead and vote all BLUE …. for on November 4 you’ll find a RED WAVE LANDSLIDE has swept thru the Nation, and blown away the radical, leftish Jerks that you like SOOO MUCH ! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !

    TRUMP IN 2020 !

  9. Why did she delete the post if she is so proud of it. As everyone is making clear and asking the same question, “Why is this person teaching students in any class?”
    She is one sick individual and that is putting it vary lightly. I am sure she will be one of the snowflakes again that is sitting on the floor crying and pissing themselves after Nov 3rd when Trump is elected again. Maybe move to Canada. What a POS she is.

  10. She brags about voting straight democrud on Nov 3. I am personally going to nullify her vote. What a piece of s— she is.

    • Now Mike, it’s really cruel of you to compare this “woman” to a piece of s**t. Now apologize to all pieces of s**t who might have been offended by your comment. We will


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