Joe Biden Posts Emotional Tweet On Hunter: “Republicans Have Savaged My Only Surviving Son”

(Gateway Pundit) – Leading Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden posted an emotional tweet Tuesday night about son Hunter Biden toward the end of the Democrat’s debate in Iowa. Biden spoke about tucking his children into bed as a young senator and then lashed out at Republicans for their attacks on Hunter (over his business dealings with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma while his father was vice president).

“Child care is personal to me: I was a single parent as a young senator. I commuted home to Delaware every night to tuck my kids into bed. Child care should be affordable for every parent. #DemDebate…Republicans have savaged my only surviving son. They’ve spread lies about me that networks won’t even carry. It doesn’t matter if they go after me. As President of the United States, I have to be able to not only fight — I have to heal. And that’s what I’ll do if I’m elected.”

Biden’s other son, Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, died of brain cancer at age 46 in 2015. In 1972 Biden’s first wife, Neilia, and their daughter Naomi were killed in a car wreck that also injured their two sons. Biden remarried in 1977 and had a daughter, Ashley, with second wife Jill.

Hunter was noticeably absent from father Joe Biden’s Christmas Day family photo last month.

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  1. Well Joe, that’s because your only surviving son is as worthless and corrupt as you are! What type of cheese do you serve with your whine?

  2. Joe has been playing the political games for years now, enriching himself and his family members. It is about to catch up with him. Could not come at a worse time for it.

  3. Well Joe if you weren’t so corrupt, and had spent a little more of that time you rushed home for, to instill some morals in Hunter you might not be in this situation. What can you expect, you spent years lying about the circumstances of your wifes death, children learn from the example their parents present. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You enable this situation while you were VP. You say you didn’t know anything about what he was doing, what happened to the dolting parent you claim to be.

  4. Joe has been playing these political games for years, enriching himself and his family members. It seems to be the typical way that many politicians operate. Being doing it for so long, that it has become second nature to him, probably doesn’t even see the conflict.
    I think it is about to catch up with him at a very inopportune time.

  5. Boo hoo, uncle Joe (Affectionally that’s how F. D. Roosevelt used to call communist Russian leader Josef Stalin: uncle Joe.)

  6. Biden has friends in Washington DC and in the media who will protect him. All of Biden”s friends are trying to remove Trump from office, and there’s a lot of them.

  7. Well Mr. Biden you want pity, but have never spoken against the way your party has gone after President Trumps youngest son and his daughters and other son. So, if you are looking for sympathy, look it up in the dictionary. It is some where between the words, ” Shit and Syphilis”.

  8. Now he’s playing on the death of his son for the pity vote. Sorry joe we’ve all had tragic issues in life. To play on your son’s death is about as low as you can go to garner votes.

  9. Play it, Joe. You’re doing the typical: “I’m a victim” card. Bet Ted Bundy’s mama said the same thing. Your side of the aisle beat on DJT’s sons all the time.

  10. Joe, I’d say at this point, your son Hunter has had plenty of other people tucking him in to bed so you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

  11. Joe. YOU are going to meet Your Maker and I sure as Hell would not be in Your shoes~ and Your Son will follow . Then you and Hunter will catch up on ” Climate Change” ~~

  12. Joe you are so full of “Malarkey” it’s coming out of your ears. You are in the dirty game of politics where people lie, cheat, destroy each other’s careers and families. You been there for forty years , now you want to come off of some innocent victim who doesn’t know what’s going on. Republicans didn’t put your son in his situation, you did. Let’s look at facts: Who was doing drugs? Who got kicked out of the Navy? Who left their wife for their brothers widow then dumped her for a stripper. Who fostered a child with a stripper then denied it, after it was proven refused to pay child care. Who owes a crap load of back taxes? Who took a job based on his father’s influences for which he has no qualifications. (I am actually a little jealous of that one). So Joe look in the mirror and stop looking for unearned sympathy.

  13. Lfty64 — Well folks, this is a really great and succinct analysis of the true colors of the Biden family. Wish more people would view this. Let’s face it: Hunter is a real trouble maker and one hell of a poor excuse for a human.

  14. Really Joe, Take a hard look 👀 in the mirror and then look at your bank account. Take a hard look at yours and your son’s behavior and look in the public’s eyes 👀 and tell them that this is all a lie. You can’t run and hide from your conscious or the truth of what has occurred between you and your son. You reap what you sow and what goes around comes around Joe.

  15. Bully Joe Biden – Go back and watch this snarky politician “debating” Paul Ryan in the 2012 VP Debate. Joe, instead of constructively addressing topic issue, Joe was bullying, demeaning, dismissive of Paul Ryan. Google & watch. Today, thanks to YouTube, politicians cannot escape their past. If Biden gets nominated, I relish to watch Trump dress Joe down in 2020 Pres. debate #1, debate #2 & for good measure debate #3.

  16. No, Joe, It’s you that is the target because you should NEVER have allowed this corruption to take place and you should never have tried to shake down the Ukrainian govt from your position as VP of the Unites States.

  17. On my way out, may I say your site is erroneous . Basically National Enquirer trash. There is no journalistic integrity, and it’s doubtful you could get a job at the NYT. You are ruining your own careers.
    Articles poorly written, and misleading. This has got to be the lowest of the low. True trash!

  18. Joe Biden, you problem demeaning Trumps family and his followers. That’s o k to you. But when the shoe gets on the other foot, you scream foul. You’re a worthless old goat and hunter is a criminal. That’s the best of it. Don’t like it, don’t pass it on to Trump l

  19. You brought this on yourself Joe! YOU bragged about getting the prosecutor looking into the corruption of your son, fired! You did that! But if your gonna cry about it, I will gladly hand you a tissue.

  20. NO, JOE, Republicans and the unbiased media (very few left) have simply reported the FACTS. Hunter is a FREELOADER and a SKANK – just part of the Joe Biden family culture!

  21. MR.Biden yes you had tragedy in your family and for that you have my symphaty but that dosn’t give you and your son license to lie and be a crooked politician ..

  22. Oh dear!! Like we care about Joe or Hunter Biden, who, have lied, fabricated evidence, taken money from foreign powers, and generally done all they can to unseat a democratically elected President, even before he took the Oath of Office???
    The Bidens have been implicated in every attack on the President and his family, all the unfounded outright lies. Now he expects the people to feel sorry for him???
    Where was he when Hunter was getting it on with the drugs and booze?? Some papa he turned out to be. Hunter is simply papa on steroids..a product of Joe’s parenting.
    Some example papa Biden turned out to be hey??? Joe, you will end up in hell and Hunter will join you when the time comes. Think on that. cannot take any of your ill gotten gains with you. Happy shovelling!!!!!

  23. You worthless POS! How dare you use your dead son’s name and whatever honor he had to curry sympathy for yourself?!? Pretty damn low, mister!

  24. You actually think the American people are going to fall for that Biden?? If you do you really need help! How low can you go? Your son had no qualifications to be in that position and he only received that job because of your crooked ass!! You have robbed this country enough. You and your son needs to be in jail/prison for your lies and deceit against the American people.

  25. Be glad you didn’t lose him to one of his drug overdoses.

    Hope you remember “Just Say No!!”. Either you did not talk to him about his drug abuse or he didn’t listen.

    How about drugs appearing on employee drug tests.

    As to the child he father – have you talked to him about the seriousness of parenting and his responsibilities for child care and support??

    Responsibilities of making tax payments??

    The list to list goes on and on!!


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