John Kerry: It Is An ‘Outright Lie’ By Trump That Iran Was Given $150 Billion

(Breitbart) – On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” former Secretary of State John Kerry commented on President Donald Trump’s speech earlier in the day.

Trump said the Obama administration’s “foolish Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2013, and they were given $150 billion, not to mention $1.8 billion in cash.”

Kerry said, “It is an outright lie, an outright lie by the president of the United States that they were given $150 billion. They were not. And the money that they did receive was their money because they sued the United States of America and won in court and were being paid interest. So American citizens were paying interest every single day that was accruing. More and more billions of dollars that were going to go to Iran. We cut that short. We negotiated a deal that greatly reduced the amount of money they were, in fact, supposed to receive under court order, and they would have received it eventually. And we transferred that to them, most of which they owed to other countries and other people in a massive debt that Iran had accrued. So the fact is that he has lied about that.”

He continued, “We are not safer because this president has been willing to personally invoke his anti-Obamaism to such a degree that he’s run the risk of war. That response by Iran could have been significantly different. and it is not right for the president of the united states to put the united states in a position where we are dependent on a regime that we don’t like to somehow behave in a way that saves this president from himself.”

He added, “I will be amazed if this Iranian regime will negotiate with Donald Trump. They found out he’s not trustworthy. They’ve seen his lies as we have seen his lies, and that is not the basis on which to invite people to a table. Nor is it possible to squeeze and force them to that table. If we learned anything in our negotiation with Iran, it’s they pride themselves in a more than 5,000-year history as a nation-state, as a culture, as a presence. And I think this president just doesn’t stop to understand those kinds of things, let alone an awful lot of other things that are important to the presidency of the United States.”


    • The money belonged to the people of Iran, not the mullahs. How much of it does Mr. Heinz Kerry think actually got to the people. Most of us believe it helped finance their nuclear program and probably lots of the missiles and rockets that they purchase from Putin. Also, did Mr. Heinz Kerry dispute the pallet of cash? Probably not. The mullahs may indeed find it difficult to negotiate with someone that is not simply handing them a small fortune but actually expects something of value in return. Mr. Kerry, someone said something about you crawling under a rock. Good idea. This time, stay there.

  1. Kerry is constantly having dealings with other nations even though he is no longer in any administration. If he does anymore he should be arrested and put up for treason

  2. The don’t know anything baskets cases won’t understand anything that you write, they are zombies, maybe they can count to 10, but don’t understand the word billions!

  3. We all know him, biden, hillary, holder, muslim obama got a big cut of tose billions-he is a lying thief just like the other democrats!

  4. Kerry and all his Democratic cronies should be locked up for Treason, I was a flag-waving JFK Democrat for years. I also believed in the Obama administration in his first term. I quickly learned I was hoodwinked, he destroyed this country. I have changed my affiliation to independent and will definitely vote for President Trump’s reelection in 2020. I will try to convince my friends & family who are still registered as Democrat “s to vote Republican also. Trump is the only man who can save this country from socialism. God help our young people who are conditioned to a free ride in life.

    • You are 100% CORRECT, George ! By the way, I changed to Independent as well, after realizing how dangerous, the Democrat Party actually is, and how much they all LIE !

  5. Kerr put the screws to the troops when he left the service. He has lied all his public life, married a very rich widow and was one of the riches member of congress when there! We were blessed that he did not make the presidency!

  6. The real question is, was the Iran deal a wise decision, since they’re controlled by radical Islamic fanatics, and we had plenty of evidence to see that they could not be trusted. The Koran specifically states that deceit is acceptable in war, and the Mullahs all have their hand on that book and swear to uphold it. Their attack and kidnapping of our embassy staff was illegal and violated all international treaties and norms, and was a clear indication of their total lack of character and any trustworthyness.

  7. Seriously, proud of the fact that we, is citizens were paying interest on the money, exactly what he said ! More n more billions going to Iran…sorta proves Trump’s point, hmmm

  8. Remember Kerry’s daughter married into an Iranian family while he was Secretary of State. We were negotiating with them when this happened! He has tried to stop Trump whenever he can! I don’t know where his aligence is but, he is part of the Swamp! He and San Fran Pelosi and lying shifty Shift are dangerous to our country.

  9. Kerry even lied about his miltary stint. The demos are very careful in the way they word things. Kerry may not have written them a check, buy he and the crooked muslum obama freed the funds for them. Oh by the way, he just blamed the courts. Kerry was just following the courts direction. The whole bunch should be tried for treason.

  10. The minute they killled American citizens and or military personel via their terrorist activities they forfeited any right to any money. I would consider American lives come first. I guess Kerry and otr Obama didnt feel that way.

  11. John Kerry could not be trusted with dead body. Rattlesnake is more trustworthy. He could be dying of thirst and I would let him expire. We can only take so much before we fight evil with evil.

  12. This is a joke,right? John Kerry calling anyone a liar? The same John Kerry who allegedly wrote his “winter warrior” speech while in a tent camped out with fellow protestors.who allegedly threw his military medals over the fence onto the Whitehouse grounds(he, how did they later re appear in a I love me shadowbox on his Senate office wall) that John Kerry. The John Kerry who put himself in for decoration during the very short time he actually spent in country. That John Kerry. The John Kerry that even now is back stabbing our country? The John Kerry who lied to the American people and the world about the Iran nuke deal while he was selling it and now he is calling anyone who questions him a liar while attempting diplomacy which he seems to allege is on the country’s behalf but w/o government sanction like he did in Paris during Vietnam War after his discharge from active duty without advising anyone. (He was still a reserve officer in the Navy, just an early release from active duty) THAT’S THE JOHN KERRY THAT HAS THE AUDACITY TO CALL ANYONE A LIAR???!!!

  13. What court and where. This just seemed to happen and they just Said it was some kind of court decision. Before they did it I don’t remember any talk of a court or anything to indicate we owed them money???

  14. So Iran thinks Trump is untrustworthy, really? How about when he says I’m gonna kick your butt, you better just bring it to the table cause you in for a butt kick in’ now that’s trustworthy! Iran will lie even if the TRUTH would be better! Not trustworthy pfffftttttt!

  15. I have a friend who calls President Trump a narcissist. Maybe he is, but because all dictators, socialist, and communist leaders are narcissists, it takes someone like POTUS to understand them and deal with them the way he does. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Kerry did not honestly earn his Silver Star in Vietnam it was given to him because he just wanted one so his buddy wrote him up for one. This person is a disgrace to all Vietnam Veterans. He is a Star politician. He can’t tell the truth about anything and yet will keep a straight face. He no longer works for the government if he is caught dealing with other countries on behalf of the this country he needs to be sent to prison for treason.

  17. Kerry should be in prison for treason. Why was he over schmoozing with Iran when our President was working for Americans????? Putz Personified is what he is.

  18. That money was due to the government of the Shah of Iran. When the Ayatollah took over after kicking out the Shah and later overtaking the US embassy, why should the US send money to the Revolutionary Republic Of Iran?

  19. BTW, Kerry’s schmoozing with Iranian government w/o governmental approval WAS treasonous!! Unfortunately, Trump didn’t have enough Congressional support to have him locked up. Kerry kissed a lot of butts dem and rep.

  20. The Liar= Kerry
    The Patriot= Trump
    The enemy of our Democratic Society= Progressives and The One World Government Mentality, the ever demonic socialist has shoved dow our throats since Bush H, Clinton, Bush W, Obama the OneWorld Demonic Leader trying time be established at the cost of souls all over the world and once we are gone & made a 3rd world country it’s a shoein

  21. The Liar= Kerry
    The Patriot= Trump
    The enemy of our Democratic Society= Progressives and The One World Government Mentality, the ever demonic socialist government has shoved down our throats since Bush H, Clinton, Bush W, Obama: the OneWorld Demonic Leader trying to in our time be established at the cost of souls all over the world and once we are gone & made a 3rd world country it’s a shoein

  22. By the way who approved the treaty with Iran John?was it Congress, the Senate.No who was it John.You and Obama and some other Swamp creatures.The fake media never reports on this,wonder why John.

  23. And we should believe Kerry? Why? Why were planes unmarked and tranfer done in the middle of the night. If I was Kerry I’d be looking for a rock to crawl under.

  24. They only got almost 50,the rest came off the top and split with the rest of his NWO co-conspiritors.The DNC made quite a haul of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS.There is NOTHING a Dem/socialist NWO traitor will ever do or say that is truthful .Remember he was Hilloys and Obamas gopher., and still undermining Pres Trump and America, while he evades taxes.An international criminal yet to pay for his criminal tratorous crimes.

  25. I’m tired of this BS. Why isn’t Hillary in jail. They keep saying, no one is above the law. Hillary is guilty!!! She perjured herself before the American people the congress the senate and the house. Let’s be truthful if anyone else broke the law within weeks or months they would be in jail. No One Is Above The Law. The Democrats continue to use that phrase against our President but don’t apply it to Hillary. Why is that? All the democrats do is protect their party and pad their pockets. Look at Biden and his son. Pelosi has her son in a high paying position with no eligible credentials. The Clintons are dirty people wanting power and wealth. Bill should have been impeached. He was wrong as a President to do what he did. He got credit for what President Reagan implemented during his 8 years. Come on wake up people. Why is it everyone who was going to testify against the Clintons from White water suddenly die.” Even till this day” Epstein included. Hide the dirt you rotten Democrats. I grew up and loved JFK. He had the guts to call out the Russians. He was a leader just like President Trump. All we’ve had are week leader’s since Reagan till we have President Trump. Still I want to see our so called justice system and so called jurisdiction system provide due justice to the real people for “We the People” as written in our constitution are the people. Let us unite and help clean out the swamp along with our President who said he will clean out the swamp. Democrats aren’t bad people. We just have the wrong people in office. We the people can change that.

  26. Hello People!!!…..let’s really get a grasp on this! First of all, monetary owings at this level, and I doubt they were really ‘owed’, are transferred between countries through normal banking protocols…..NOT pallets of American money!!!!!
    Second , what kind of ‘moron in chief’ would allow this to happen in the first place??!!…except if that ‘moron in chief ‘ wasn’t simpathetic to their cause??!!!!!!

  27. Why do the democrats always sound insane from Inspector Gadget? These people really hate America, and they are more for North Korea only. It is okay to be for peace, but Kerry is not for that. He wants war among treason along with the democrats. If I did that, I would be hanged.

  28. It was a case in the EU’s “International Court of Justice” a court to which the USA is not subject. Only a US Federal Court would have jurisdiction on this case according to the US Constitution. Also, it was not “their money”. It belonged to the Shah of Iran or to the Iranian people and the US does not recognize that government as the legitimate government of Iran, so it was not their money. Kerry lied!

  29. John Kerry is like a dirty sock monkey to America, I don’t remember him standing with us, ever! He should be looked at with a fine tooth comb. Lets see where his allegiance really lies, I bet he has a stake in Ukraine too.

  30. Even in his statement Karry water for the commies made a lie. The Iranian country in its present form, doesn’t have a 5000 year history. The mudslime religion, God curse its pedophile founder, has been around a lot less than even 2000 years.


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