Judge Dismisses Impeachment Lawsuit After Democrats Pull Plug On Witness

(Breitbart) – A federal judge in Washington, D.C. dismissed a lawsuit Monday that sought to determine whether a witness had to obey a subpoena from the impeachment inquiry after Democrats withdrew the subpoena and impeached Trump anyway.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon decided Monday that the suit filed by Charles Kupperman, a former aide to former National Security Advisor John Bolton, was moot because the subpoena had already been withdrawn. The House Intelligence Committee had sought to compel Kupperman’s testimony as part of its inquiry into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, alleging he withheld U.S. aid in return for investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden, who at the time was leading polls to win the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Other witnesses in the inquiry indicated that Bolton had been skeptical of the efforts of U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who testified that he believed there had been a “quid pro quo” (though he was told directly by Trump that there was not). Bolton was said to have criticized Sondland’s so-called “drug deal.”

The House Intelligence Committee sought to compel the testimony of senior administration officials, but the White House instructed them not to cooperate with what it described as an illegitimate inquiry that disobeyed the rules of previous impeachment investigations. Kupperman had approached the courts to ask whom he was required to obey.

In his 14-page opinion, Judge Leon recounted that he had arranged an “aggressive” schedule for the case after being assigned it in late October, because “the case was a matter of great consequence to the country.” But just days later, the Intelligence Committee “withdrew its subpoena to Kupperman, and the House noticed the case as moot and moved to vacate the expedited briefing schedule,” because it did not want to wait even for a rushed judicial process.

Kupperman had wanted the court to rule anyway, but Judge Leon said that there was no chance the House would re-issue the subpoena, based on Democrats’ written submissions to the court. That might seem to contradict their claims elsewhere that they would continue investigating Trump with a view to new articles of impeachment.

President Trump was impeached for “obstruction of Congress” because he would not comply with congressional subpoenas. Democrats chose to impeach him anyway, before the courts had weighed in on his authority to do so.



  1. Its’s close to the time We The People Need to elect a whole New Gov’t. Unfortunately it would take a complete Rebellion as in the Boston Tea Party. Most citizens don’t have what it takes. There would be Dark times to live through but Humanity will survive!!!!!

  2. It’s time to look into “Trials in Abstentia” for all of the TREASONOUS ACTS perpetrated by members of BOTH partys and BOTH house and ALL THREE BRANCHES of government.

    IF the ‘people’ entrusted with ENFORCING THE CONSTITUTION don’t have the Will or Desire, perhaps they need REMOVED with UTMOST HASTE AND DISREGARD FOR THEIR SAFETY!

    The “ARMED MILITIA” is the ONLY ‘national guard’ MENTIONED OR AUTHORIZED in the Constitution.

  3. With all the nonsense that is going on in the democratic party, don’t you think that it is time to impeach Adam Sniff, Nancie Pilowci, Chuck Shoemaker, Jerry Lewis Nadler, Maaaxeeenee (impeach) W, and the rest of the clowns in the dac hierarchy, and yes don’t forget to investigate their emails for the last 10 years, and while you’re doing so ——- check out who among-st these lieing amigo’s, have millions in their bank acc from special interests? Wake-up Republicans, check out these lieing bastards.

  4. Our citizens don’t have it in them because our schools have been indoctrinating (brainwashing) our kids into their agenda for decades. They want those kids to dummy down and follow their socialist/communist agenda. They re-write history under the guise of not offending anyone, when in fact, if you are white, straight and religious, they put you down with all sorts of tags/labels. Biggest hypocrites ever. Personally, since those under 25 seem to use the excuse that their brain is not fully developed in court cases, I think the voting age should be raised to 25. We don’t have a functioning draft anymore so the reason the voting age was lowered to 18 is no longer a moot point. I would give an exemption to those who are on active duty if they are under that age since they are risking their lives for our country, which was why it was lowered in the first place.

    Socialism and humanity should not be used in the same sentence. People can vote to get into socialism, but have to shoot their way out of it. We have babied our kids way too long. They feel entitled to everything. Stop with the participation trophies. There are losers and winners in the real world and they need to learn how to cope from an early age to become productive adults.

    • Great idea, but! It should be contingent on their income. Since only people paying taxes, supplying health insurance to their children, actually paying bills in other words, “or active military” should be allowed to vote. Punk ass kids with no skin in the game, should not be allowed to have a vote for something that doesn’t even effect them.

  5. whoops, I just re-read my post – I meant to say that lowering the age to 18 is no longer a valid point, not moot. Sorry

  6. What A great truth that is. We need more real Americans to say it like it is . I have said for years that our schools suck.

  7. it would take a blind moron not to see how freaking deranged the majority of the democratic party have evolved into since there crying times of the 2016 conservative win I don’t think they will never come around even after the upcoming trump second re-election that’s happening this year

  8. Finally & hopefully, the American taxpayers should be able to see the corruption of the Democratic Party.
    Too many , good ole boy/girl ( Pelosi) legislators with more than 30 years in Congress, who care only about maintaining power rather than do what’s needed for the country & the taxpayers. Vote them out!

  9. The Democrat party of years past has been totally subverted by the Soros money. He is a Jew who hates his own people and after siding with Hitler was given the job of scooping up the remains & property of the victims of Nazi hate. He should be executed as a Nazi war criminal not allowed to remain alive to continue his “ONE WORLD”, borderless countries philosophy. He, his like minded monsters and supporters have successfully placed professors in our learning institutions to actually indoctrinate a whole generation of our children to believe the lies of Communism and socialism. I am now 90 years old and can remember when our institutions of higher learning began to reflect the leftist view. It is now even espoused in our public schools. Russian Communist Nikita Kruschev made the statement years ago, “We will bury you” and he meant that Marxism would out live all else….. PLEASE, my brothers and sisters, Don’t let his words come to fruition by your inaction to protect our wonderful country and the freedom we all enjoy!

  10. Nancy Polosi, NEEDs to retire, she isn’t fit to be Speaker of the house!!!!!! For years she has blundered, remember, “you have to pass it before you can read it”. Idiot!!!!! And she can’t even make a sensible speech!!! She is a lunatic and needs to go. Trump is doing a great job for the people.


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