Just Hours After Trump Ban, Twitter Allows Literal Call For Pence’s Death To Trend

(Right Country) – This week, President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter for what the tech giant claimed was inciting violence after the Capitol Hill siege on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump did no such thing.

He never once called for violence and almost as soon as it broke out, he unequivocally denounced it and urged his supporters to go home.

Yet, despite having one of the most-followed Twitter accounts in the world from which he directly spoke to his enthusiastic supporters and routinely trolled and teased the hysterical mainstream media.

His social media accounts have been a powerful tool for the president who has utterly exposed the bias and agenda of the mainstream media—it is no surprise they’re stripping this away from him.

They’re not at all interested in preventing calls to violence. Twitter and other Big Tech outlets have been used to organize and incite violence for years now, most particularly over the summer.

They didn’t even bother to quell literal calls for Mike Pence to be hung from trending on the network as they were supposedly so concerned that Trump was somehow going to incite violence by, you know, not inciting violence at all.

Infowars reports that “Hang Pence” had garnered nearly 86,000 tweets as of Saturday afternoon in the wake of Trump’s ban to prevent “further incitement of violence.”

“This clear hypocrisy by Twitter was so staggering even HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali criticized the trend,” the outlet notes.

Twitter has since said they removed the phrase from its trending column.

“We blocked the phrase and other variations of it from trending. We want trends to promote healthy discussions on Twitter,” a spokesperson from the network told The Post.

“There are rules for trends — if we identify accounts that violate these rules, we’ll take enforcement action.”

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  1. Only what they believe is healthy. What a joke. They are all socialist demorats running these companies. They will not hire a conservative because it will not fit with Social Justice ideology or format. The Demorats want to rule us and not govern us.


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