Lawlessness On The Streets Of Detroit Amid Coronavirus Breakdown

(Right Country) – So, what is happening now that law-abiding citizens are remaining at home under widespread stay at home orders and police are overstrained?

The streets of America could soon descend into Mad Max-style lawlessness if criminals continue to be released out of some twisted concern for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and Detroit is already setting the example.

On Sunday, a massive brawl took place on the streets of Detroit with over one hundred city residents caught up in the violent fight.

A huge fight took place on the streets of Detroit on Sunday with over one hundred residents engaging in the massive skirmish that is the latest stain on the beleaguered and desolate town.

Even attendants of the inexplicably crazy brawl seemed shocked at what is happening.

A video of the incident has reportedly gone viral, but as of this writing, a link to the video shared by Big League Politics appears to be broken.

“What in the corona and boxing is going on here?” they report one individual as saying during the video.

Several shocked onlookers appear confused as to why the fight is taking place.

“This is some kind of rivalry,” a man in the video says. “I mean the whole street.”

“We’re supposed to be quarantined and we’re out here watching a gd*** boxing match on the street … quarantine and fight,” said the person filming.

“This why school needs to be still goin on,” commented one Facebook user.

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a mandatory lockdown across the state last week ordering “non-essential” businesses closed. This order is expected to be in effect for at least three weeks.

“You can go outside. Get some fresh air, walk your dog. Just be smart about it. Maintain that 6-foot distance,” she said on Monday.

“Let me give you a little perspective here,” she added. “We have about 25,000 acute care beds in Michigan. … That means without aggressive additional measures, more people will get sick, more people will die and our economy will suffer longer.”

“On a personal note I know the lack of control can be disorienting, so I urge you to focus on what you can control,” Whitmer said in a public address. “This crisis can take a toll on your mental health. Check in with family, call your loved ones, go for a walk, read those books on your list, even go outside and put your holiday lights back up.”

“We must keep our wits about us. That means all of us. Be sensitive to how our kids are feeling. They are not immune to the stress of this environment. Check in with them and help them understand, and give them the reassurance that they need,” she added.

Imagine what this could turn into. As schools are closed down and lawlessness reigns, it will give authoritarian governors across the country the excuse to crack down with the full might of a power-hungry state.


  1. They should all be hanged for treason, staring with Barry and his wife with the adams apple, Joe, Hill and the rest of the Demonrats!!!

    • Besides Barry and Michael ( his/her husband/wife) , the walking-talking-Botox lab, Pelosi and her lap dog Chuckie, Pencil Neck Schiff, and The Cube Jerrold Nadler ( he’s as wide as he is tall-5′ 3″ by 5′ 3″) should all be thrown in Alcatraz for a couple of years and then hung for treason. And all of their wealth should be distributed to children’s charities.

  2. It appears to be the dimwit governed states/cities that are having the most trouble. Crime and breakdown of the family is a larger problem in Detroit to begin with, so it stands to reason ugly demonstrations of lack of personal control will soon be the norm…POTUS is right to set 4/19 as a goal to get back to the business of MAGA/KAG.

  3. The lefts/dems solution to corona is like calming a burnt skin with a lighted match! No logic/common sense is on the table. Its all taken from the wish list of the de..

  4. As the pervert anthony weiner said, you never let a good crisis go to waste. Hilldabeast is licking her lips while dancing on her hooves……

  5. The boys in the hood in DE-troit are having a little get-together to pray for all those stricken by the Kung Flu. Isn’t that touching??


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