Lawsuit Uncovers Something That Could Land Hillary Clinton In Prison…This Is Huge

(Right Country) – Judicial Watch is at it again.

Following a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit which produced even more emails this week from the notorious former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, which indicate that even more classified information was transmitted over her unsecure, private, non-government servers than we have long believed.

In 2016, Clinton was let off the hook after a highly corrupt investigation overseen by former FBI Director James Comey who quickly and ultimately decided not to seek any sanctions.

Now, Comey’s no longer at the FBI to keep her safe, and these newly discovered emails have led to speculation that she could face a real investigation this time around.

This may be what we’ve been waiting for, folks.

The New American reports:

Judicial Watch released 37 pages of new Clinton emails that had been found by the FBI after the FOIA request. Also found were text messages used by Clinton to conduct government business, which is also illegal.

The State Department told a federal court in November of last year that the FBI had found these previously undisclosed e-mails. The State Department had claimed in 2018 that all of Clinton’s e-mails had been disclosed, but that was evidently not true. The Justice Department has told the court that they are unable to explain either how the additional e-mails were discovered, or where they were found.

The e-mails were messages sent or received by Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state in her official capacity. Included in the new e-mail batch was a classified and redacted e-mail to Clinton from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Other messages also contained highly sensitive classified information. Among the e-mails was a message from April 2012 on the election campaign in Egypt and some information about the Muslim Brotherhood. Clinton received this information from Sidney Blumenthal through her then-Deputy Chief of Staff Jacob Sullivan. Blumenthal said he had “sources with access to the highest levels of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Western intelligence and security services.”

In one series of e-mails sent over the course of two days — January 25-26, 2009 — Clinton CC’d her personal BlackBerry in a discussion about an envoy to North Korea with Cheryl Mills, then her chief of staff, and with Robert Einhorn, a former State Department special advisor for nonproliferation and arms control.

Clinton responded, using her personal e-mail account.

“Magically, after years, the FBI finds more Clinton emails that show Clinton used text messages for government work, not to mention the continuing flow of classified information transmitted over her unsecure email system. These documents further underscore the need for a fresh, unbiased and thorough criminal investigation into Clinton’s blatant malfeasance — and the related DOU, FBI, and State Department cover-up,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton declared upon the release of the new emails.

Clinton has long insisted that the 55,000 pages of documents she turned over to the State Department in December of 2014 included all non-work-related emails.

She claimed that all of the other emails were just personal and perfectly innocent, like wedding planning for Chelsea and yoga classes.

Under penalty of perjury, Clinton declared that she had “directed that all my email on in my custody that were or are potentially federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.”

In this latest cache of documents, there were about 5,000 recovered by the FBI out of the 33,000 government emails that Clinton tried to destroy.

In World War II, a popular admonition was, “Loose lips sink ships,” a warning that some information could adversely affect the war effort and lead to casualties. Some government secrets — such as information about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that Clinton received — need to be kept secret for national security reasons. This is why there is a law requiring government officials to use only secure government servers to transmit and receive e-mails. Some officials have been either fined or jailed for ignoring this law.

But not Hillary Clinton.

The double standard is obvious. First, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch clandestinely met with Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, on the tarmac of an airport in Arizona just a few days before Comey announced that Hillary would not be prosecuted. Fortunately, a local reporter spotted them. When their meeting was reported, Lynch and Clinton assured the public that it was just a “chance meeting,” and that they only discussed grandchildren.

Then, FBI Director James Comey announced that Clinton would not be prosecuted. This was quite unusual, if not unique, as it is actually the prosecutor’s job (in that case, the Justice Department, led by Lynch), not the FBI director’s, to decide whether to prosecute. The FBI’s role is simply to turn over information to the Justice Department. Having the FBI director make prosecutorial decisions would be comparable to a sheriff deciding whether to prosecute someone, rather than the district attorney.

In addition to the seriousness of the underlying crime of being careless with classified material, Clinton also declared, under penalty of perjury, that all pertinent e-mails had been turned over. This latest release indicates that this was not done.

Of course, were the Justice Department to actually proceed to prosecute Clinton, the mainstream media — the same media that protected her before — will undoubtedly rush to her defense and condemn the prosecutors.


  1. Why is she still lose?

    Arrest her. That would keep her from being drafted as the democomm candidate. We all know that’s the democomm plan.

  2. She should be behind bars. I love how Democrats say constantly “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT.” This should be written on every headstone of the Democrats. THAT AND IMPEACHMENT ARE THE ONLY WORDS THEY KNOW. ALSO, CONSTITUTION – I’M SICK OF HEARING THIS B.S.

  3. An embarrassment and miscarriage of Justice to let Hillary Clinton Slide on her vicious egregious act of Treason. The Clinton Crime Family is allowed to money launder and accept money from Russia. Selling our Uranium Russia, and you say President Trump is colluding with Russia. You sick SOB’S continue to defy the American people with conspiracy’s with the corrupt press in you back pocket. We pray that Justice will prevail after decades of pompous power driven Democrats with their leaders Schumer and Pelosi running our country. They must be defeated and we most vote them out with extreme prejudice.

  4. Does anyone remember after 2016 election hillary made the comment ” we are all going to jail ” . she new all the corruption from obama all the way down to his driver were breaking every law on the books . But no one but President Trump is willing to take them on . The Only Americans held accountable to the law are those on the Right . If you are a dim or a illegal alien , don’t worry about it . I truly have No faith in the AG Barr ,US Attorney Duram or anyone will go after these pos’s . They Will answer for their deeds at the Great White Throne but they won’t answer in this lifetime . Our justice system Has Caved . GOD Bless President Trump and His Family and All that support Him .

  5. Reopen the Investigation now. The lowest ranking Recruit would be just now getting out of the Brig if one of these violations be charged. Put her before a Grand Jury. She isn’t above the law. Prove that there isn’t anything that will be let going unpunished.

  6. It appears likely that the Clintons will not be prosecuted simply because it would stain the office of the President and that of the Sec. of State as well. It could weaken their positions internationally in the eyes of the world community and that will hurt our negotiating power. As much as these crooks deserve to go to jail, I don’t think it will happen.

  7. So PROSECUTE THEM !! So the various offices get stained, so what? They have been stained before and will most likely be stained again. Obama and his followers, for example.
    If we spill something on our clothing, we try to remove the stain through cleaning it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
    Worth a try. I’m sure Honest Prosecutors could find a few empty Cells for the Crooks.
    Don’t worry about how other Countries of the World view us. If they see we do Nothing to correct our Problems, their view will only Worsen!

  8. My questions have nothing to do with the Clinton Crime Syndicate. They are for the alleged finest law enforcement body in the world. What the hell do you mean you don’t know where these “new ” emails came from. Do you have a computer forensic unit that can do the job or not??? Who were they from might be a good start!!! since you have them and presumably they weren’t already redacted by YOU??? This entire situation from way before Mr Trump was even in the picture smells foul!!!! Benghazi, the “pay to play” bs, the Clinton Foundation, then we get to the 2016 presidential campaign. Every action taken by the alphabet agencies is questionable. Obama was in it up to his ears with the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Hillary Clinton had a “get out of jail free card” hell, she had a pass on any criminal act BECAUSE she had to be elected to cover Barry’s ass!!! ALL OF THE INVESTIGATIONS WERE REMOVED FROM THE VERY COMPATENT FIELD INVESTGATORS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND PLACED IN THE DC HEADQUARTERS WHERE COMEY HAD CONTROL AND THE HAND PICKED AGENTS ALL HAD THE SAME MIND SET…GET TRUMP!!! I hope that William Barr will clean up this mess because it doesn’t really seem that Christopher Wray is going to do so. Is he also a card carrying member of the DEEP STATE??? THE RANK AND FILE WORKING MEN AND WOMEN OF THE FBI AND CIA DO NOT DESERVE THE SHITTY LEADERSHIP THEY WERE GIVEN DURING THE LAST ADMINISTRATION. I HOPE THAT MR TRUMP CONTINUES TO MAKE THAT CLEAR AND THEN CLEANS HOUSE.

  9. The double standard is rampant. Could you imagine if someone in the Trump adminisrtaion had doen this. If Pompeo had done the same thing. The hypocrisy of the democratic party is surreal. The republicans need to take the house and the senate. These crimes cannot be buried under the rug forgiven and forgotten. Clinton needs to be held accountable.

    • Your an idiot and its hard to believe you could find your way home from your garage.
      Throw your newspaper away, stop listening to the media and take your head out of your ass.

  10. The CORRUPT CLINTON CARTEL has been in Operation since the early 70’s… ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT GETS IN THEIR WAY IS DESTROYED OR COMES UP MISSING!!! HUMM!!! The Clintons can slither through ANYTHING!!! CORRUPTION, LYING, MONEY LAUNDERING, MALPRACTICE, PAY FOR PLAY ANTICS AND EVEN MURDER!!! OVER 30 YEARS AGO 2 teenage boys stumbled across one of “their” on going operation’s… These 2 teens supposedly fell asleep on the train tracks and were so mangled that the actual cause of death could not really be determined!!! Imagine that!!! The many, many scandals that the Clintons are involved with have all been bought off, dropped due to missing witnesses or just “it was just an oversight” for the use of the private server!!! ANYONE ELSE IN THIS COUNTRY WOULD BE IN PRISON FOR LIFE OR WORSE!!! But we have to remember that we are questioning the Queen Bee and her hive of henchmen!!! I may face repercussions for making these comments , but the TRUTH will come out sooner or later … GOD WILL BE THEIR JUDGE!!!

  11. It will be whitewashed. Nothing will happen. This will be “Gone with the Wind?”

    How about Ilhan Omar? There are so many criminal charges against her, why is she still in Congress? Why don’t they prosecute her! There are so many stupid people in our government.

  12. I am sick of hearing about it. They find evidence almost daily. NOTHING is ever done with the evidence except burying it where no one can use it against them. Hints, rumors, implications then crickets. If we aren’t going to get justice against someone for committing treason, stop rubbing our noses in it. Or as my grandmother was fond of implying “Shit or get off the pot”.

  13. how many years are we going to hear that she broke the law? Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. Prove she is not above the law and do something.

  14. It’s absolutely astonishing that 3.5 years have been wasted on hunting down President Trump and in that time the FBI has been exposed, crimes committed by Clintons (both) have been overlooked and Representatives in Washington have been revealed for questionable behavior and still the American people have no satisfaction!


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