Leaker And Serial Liar Alexander Vindman Gets One Last Anti-Trump Word In On His Way Out The Door

(Right Country) – Leftists have no souls. They are completely devoid of any moral or ethical compass. They lie and lie and lie and actually believe they are doing good. They hate President Trump and to them, nothing else matters. His destruction is the only thing that are focused on and they are dead-set on accomplishing that even if it means taking America down with him. They say Trump is immoral but they are the ones who lie to and deceive the American people and plot against and set up the President. They are sick in the head.

If you watched any of the circus that was Trump’s impeachment hearings you likely remember a myriad of lying leftist shills, such as extra smug former NSC Officer Alexander Vindman. Vindman was actually caught lying multiple times during his testimony which is a federal crime but the left heralded him as a hero. He is not a hero. He is a criminal and should be in prison.

Not only did Vindman lie in front of Congress he was also a leaker who actually believed his opinions constituted as facts and that what he thought about the situation with Ukraine should somehow take precedence over actual facts. Vindman’s own boss testified that he was a leaker and a liar and could not be trusted. He plotted against President Trump and is a traitor the US.

But, because he has aligned himself with the left, he gets to set off for retirement and even got to have one last word on his way out the door.

On Saturday he penned a Trump-hating editorial at the fake news site Washington Post, which CNN happily covered:

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman stood by his decision to act as a key witness in President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, vowing in a fiery Washington Post op-ed to reform a government he slammed as “reminiscent of the authoritarian regime my family fled.”

“At no point in my career or life have I felt our nation’s values under greater threat and in more peril than at this moment,” wrote Vindman, whose family fled to the US from the Soviet Union when he was a child.

“Our citizens are being subjected to the same kinds of attacks tyrants launch against their critics and political opponents,” he continued later, adding, “There is another way.”

In the op-ed that published Saturday upon retiring from the US Army after more than 21 years of military service, Vindman — “now a civilian” — recounted how he did not expect the course of events that stemmed from his decision to report concerns about Trump’s July 25, 2019, phone call with the Ukrainian President to other officials on the National Security Council. Vindman’s testimony in the impeachment inquiry ultimately prompted Trump to fire him as the top Ukraine expert on the council in February and his decision to retire from the Army.

“During my testimony in the House impeachment inquiry, I reassured my father, who experienced Soviet authoritarianism firsthand, saying, ‘Do not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth.’ Despite Trump’s retaliation, I stand by that conviction,” Vindman wrote, lambasting “the spurious attacks of a disreputable man and his sycophants.”

Except Vindman didn’t tell the truth. He lied like a rug in front of Congress and partook in illegal activities aimed at unseating the sitting United States President. Vindman is part of the destruction of this nation’s “values” and his father is hopefully ashamed of his son who had the nerve to compare President Trump’s administration with Soviet authoritarianism. It’s so absurd, it’s laughable.

Vindman is a liar through and through.


  1. What a disgusting piece of trash and miserable pos. He is a disgrace to the human race, our Country, and the military. What a liar and loser!

  2. Vinderman is a coward, should be held for treason. The left want the American people to believe its ok to release classified and top secret information on the name of keeping America safe. All this has done is to continue to put this country in jeopardy. Putting and N. KOREA are not Our problem. Wake up, the Europen Union is the one benefitting. And the European citizens are fighting for their freedom too.

  3. Not sure why allowed to retire. He broke his own oath of office leaking confidential information about his Commander and Chief of the Armed forces rather than following lawful orders.
    If he felt those orders were unlawful there were channels and chains of command for him to follow which he ignored (apparently was known for doing this so not sure how he obtained his rank). He could have been stripped of his rank and court marshalled and spent rest of his life in Leavenworth for leaking information like he did. Especially when it was based on opinion rather than fact as came out in the hearings.

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