Leftist Writer Issues This Threat Describing How The “Tolerant” Left Will Handle A Trump Win In Massively Erroneous Op-Ed

(Right Country) – An op-ed in the leftist magazine, The Atlantic, the author claims that if Trump wins the election in November we can expect to see an increase in the rioting and violence. In his article titled, “Trump is Determined to Split the Country in Two,” writer Ronald Brownstein makes a myriad of inaccurate and downright false accusations and assertions about President Trump and his time in the White House thus far.

The entire purpose of the inaccurate and misleading op-ed is to rile up leftists and encourage them to basically reject the election results. Here’s an excerpt from Brownstein’s conclusion:

Trump is determined to widen that trench. He is trying to rally red America by portraying blue cities as a threat, and then positioning himself as the human wall against them. Until now, Trump has advanced that divisive vision through rhetoric denouncing cities and through policies that cost them money and influence, such as eliminating the federal deduction for state and local taxes, trying to block Justice Department grants for cities that don’t fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities, and his renewed efforts to strip undocumented immigrants from the census.

But in these final months before the November election, Trump’s deployment of federal forces is transforming his political war on big cities into something much closer to the real thing. “It’s breathtaking in its danger,” said Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor. And if Trump wins a second term—especially if that victory relies on another rural surge to overcome massive opposition across the big metros—the chaos in Portland might look like only the preliminary skirmish for an even more incendiary collision to come.

First of all, Brownstein is essentially saying that rural America is not as important as urban America with his snarky and demeaning comment that if Trump wins reelection that it will be “another rural surge to overcome massive opposition across the big metros.” News flash, America is extremely diverse and there are many millions of people who live in rural America who do not wish to be ruled by the radical, liberal cities. Their voices are just as important and if Trump wins it’s because the forefathers had enough sense to realize rural America needed to be protected via the Electoral College.

Secondly, his last line seems to be a threat that if us conservatives get out and vote and Trump wins, we can expect to be punished with more violence and rioting. Isn’t it ironic how the left insists it is Trump who will refuse to accept the results of the election. The left has still not accepted the results from the 2015 election!

Brownstein claims that Trump is intentionally trying to “provoke” “peaceful protestors” by sending in federal agents despite the fact that the protestors are neither peaceful nor protestors. They are a violent mob who have been instigating bedlam and mayhem in some of the most liberal cities in America for almost two months now.

“In deploying federal forces, Trump appears to be trying to provoke clashes with protesters, which he can use to convince white suburban voters that he’s the last line of defense between them and the chaos allegedly incubating in cities, Rahm Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor, told me,” Brownstein wrote.

These rioters and terrorists don’t need any instigation. They destroy, vandalize, loot, and commit violence all of their own. What President Trump is trying to do is restore peace and civility especially for those living in cities like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago who never asked to live under such tumultuous conditions.

This is why the radical left is so far gone. They’ve been reading propaganda garbage like this op-ed for years now. They have completely lost the ability to think for themselves.


  1. My response to this rabid animalistic creature is that just like any animal that is obviously suffering from some form of health issue that is dangerous to the general public. Because of that,I wouldn’t have any qualms about my actions in putting it down! There is a pandemic of DTS running rampant and unchecked in this country…act accordingly!

  2. The left praised Obama for dividing the nation, for attacking police, insulting and de-funding our military, disrespecting our flag….They attack Trump while he works to put AMERICANS to work, re-build our military making our soldiers safer and stronger and this nation safer, re-negotiates trade agreements that presidents before him made that gave away the farm at EVERY Americans expense and detriment, and in general respected our military, our front line defenders, all our citizens. They raised First Lady Obama up on a pedestal after her famous words….I was never proud of my country before today….while treating First Lady Trump with so much disrespect it is amazing, insulting her accent while she speaks 5 languages, insulting her cloths while she was a fashion model, insulting her every action while she had to study and work to become a citizen and never had a bad word to say about our nation and who immigrate here LEGALLY….YET they blame Trump for causing division?

    • tRUMP is making our nation safer? Jesus F you deplorables are dumb. Almost 150,000 dead to his failed response to Covid 19. Economy in a depression. Rioting in the streets. You pinheads enjoying all this winning? Good riddance come November. Time to take our country back from the anti-science numbnuts!

      • First, the numbers of dead due to the Wuhan virus are inflated. I live in NYC and we know that the numbers are highly inflated. They added some 5,300 to the list of dead yet these were never tested. They THOUGHT they might be Wuhan virus deaths. Additionally, the overwhelming majority of those who are dying had underlying conditions and in many cases were going to die anyway. This is happening all over the country.

        Additionally, comrade Cuomo directly caused some 6,000 deaths by ordering the nursing homes to take in those who were sick with the Wuhan virus. He threatened the close the homes if they didn’t take the sick.

        President Trump wanted to close the borders but Biden, Cuomo, and many others said this was bad, and that it was racist. It turns out he was right. Keep in mind too that it is the governors who put the country into a recession by deliberately killing the economy. The country has been in a depression since 2009.

        Finally, we are killing more by shutting down the economy than we are saving. In the Bronx, calls to the child abuse hotline are up 800%. Suicides, overdoses, deaths from stress, etc. are all up. We are also killing people due to delayed treatment for other illnesses. too.

      • The only IDIOT here is you cheetoh head. Brainwashed by fake news. You DEMONCRATS accused Trump of xenophobia when he announced a travel ban from China and that he was overreacting way back in January. Accusing Trump of what YYOU DEMONCRATS are GUILTY of!

  3. Trump is not responsible for the virus, he did not create it and he has tried very hard to contain it and also working on trying to get a vaccine created. The problem is the left hates him so much that they will do anything to destroy him even by destroying everything that American stands for. America is suffering right now, we need to do our best to get back to some type of normalcy, get businesses open and people back to work,children back to school. Handing out money all of the time is not helping us it just puts our country more into debt which our children will inherit. The left has made this political more than medical. We need lots of prayers and for people to come to their senses and see what is happening and take a stand against all of this anarchy.

    • Spot on. If President Trump cured cancer and all illnesses, they would complain he is overpopulating the planet.

  4. The true enemies of this great country are those who will not condemn the rioting, destruction of property, looting, use of very harmful weapons, tearing down of revered statues, attacking police. The performance of the dems yesterday at the visit from AG Barr was disgusting, and an insult to every American who supports our Constitution. Their conduct was a violation of what I hold dear in America. It is hard to believe what I witnessed on TV. People who attacked AG Barr in such a vicious manner are the true enemies of this country. The upcoming election will show them where Americans really stand. We Repubs will indeed “make America great again.”

  5. Cheetoh head needs to go back downstairs to his mommy’s basement, play some more video games and ask her to make him more Hot Pockets… Talk about clueless …


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