Libertarian Presidential Candidate Thinks It’s A Good Idea To Fire People For Saying “All Lives Matter”

(Right Country) – Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee, recently praised a company that fired an employee for posting “all lives matter” on her private Facebook page.

Why, exactly, you may ask?

Jorgensen used this as an example of the free market standing up to “systemic racism.”

Yes, and also an example of a fascist culture punishing people for holding private, totally non-racist views.

Newswars reports:

During a C-SPAN interview, Jorgensen argued that Rosa Parks was discriminated against because, “what a lot of people don’t realize is that that was a government-owned, government-run bus, and the only way that racism was able to go on for so long was the government was putting it into place.”

She then claimed that it’s harder for private companies to engage in ‘systemic racism’ because they would go out of business, before celebrating the fact that a woman lost her job for posting “all lives matter” on her Facebook page.

“There was a woman who on her private Facebook — this was highly publicized — her private Facebook put ‘All Lives Matter,’ and the company fired her,” Jorgensen stated.

“And what I’d like to make note of she wasn’t talking to or wasn’t tweeting a coworker, an employee, a customer, a client, anybody like that, and this was her private Facebook, not the company Facebook, and yet the company said ‘OK, we don’t tolerate that.’”

They note that someone might want to point out to Jorgensen that saying “all lives matter” isn’t actually…racist.

Is she actually trying to win over leftists or conservatives with this logic?

And they wonder why the Libertarians can’t ever make the whole third-party thing happen.

Newswars adds:

Under her ideal system, woke corporations would feel even more empowered to trample free speech, opening up millions more Americans to be viciously targeted by cancel culture mobs who intimidate and bully companies into policing their employees’ behavior.

Jorgensen also claimed that “private companies cannot discriminate as easily and get off as scot-free as the federal government.”

She apparently has completely missed the last four years of blatantly biased social media censorship, which has overwhelmingly targeted conservatives and libertarians.

This lady makes Gary Johnson look dignified and reasonable.


  1. No possibility of her getting my vote as I like the idea that everyone can have their own thoughts and opinions without consequence

  2. Not saying that this Is not her own real opinion but she is dumb enough like more and more companies and organizations to think that this is the way average freedom loving Americans think. It is a movement and the scary thing is that our nation is full of cowards. I’ve never been one to suggest law suits but I now think it is more than appropriate when a person’s freedom and rights are so Brantley attacked.

  3. Libertarians everywhere should hang their heads in abject shame to have a person from their ranks so out of touch with reality running for the highest office in the land. BLM is a marxist communist organization bent on our nation’s destruction. Au contraire, BLM should be utterly obliterated. BLM does not give a rat’s derriere about black people. If they did, they’d be all over Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and other tragic areas controlled by the left.

  4. “When evil becomes good, and good becomes evil”. I recall many times , when I couldn’t believe someone could be dumber than AOC or Hillary . I must admit , these two have a contender for becoming a usurper to their thrones.

  5. She needs to join the Democrat party-what a stupid thing to say. And the Libertarian party wonders why nobody takes them seriously. I’ve always said that voting for them is a wasted vote because they don’t stand a chance of being elected. Candidates like this sure as hell don’t help their cause…

  6. Lawsuit. First of all, they are discriminating against her for her beliefs. The beliefs aren’t left or right. By saying “all lives matter” that would be a unifying statement? She needs to be compensated.

  7. I have some Libertarian views, but I could never vote for the Libertarian candidate. They seem to always put up the dumbest people for their presidential candidates. This year it appears that the Democrats will compete to see who can put up the dumbest. The Democrats or the Libertarians. Anyone with common sense should be able to see that President Trump is the only candidate running who could actually provide good leadership for this country. President Trump needs a second term to finish the job that he has started. Hopefully, with his re-election, all of the dopey Democrats and Libertarians who don’t like President Trump will finally leave the country. #Trump2020.


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