LOL: James Woods Slams “Chubby Wumpkins” Michael Moore Over This Absurd ACB Meme

(Right Country) – Well, the leftist radicals are out in full force now that the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is underway and, considering she’s a fantastic, qualified judge who is known for her integrity and ethics, they’re basically just screaming profanities and insults at her.

Like socialist filmmaker Michael Moore, who reduced the appearance of this accomplished, successful role model for little girls everywhere to a crude comparison to the vulgar feminist miniseries “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

He tweeted out a photo of Barrett, who was wearing a mask as she took her seat to give her prepared statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee next to a photo of the protagonist from the dystopian series, based on a Margaret Atwood novel by the same name.

He sarcastically commented, “Under His eye. Blessed be the fruit.”

This isn’t the first time that “Handmaid’s Tale” imagery has been used by opponents of a Supreme Court Justice that millions of pro-life women across the nation hope will rule to overturn the constitutionally and morally abhorrent Roe v. Wade.

Moore didn’t expect the trashing he got from conservative actor James Woods.

“Chubby Wumpkins sitting at home photoshopping Judge Barrett’s dress to match a tired ‘meme for morons.’ The Democrats are so lost,” Woods tweeted.

Moore was also corrected by Twitter users, who noted that the dress was “a beautiful color of fuchsia, not red”.

One of the better responses to the story came from a social media user who pointed out that “The Handmaid’s Tale” appears to be the only show the left watches.


  1. Demented Moore at it again. A known pedophile and pervert and you listen to him and his socialist BS as if the word of god fell on you ears. You are so used and enslaved by these elitist that you can not see what is before your eyes. God will not help you this time, you must rise up and do for yourself.

    All of Hollywood is corrupted and you place them on pastilles as gods. These people have corrupted generation of youths and they think as the drug dealer on the corner, this is the life. Remember the youth does not see work as a benefit, but the fancy car and money of the corrupted Hollywood elitist. These people will suck you dry and leave you in the dust.

  2. Michael Moore hasn’t had a clear thought in I don’t know…… Well I give up.
    It actually doesn’t matter. She is going in.
    I advocated her pulling the Biden approach.
    That is an excellent question. I will answer it the day after I am confirmed.
    What’s good for the goose…….

  3. Never care much for RBG but never disrespect her and specially being an appointed Supreme Judge .
    The left seem to be consumed with their little low class novels and trying to compare an accomplished independent woman into their favorite novel heroine . What a shame – they lack intelligence and most of all integrity. Micheal Moore needs to go on a 40 days fast of everything . Democrats seems to be individuals who lack critical thinking individuality .

  4. Michael Moore is a bit of loon. I’m sure he’s quite the dude in his little circle of Hollyweird fakers, but in the real world he’d hardly make a dent in the matters at hand. That’s because he doesn’t matter. He knows it. His mom and dad know it and all his old high school mates know it. His relevancy hasn’t diminished, mainly because he was never really relevant except in his own sad and demented sphere of (un) conscious being. He would be laughable if he wasn’t so pathetic.

  5. It’s wonderful to see a Hollywood celebrity who actually has a brain and some class! Kudos to you Mr. Woods. I don’t know how you can put up with all the Hollywood liberal B.S.

  6. Fat, ugly and brain dead!!! And he has the nerve to call out someone so accomplished as Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The nerve of this socialist pig. And he had to alter the color of her dress to make his statement more “correct”. What a loser. Duh

  7. Judge Barrett is such a class act who, if paired with Moore on a teeter-totter, would sink to the ground on the righteous end while Moore, with all his ugly voluminous body mass, would be flying high in the sky of lies and hypocrisy. These two individuals are so opposite in character, morality, smarts, sanity, relevance, integrity that they are polar opposites. It’s unfortunate that Moore’s mother did not opt for abortion.


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